Summer Schooled

It was the summer of '94, I was 18 and just out of high school. I would be
heading to college in the fall, and I wanted this summer to be one I would
never forget. Oh, I will never forget it but not because it was fun. The
first weekend I went to a party with friends, we all got d***k and on the
way home, we were stopped by the cops and ended up getting arrested, the good news was that at least no one got hurt and I wasn't driving. The only thing the police did to me was make me call my mom to come get me. She was furious, in fact, so mad she didn't say a word all the way home. Once inside she went to her room and slammed the door not even bothering with saying good night.

The next morning by the time I got up mom had already left for work.
I began to hope she would cool down by the time she got home. To try to
score points with her I stayed home, and cleaned the house including my room,
did some yard work and even started the laundry. In the afternoon, I took
a shower then I lay on my bed and looked at some stashed porno while
jacking off. The problem was after I finished instead of hiding my porn I
fell asl**p and that was how my mother found me naked, asl**p on my bed right next to a picture of a bukkake party. I awoke to the sound of my magazine being ripped to shreds. I covered myself and tried to apologize but she just glared at me.
"Lee this was all I needed to see you are out of control. I can see you
have no respect for me or any woman by the looks of that filth. I have
decided, you are going to spend the rest of the summer with your aunt and
uncle up state. Get packed you're leaving in the morning." I pleaded, I
begged, I even demanded all to no avail, I told her I would just get my own place with friends for the summer, or go jump on Phish tour, "Do that Mr. and
I will put a hault to your college fund and make sure that Grampa will put restrictions on your inheritance, so, seeing that her mind was made up and I
was going, I caved. All I could think about was there goes my whole summer. What kind of fun could I have in the boonies?

As I sat on the floor of the train station waiting for my Aunt Mandy; I
flipped through a magazine, but looked up when I felt someone there. I was
staring right into a camel toe just inches from my nose; I swallowed hard
and looked up to see my aunt smiling at me. "You ready to go boy? We got
things to do at the house so let's get a move on." She was wearing nothing
but a sports bra and a pair of leotards. Her nipples stuck out like
marbles and the little bra was sweat stained and frayed around the edges. I
was so close to her crotch I could see every detail of her pussy through
the tight stretched leotard. I had always thought she was old like my
mother but I could tell now she must still be in her late thirties. She had
a few lines in her face but her figure was dynamite and I couldn't keep my
eyes off her.

In the car, she said she had been exercising and had forgotten about me
so she rushed down without changing. She put her hand on my thigh just
inches from the hardon I was trying to conceal. "Lee, this is going to be
a tough summer for you but if you obey me you will have some real fun." I
said yes Mam Aunt Mandy, she told me to call her Ms. Mandy because aunt
made her sound old. We entered the back door to see my Uncle Jack on his
hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor. He greeted us but did not get
up saying he was almost done. "This is one of the jobs that will be yours;
I expect this floor to sparkle every morning. Follow me I'll show you your
room." I walked up the stairs from behind and totally mesmerized by her rear end. Her ass looked big and round yet so firm I stared at the two dimples just above her leotard watching them sway back and forth and felt my erection grow firmer.

