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Every year we take a couple of vacations; this last April we were heading for a couple of weeks in Florida. Sometimes, we fly to our destination, but this time we decided to drive. We normally go by car. We love the open roads and all the erotic fun we enjoy while traveling.

We left NY at approx. midnight on a Friday night and after a brief stop for gas we were quickly on our way. We usually go across the George Washington bridge and soon we are on I-95 (one of my favorite interstates) heading south. After traveling the first 50 miles of the 1300 mile trip we stop for coffee (one large cup of coffee keeps me
awake all night) at a rest stop in NJ . After this short visit to the first of many stops (rest stops) along the way we move on. We take it slow cruising at approx. 65 miles an hour and enjoying the view and looking for moments of sexual arousal and excitement.

After coffee, we settled back in our seats in a very relaxed mood, hit the road again and we start planning our most erotic and outrageous fantasies. After a while my imagination starts running wild, all wet and excited by the hot conversation. I soon do an entire makeover of my face; I finish my makeover in the most provocative way that I can muster. I seat back and unbutton my vividly colored royal blue satin blouse which hangs loose over my mini skirt pulled up (no panties) to show my beaver (pussy) and "seat covers" ("legs") my legs easily seen by truck drivers riding on our right (next to the passenger's side where I'm seating)- we are on the "sandwich lane" between the "granny lane" and the "50 dollar lane" - (the granny lane is the slow lane on the right and the 50 dollar lane is the passing lane on the far left) with my boobs and prickly hardened nipples in full view.

Soon after the first rest stop we heard a loud noise approaching from way back and noticed that "Smokey" (state patrol) is coming full speed so I quickly slide down in my seat and rapidly place a light sweater over my hooters. Smokey is on the passing lane next to us and moving forward on the left side of the road as he disappears at lightening speed. Shit, this fucking guy gave me a little scare.

We avoid the "cars only" lanes and stay with the trucks which by this time have already overtaken the road in big numbers. I turn on the overhead light on the passenger's side and I'm flashing my hooters to every truck driver in sight, squeezing, pinching my nipples and playing with my tits; at times slightly sticking my upper torso out
the window for them to see. It's now approx. 3:30 am. We are very rapidly approaching the end of the NJ turnpike and I'm thinking that I just want to get fucked before we leave the state of NJ, so I tell hubby my desires and he is ready to oblige.

Hubby had been on the CB for a while just chatting with some of the truck drivers and getting a feel for any road action sometimes called "jamboree" (planned event) or "coffee break" normally during holiday weekends or any other weekend where any number of truck drivers stop to hang out, to have "black water" (coffee) or "barley pop"
(beer); or talk about a "blessed event" (someone who just became a new father) or a "show" meaning women seeking to do some flashing or get fucked; a "coke stop" (visit a bathroom) or just have some fun. But, I'm getting restless, so hubby gets more intense on the CB and starts broadcasting our signal. It goes something like this,

"Breaker, Breaker, eager beaver ready for show at turn Walt Whitman Area (mile marker 29) approaching. Anyone out of Vineland friends. Anyone with a copy come in". Break, I'm at this turn (already at Walt Whitman), what did you have in mind for little beaver? someone answers. Thanks for the comeback buddy, what's your
handle? -back- (meaning "back to you") this is "fucker" he answered (not his real handle to protect his identity) then, "breaker, I could go there, this is '?????' " (somebody else breaking, probably not a trucker is trying to break in) "bug out" breaker, not your "modulation" (communication) hubby says, and Hey, stay out "?????" says "fucker"
then, "fucker" continues "I was on my 'flat side' " (trying to catch some sl**p) but this turn (rest stop) is "wall to wall" meaning full -back- Hey "fucker" little beaver wants to put up show and looking for a 9 incher -back- is this a "dress for sale?" (prostitute) -back- big negative or negatory (meaning big NO) -back- ID your "OL" (old lady) says 'fucker" -back- beaver is 41 hot blonde -back- beaver at the right place, better than 9 here -back- great, we are a "mobile" or "on wheels" or "wheeler" (passenger car or automobile) tan "wrapper" (car color) and ID your eighteen wheeler -back- Smokey has "big ears" (police could be listening to the transmission), I'll signal low beam when I see your tan wrapper at turn -back- Is your beaver a group of "heg fest" (females on CB radios transmitting for fun) before -back- big negative "fucker" -back- (by the way never say "Go-Go girls" this term refers to farm a****ls for some reason, not women) CB chat continues, "we are at turn 'fucker' and I see no lights" -back- see them now? -back-affirmative, 10-4 and back out. End of transmission.

