Tammy's favorite hobby, being a cock sucking

My new girlfriend Tammy tells me her biggest dirty secret

She's a 31 yr old, cock-loving slut, whose favorite thing in the world is to have her mouth filled with hot cock, shooting tons of cream into her waiting mouth! We were in bed high on some mdma baring our souls, when she told me this story.

I’ve been sucking cock since I was in school and having a cock cum in my mouth always makes my pussy get wet! Watching a guy taking his cock out in front of me always brings me to my knees, no matter where I am! I just lose my mind when I see a man’s cock! It’s just a gift of pleasure! I’m so grateful to Don the guy who lived next door to my parents and his son Pete. Pete was the first to teach me how to suck cock. We spent a lot of time playing computer games together. Actually, we were left by ourselves a lot. My mom or dad never came in my room, I was left alone alot. I had a bathroom in my room and when we would be home alone, we used to play in the bath water and have fun. At these times I would love watching his organ, sometimes he would make me touch it and I loved it very much. I loved holding his cock in my hands, caressing and rubbing it softly. Once, when I was caressing it, much to my delight, it started to grow harder. I made him lie on the bed so I could really examine his thing, he was moaning like crazy. I remembered an adult movie where a girl was sucking on the boy and did the same. I started jerking him off and his body stiffened! That was the very first time when I felt it swell up and he shot white cream in my hands. I was in awe, and wanted to see what it tasted like, so I tasted his cum on my fingers. I really liked the taste, so I licked all of his cream up and put his cock in my mouth to suck it again. He started moaning again, told me to lick it! After a while he told me to put it back in my mouth. I put the whole thing in my mouth and he shot the first load of delicious hot cum in to my mouth.

From that second I became a sperm addict and blew him every day at least 3 times. My 15th birthday, we found porn on his dads computer and saw a lady being eaten out. He put me on the bed and made me have my first orgasm. We never wore clothes again in my room, I just went on sucking on him every day. Soon Pete made me suck his cock everywhere and I got so used to blowing him whenever he wanted me, now it’s kind of reflex action. I blew him in the back of the car on the way home,while his dad drove also in my mother’s bedroom when she was taking a shower, in the movie, in shops, in a restaurant! One day his father offered me a job at his department store.

I started the job after school at his department store! He would stop in most days, sometimes more than once. That year when i turned 16 Pete was sent away to bording school and now alone i was always thinking of sucking cock and sex; I would see my neighbor with a group of associates most evenings, they always were flirting with me, all of them are cute and well built. My job was ordering and delivering supplies. My office was a big room where all of those supplies were reserved. Nobody was allowed inside that room, but me. I spent my first day with Don, who was showing me around the building and teaching me about my duties. I knew he was horny his wife was suffering from pains almost every day from her pregnancy. At the mere thought of his cock I got soaking wet! Actually, I never wear underwear; I hate clothes, so I got used to having the least of clothes on. My second day there I had to fill a request and had to pick some pack out of the top shelf in my room. I was wearing a very short mini skirt, so that if I bent down, you could see my crotch. I went to find Don, and noticed his eyes watched every part of me. I told him my problem and of course, he was only tohappy to help. I set up the ladder, he gave me a lift by lifting me at my waist, I got to the top of the ladder. I realized he could see my ass and feeling really naughty I spread my legs, so he could see my pussy. I got down from the ladder, and as i began to turn around he was standing there with his cock out! I was kind of shocked, but very excited, I didn't know what to do. He said, I knew that you were a little slut, just like Pete said you were, well come here, get on your knees and do what i knew you would soon be doing, and why i really hired you.