The first thing I noticed about my room was no door and then I saw the
bathroom had no door either. "The first lesson is you have no privacy
here, you better not let me catch you playing with yourself and believe it,
I'll be checking on you. I'll take your suitcase; you wear what I have for
you in these drawers. Get changed and come down stairs and we'll get
started." The only thing I found to wear looked like maybe a pair of
bicycle shorts except the butt wasn't padded. They fit snug against my
body and my dick still firm made an obscene lump in the front. Red faced I
made my way downstairs to find my Uncle on his knees before Aunt, I mean
Ms. Mandy. I was disappointed to see she was now in a dress and was hiding her lucious charms. When I got closer, I could see Uncle Jack was painting Ms. Mandy's toenails. "Good you found the clothes, come here I want to look at
you. There is only one rule in this house and that is whatever I say to do
you do. Do you understand?" "Yes Ms. Mandy," was all I could say. "Jack
are you done?" Jack answered "Yes Mistress," I turned to look at him in
shock. "Stand up I want to show young Jack what happens if I catch you
playing with yourself. Pull em down." He stood and pulled his shorts down
to his ankles. Uncle Jack had some kind of devise locked around his
genitals, his penis was in this thing, and it was padlocked around his
balls. I looked to Ms. Mandy and noticed she was fingering a little key
on a chain around her neck. She asked Jack how long he had been in his
cage and he replied, "Ten days Mistress," I didn't know what I was
witnessing but for some reason it was very arousing to me. She reached
over and grabbed my balls with one hand, then began to stroke my erection
with the other, "I would hate to lock this pretty thing up so you mind me
and keep your hands off. So tell me Jack, are you still a virgin?" It was
so embarrassing to have this grown woman handling my genitals and asking
about my sex life and yet so erotic I was afraid I might cum in my shorts.
"Yes Mam, I'm not very good around girls. Please stop, I'm afraid I'll
have an accident, Fu..ahh... it feels so good." "Yes I know it does, but
don't you worry swettie you won't have an accident when Auntie's in charge."

I was past caring about embarrassing myself any more, I just wanted to cum. Just before the point of no return, I felt a searing pain, as Ms. Mandy
squeezed my balls. I screamed out first in pain and then in frustration as
my cock softened and my much-needed climax deserted me. "In my house you
only get to cum when I want you to. Now put your hands behind your back
and come kneel in front of me here." She pointed to the floor in front of
her chair and I meekly did as instructed. Next, she had me place my chin
on the chair between her legs. She lifted her dress giving me a view of
her silky panties. "Jack I'm going to take your cherry but not until I
teach you the pleasures of pleasing a woman. First you will learn how
erotic my scent is, now baby boy slide forward, and put your nose up to my panties."

She held my head and then put her feet on my shoulders; slowly she began to rub her panty-covered pussy against my nose. The bump at the top of her pussy
grew like a little cock and her panties grew wet with her juices. Her
scent, as she called it, was intoxicating, and I wanted more. I tried to
push my nose deeper into her panties but she held my head firmly. I almost
cried when she pushed my head back but when she put her finger to her
little cock I watched it grow even bigger. "This is my clit and I like to
have it played with just right, now give it a kiss, yes just like that. OK
put it between your lips, perfect, now suck it gently." I kept sucking her
clit, my saliva, and her juices drenching her panties. I began to rub my
tongue against her, harder and harder I rubbed until she pushed my head
away. She clamped my head between her thighs and I thought I had done
something wrong. She slowly released her grip on me so I raised my head, "I'm
so sorry Ms. Mandy, I didn't mean to hurt you, please don't be mad at me.
I'll do better just let me have one more try." She chuckled and tousled my hair, "You did just fine boy, it's just when you make me cum like that my clitty gets sorta tender. Now be a good boy and take your Aunties wet panties off." As I slid them down her legs I started wondering if my mother knew that this was what would be going on up here. If so and this was partly her plan...the thought driffted as I caught just a glimpse of My Aunt's pussy, I couldn't see her clit and knew it must be hiding inside her moist, musky and pink pussy lips.

I handed the panties to her, she told me to stand up and pull down my shorts. "You did a good job and so I decided I am going to let you cum now. I want you to put my panties to you face and drink in my vaginal scent, I am woman.

"ewww that smell, can't you smell that smell" Why yes, yes I could Mr. Skynard and I am entranced. You keep right there, it's my turn now to take care of you." Once again, I felt her as she held my balls while rubbing my cock.
I began to rut like a pig in her panties trying to catch all of her scent.
She kept playing, stroking me to the edge and then squeezing my ball to stop
me. When she was ready, she told me to cum in her panties, I put them over
my cock and erupted in streams inside her lacy under things. "OK you can
take these to bed with you, but do not jack off and I expect you to hand
wash them for me in the morning." I turned to go and saw Uncle Jack, I had
forgotten about him. I wondered if watching me make his wife cum bothered
him but I couldn't tell. As I went upstairs, I heard Ms. Mandy tell him
it was his turn. I turned around and saw him down on his knees as I had
been with his face between her legs.