Hubby and I got out of our car and walked to "fucker's side door" the door opens and we go in. "Fucker" is already in his birthday suit and with a fabulous hard on and in the sl**per cab bed as hubby and I take the front seat. A husky man in his late forties or early fifties with a short beard.

Fucker is grabbing his full 9 inch cock and thick as a monster. I just couldn't resist the temptation of sucking that big cock, so I just went for it, taking better than half its length into my mouth and started sucking his rod and licking his nuts, my tongue moving in the wildest up, down and sideways motions. Then the tip of my tongue
in -butterflying- fashion of rapid movements all over his manhood, savored his pre-cum already cumming out thick and heavy, suddenly I grabbed the mushroomed head and tightly pressed my lips against it, sucking with ever increasing lust and desire while I used my hand to apply little but f***eful twists on the shaft of this huge hard as
nails cock back and forth and my other hand playing and squeezing his balls, I'm forcing more pre-cum to cum out.....

I pulled my short black miniskirt even higher and pushed the full length of his monster cock into my already throbbing and pulsating wet pussy. He pulled apart my already unbuttoned blouse and was playing hard with my 1/2 inch fully erect nipples and squeezing my tits; I removed my blouse altogether and kept fucking this man
frantically, feverishly like a savage b**st in heat just moving my ass up and down and pushing his hard-as-a-rock cock fast into my cavern with the right strokes against my g-spot. I'm in control of all movements and in tight control of the directions of his cock just rubbing it where I wanted it with each f***eful stroke.

First very fast as I was just un-contained and then in the slowest of motions as to allow my pussy to explore every centimeter of his throbbing dick, so hard and bulging that I was sensing every thickening line, every pulsating vein. Then frantically once more I started moving fast, very fast, faster until I felt the explosions of my inner nymph-self just ripping my pussy from the inside; first, once, then twice, three, four times, one explosion just right after the other followed by unmanageable convulsions and uncontrollable screams, moans of pure ecstasy where the
taste of my saliva and this man's pre-cum had already mixed in my mouth like an aphrodisiac giving this whole episode a surrealistic expression of lust and wild desire for deeper and deeper penetration; I just kept fucking this guy for what it seemed like an eternal reality of gigantic non-stop proportions in multi-orgasmic explosions. But, I still wasn't satisfied and I wanted more.....As we got out this man's cab, he just mumbled a muffled "good night dear"

We are on our way back to our car, my blouse in disarray and my tits protruding loose; one nipple out in full view. I'm still squirming inside and out moving my ass from side to side like I'm still in full motion of untamed sexual behavior and still feel the length and width of his cock inside me. My whole body aching in desire for unlimited lust.

Hubby notices another truck flashing its low lights with meaningful intent and he goes to check this other guy out; he's back instantly and tells me that this is the guy who had been interrupting our communication before on the pike and we thought that it was just someone jerking around. I climbed in the cab and with no waste of time I got in his bed; but this time I removed my blouse and skirt and my legs wide open with all the reddish openness of my throbbing pussy begging for more, I'm still squirming, moaning and letting out the sexual cries of a horny, hot, wild slut asking to be used for unlimited sexual pleasure.