I was pissed at first but inside i knew he was right, so figuring this is what i was meant to do, i did what he asked. I stepped in front of him and i got right on my knees, took his cock in my mouth and it was so hot, hard and tasty! I just dripped juices down my inner thighs. I had ruined many fruits and veggies at night, getting off to this very scenario. I was in a lusty teenage heaven now, a finally had a hot throbbing cock in my mouth to suck on and I sucked with all my pent up hormones. It’d been 3 weeks since I sucked Pete last, I was going wild to be actually blowing someone off again. After a few minutes, I got what I’d been looking for, his rod started swelling up in my mouth and I knew he was about to give me some cum!I was so curious, i knew most girls didn't like it but I loved it and couldn't wait to taste the difference between father and son. As soon as i felt him pumping hot cream into my mouth my pussy walls contracted. I know that there are lots of women who don't love a man’s cum, but I was for sure an exception. I was hooked from the start, he told me that this was now my real job, to show up after school and suck cock, not just his but who ever he wanted to share me with, I knew it was wrong but happily excepted. I recalled a day when once I was kneeling in front of a couch and blew 14 guys to completion in a row! They tasted so good I wouldn’t let their cock's pull out until I swallowed everything! When I finally would let them slide out of my mouth, each and every man would tell me that it was the best blowjob they had ever had. Don asked if i was enjoying my new situation. I told him I loved being such a slut for those men, especially with all the k**s in school thinking I was such a prude. If they only knew. I said I wanted to thank him for the knee pads he bought me, with these I could do this all night. I blew him and 6 more of his friends that night, they wanted me to rotate and then tilt my head back and not swallow until each one pumped my mouth full with a cocktail of their cum. They were cheering me on, taking pictures, saying i was the dirtiest slut they knew, my eyes were tearing but i loved showing off, it was like a warm shake, the kink of it is what would make me cum, then they would fuck me, all those married men, they told me I was lucky because married men are the best lovers and last longer then single guys.

Don said that they had to go but i could stay and freshen up in the bathroom and to lock up when i left. After the guys left and i had finished washing up, I was about to leave when i saw PJ, he was a senior at my school and also worked at the store. He said he saw what i did and he wanted a turn, if i wouldn't he had pictures and would share them at school. What could i say, so down i went. He came back the next afternoon, asking if we could do that again. I told him it was OK and I will suck on his cock any time. I put him on the desk, without jeans, so I could sit in the chair and take his sweet cock. He kept moaning, while I gave him a very slow and easy blow job! It lasted a few minutes until his pecker filled up my mouth, I love feeling my mouth being filled with creamy warm fluid! Oh, God! I was very surprised to find out that PJ never told any other guys about me. He thought he was keeping me for himself after work but I had other ideas. I got to talking to this older guy, Alex,and found out his wife had been in a bad car accident about a 3 months ago and was still recovering from it. I knew he hadn’t had sex for a long while, so I called him one weekend to ask him some computer questions. He came in my room,one day when my parents had left. I was sitting on the bed with my skirt around my waist and my legs spread. He didn’t say a word, walked over, buried his tongue in my pussy and began to lick my cunt. I was moaning like a slut! He made me cum. I told him it was my turn, took his pants off and asked him sit on the desk. He dropped his jeans, and I saw the biggest shaft I had ever seen, for I’d seen a lot of them. It was so big, all I could get was the head in my mouth! I had both my hands wrapped around it and it didn’t fit my mouth! I sucked it the best way I could. I came to conclusion it would be easier to lick its head, and started working my tongue on his cock’s tip. He started groaning, stiffened up, telling me he was going to cum, and I quickly put the head in my mouth. His cum shooting into my mouth felt so fucking good! I managed to swallow all of it and it was the best tasting cum that had ever filled my mouth.