I had wild erotic dreams all night and woke up to a raging hard on. I
remembered my warning and left myself alone. I took Ms. Mandy's delicate
panties to my bathroom and after sniffing them one more time I gently
washed then hung them over my shower rod to dry. I went down to breakfast,
not with thoughts of food but with thought of lust. Uncle Jack was cooking
breakfast dressed only in his cock cage while Ms. Mandy wore just some
panties and a sport bra. "Good morning Lee, are you ready to become a man
today?" "Yes Mam, I had dreams about it all night long." "I know you were a
good boy and didn't play with yourself last night, so after breakfast we'll
continue with our training."

After eating Ms. Mandy took me upstairs to her bedroom, she told me
Uncle Jack was not allowed in her room so she left the door open so he
could listen. She had me undress and then had me take her bra and panties
off of her. She sat down on the bed and showed me what I had felt with my lips the night before. Her huge clit was already protruding and I wanted to put it
in my mouth but she made me wait. "Jack I'm teaching you to always put the
pleasure of your lady ahead of your own. Your mother told me what magazines and porn downloads she found on your computer after you left. We talked and decided that we would teach you proper, the way women have always done it in our f****y since our great, great, great Grandma Justine was schooled to keep the Queens boys in line at the ole HellFire club in London in the 1780's.

"Any woman who allows you to honor her body deserves respect and devotion." She had me lie on the bed then she sat on my chest rubbing her clit just inches from my face. I was so excited I was panting but still she made me wait. Finally, when I thought I could stand it no more she mounted my face putting her clit in my mouth. I sucked like a baby taking her mother's breast, I couldn't get enough, and her pussy was leaking copious amounts of fluids all over my chin. Ms. Mandy came with a huge moan, moving back off my face she stared at me with a smile. She began rubbing her juices into my face, "You like that don't you boy? After a climax like that you deserve your first fuck or do you want another face fuck first." "Yes Ms. Mandy let me kiss it some more." She answered by putting her pussy back on my face. She took her time rubbing her wet pussy up and down my face covering me in her womanly juices. She seemed to like rubbing my nose on her clit as I tongued her pussy, her large lips spread like a flower across my face. As she began to hump me faster and faster, I knew she was close so I put my mouth on her clit and began to suck. She howled as she came one more time and pulled herself off my face. She was gasping for air and saying,okay, no more for now k**do, but she was smiling.

My Aunt got off the bed and went to the nightstand; she pulled out a box
of condoms, "When you are pleasuring a woman the first rule is use a
rubber, I always make my men were rubbers, even Jack. I'm sure you won't
last long this first time but you will get better with practice." She was
right I was kind of afraid that I might even cum before she had the rubber on me. I watched in nervous anticipation as she mounted me and then taking my cock in her hand she rubbed it between her lips, my body clenched, finally she impaled herself. She sat still but I could feel her muscles contracting around me, she reached behind me and grasped my balls squeezing gently. Slowly she began to move and then as she felt my cum rising up in my ball sack she ordered me to cum. Like a liquid firework display I came on command hitting the ceiling, the wall her back and finally landing all over me, even next to my lip, which leaning over she cleaned up with a kiss, "mmmm, the taste of youth"
somehow I knew I had finally become a man, I not only could be pleased by a woman but i could even please a confidant one like my Aunt, Ms. Mandy

I had a summer I would never forget,that is for sure.Nnot only did my Aunt
take my cherry, she taught me to respect women and to learn what they
desired and then give it to them. After that summer my aunt never made
love to me again, she said she knew I had learned what to do and that I
needed no more lessons. As far as Uncle Jack, I learned to respect that he
knew what he wanted and would do anything to keep his wife happy. I only
hope that someday I marry a real WOMAN just like Ms. Mandy.
85% (12/2)
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i laughed i got horny i laughed harder i came
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very good