The guy was still sitting on the driver's side in his briefs; he immediately removed his shirt and underwear; jumped all over me grabbing my tits and lavishly sucking and biting on my already sore nipples, the ecstasy of pain and pleasure f***efully applied on my tits made my cum burst out in full f***e and squirting all over his sheets.
I could feel the wetness of my fluids touching my pussy and warming my ass. I was drenched in my own cum below the waist. I pulled the huge black guy onto my face and I started sucking, licking, biting on his enormous, at least 11 inch, cock. I want to suck you dry..... I yelled at him, and kept sucking up for at least 5 full minutes until his heavy cum shot out all over my face, neck and chest and still had a mouth full of his cum overflowing and running from the sides of my lips. But, he wasn't finished and neither was I. He moved down and penetrated my cunt in full, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, hard, harder, you son of a bitch, rip me apart! Yes, Yes, Yeeeeeeeeeeees! More, more, more, Oh, yes, yes baby, keep going. Your mouth, let me have your mouth, I want you to grab a taste your own cum. Afterwards, hubby spilled his cum all over my face and I licked his sweet cum swallowing the whole thick and heavy milky fluid in full delight.

We went back to our car, hubby and I masturbated in pure ecstasy, cleaned ourselves and changed clothes; rested for a couple of hours and by 8:00 am we are back on the road.

We soon got to Delaware and daytime traffic, we were exhausted from the night before so we just relaxed and continued, stopping for breakfast, lunch in Maryland; quickly by-passing D.C. and into Virginia. From 4:00 pm on is fun time again through Virginia. Lots of road flashing, no heavy action though. Rest stops in Virginia are
great, cars and trucks have their own separate space just like in any other state, but from Virginia all the way down to Georgia are much closer together. Flashing continued and every occasional stop for gas brought the service station attendant over to my side to take the credit card or currency from hubby's hand across the passenger's side window over my tits (always in full view). We received Lots of windshield cleaning with the gas attendants paying attention to every detail, and I can tell you that we had the cleanest car windows on the entire east coast during the
month of April.

Stopping for a bite to eat at nightfall was a lot of fun. After the big meal for the day, we hit the road still in Virginia, southern VA; after a good 3 hour rest we hit the road again around 11:00 pm, we stopped for coffee at a gas station, not many people around and we also stopped for gas at a full service station where I got out of the car
with my blouse fully opened. I then asked the attendant to feel my breast while he is pumping gas I then unzipped his fly, with my hand in his pants I started playing with his cock; the guy is now overflowing the gas tank big time before he realizes it. I walk away smiling and he stays behind with a full cleanup job ahead of him. (he got a blow job to completion and we paid for the gas)

Back on the road, my hands and feet are smelling badly of gas fluid - so we made a quick stop for a needed cleanup. After being refreshed and a change of clothing we continued, we are now approaching North Carolina. NC & SC are truly great playgrounds.

It is now between 3:00 and 4:00 am of the second day. I had been flashing a trucker for a long time and he kept the pace next to our car for a long stretch. We sped up ahead and stopped by the side of the road; hubby opens the hood indicating car trouble (no trouble at all) the trucker trailing behind us stops and pulls his rig behind our car. I go to him full breasts "al fresco" in sight (no blouse) and he gets out. I tell him that I would give him a good time, but there is a catch. We have to do it in full view by the side of the road, he agrees; he drop his pants and I get on my knees by the side of the road and start sucking on his cock while he plays with my tits in full view of incoming traffic. Another trucker passing blows his horn and others as well. We had placed a piece of cloth over our car plates just in case of someone making a report.

These are the highlights of our trip to Florida. Besides all accounts I can tell you that NJ, southern VA, NC, SC and GA are the best places. SC has the darkest roads even I-95 going through and very dark rest stops. lots of fun there. Avoid doing any naughty things in the state of Florida all rest stops are patrolled constantly. But, once you get to any town in Florida all hell breaks loose, the bars and lounges are open until 5:00 am with plenty of nude beaches, adult book and video stores, glory holes and lots of flashing in any town, especially on HWY 1. This is the end of one half of our Road Trip. Cumming back was just as delightful as well. I don't want to make this too long but cumming back we stopped at South of the Border in NC/SC (borderline) where I fucked a black man in a men’s room, two others in the back-seat of our car and another black guy service station attendant in the back-seat of our car behind the gas station while hubby watched his good slutty wife fucking her brains out. The fun we had in Miami is good for another story. Hubby fucked me on the pool table in an empty bar/lounge in Miami and the bartender proceeded to fuck me right after hubby after locking his doors at 2:00 pm eastern standard time.
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