Alex asked if I came, I told him I came twice, first time when he came in my mouth and the second time, when I tasted his cum. He said the taste was from this special diet that his wife taught him. I told him he should teach other guys this diet too, so that their cum will taste like that! He thanked me for the blowjob, telling me he hadn’t cum since his wife’s accident and asked if we could do that again sometime. I told him, my mouth was open 24 hours for a good cock like his, and I asked him to tell his friends they are welcome to also join us. I told him, he and his friends should come over on monday night when she will be alone again. Line up with their cocks hanging out and one at a time come into her room. He asked if I was serious about this, I said I wasn't k**ding and would give them all the best blowjob of their live's. 10 p.m. that monday my door opened and there appeared a cock hanging out and staring at me. I didn’t know who it was, but dropped on my knees giving the guy the best blow job he ever had. His name turned out to be Vince. I told Vince tell the guys instead to come in one at a time, cocks out. She will be in a small seat and her mouth will be open. Vince left, but 2 minutes later a guy walked in, removed his pants, stood in front of me with his cock in my face and told me his name was Andrew. Andrew had a small cock, actually a nice size to suck. I could get the whole thing, balls and all in my mouth and really loved it. I sucked his cock, working all around it with my tongue, while it shot a load inside my mouth. Although he was very small, he lasted long, I sucked his cock for about 20 minutes before he started, and his beautiful cock blew a torrent of hot, juicy, tasty cum in my mouth.

The night was really going great, it wasn’t even 11 yet and I had sucked 3 cocks already. I heard the door open again. I went to the desk, turned and this time it was my principle, naked. He told me to take my clothes off. I told him that I didn’t want to fuck; only suck cocks. However he said he just would like to see me naked and wanted to see my teenage pussy. So I took my clothes off, and saw his cock get harder. I grabbed his shaft and pulled him closer. His cock was fat, with thick veins all over and a big purple tip. I put him on the desk, inhaled his prick and it smelled so nice! I opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around his shaft and moved my mouth up and down his cock 3 or 4 times. That was enough for him to emit a moan and flooded my mouth with his hot cream! He was so happy to have a pretty slut like this swallowing his spunk and said he would like to see me in his office the following day. Four cocks had released their loads in my mouth, my life was getting to be so full of these crazy events. I had become the town cum slut and was loving it until the girls in school found out.

The night brought 3 more cocks to meet my mouth and everybody loved the idea of me being nude the rest of the night. The next day at school, the principle called me in and said he'd pay me 100 bucks a day to suck his cock each morning and before i went to work. Wow I could get paid doing this. This new system worked great, I went on with my school day, and more of the male teachers offered me cash for services. I spent the days filling orders and requests. Guys helped me with whatever i wanted, now all the time I was walking in their office's and getting totally naked. All my guys knew I was a virgin in my ass and never asked if they could fuck me there. They were too kind to leave it as it was. It made me very happy and I really appreciated this. A couple of them would eat my pussy for me and I really loved it. We agreed they would proceed eating my pussy every day. I asked Alex to come pick me up every morning so I could taste his cum first, we agreed this would be how my day's should begin. I also was asked by my boss to let some friends who were visiting him for a few day's and would pay me 500 to let them film me as i tried my first cum chug cup. They would have me suck them throughout the day and jizz in the cup until it was full and for the finishing touch I would drink it all down. The guys came in whenever they wanted; sometimes I had to spend hours on draining their balls. I couldn't believe what i had become. My boss couldn’t get rid of his bad habit of cumming to fast, and he wanted to do something about it. At first he would cum as soon as my mouth touched his cock. Now 2 months later, he is able to hold on for at least 5 or more minutes before flooding my mouth with his really sweet cum. He heard about Alex’s diet and follows it rigorously.

The guys kept asking me why i love sucking dick so much, and I said i wasn't sure but It's almost like an addiction.

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3 months ago
She's certainly totally addicted,,,go girl.
2 years ago
good girl
3 years ago
She's a keeper.
3 years ago
=) nice story
3 years ago
3 years ago
wow i would love to meet her
3 years ago
her pics are in my photos
3 years ago
nice story, love girls that love bjs and cum
3 years ago
awesome story! loved reading it
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good,, keep her happy with cum
3 years ago
Nice story...my kinda girl.