Alicia and I play Let's Make A Deal

Her name was Alicia, and she was a true thing of beauty. She'd been hired at the company the week before me. Huge knockers, a tiny waist, and a high round ass - she was kind of a throw-back to the old pin-up days. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. For a brief time, we worked in the same department (data entry) and luckily for me, she felt a little bit of responsibility towards the new guy. To pay her back for her many workplace kindnesses (and because I thought she was really hot), I invited her out for dinner and drinks one night. We'd enjoyed each other's company in every way possible and had gone out a few times after that. It wasn't long, though, before I sadly noticed Alicia was losing interest in me - she was a lot more ambitious than I was.

She was certainly making corporate tracks a whole lot faster than I was, too - not that I wasn't trying. But it was no secret that the General Manager was more interested in the size of her breasts than the quality of my work. It seemed like in no time at all, Alicia had been promoted to Production Manager. In effect, she was now my boss, which I found a little hard to stomach. I consoled myself with the fact that I still got to watch her tottering around the office on those wickedly high stiletto heels, her cute little round butt barely covered by the short skirts all the higher-ups liked their tasty young secretaries to wear. The way she spilled over the top of her sweaters and shirts ought to have been criminal - it was certainly breath-taking.

We all knew she was giving it to her boss, who was the General Manager, regularly. Sometimes, she'd come out of his office with her clothes a little disheveled or her lipstick a little smeared. We'd hear her giggles and high-pitched squeals coming from his office as we walked past. We also heard a constant barrage of complaints from all the people who worked under her who always had to do her work for her. In the beginning, they'd tried complaining to the General Manager, but their complaints had fallen on deaf ears. No one really liked her, but we all learned to live with her - we soon realized we had no choice. For the guys, she was a delicious piece of eye-candy. And for the women, she was a never-ending source of entertainment and malicious gossip.

But earlier this year, the General Manager had retired - leaving Alicia's incompetence about as exposed and as obvious as her huge, luscious breasts. The replacement the company brought in was some sour-faced workaholic witch from one of the other branches. Robin was sharp as a tack, though. She was a big fan of efficiency and had absolutely no use for dead weight. She didn't try at all to hide the fact that she'd not liked Alicia from the moment she first laid eyes on her. She was also pretty open about the fact that she wanted Alicia gone - yesterday.

One afternoon, the office g****vine was ablaze with the news that Robin had given Alicia a project she was almost certain to fail at. She was expected to come up with a program to reduce company-wide costs by 15%. The project needed to be planned and presented within the week. Poor Alicia didn't have a clue - and we all knew it. So I wasn't at all surprised when she came to me later that same afternoon - begging and pleading and crying - and showing me every one of her glorious assets. I loved it. I copped a feel or two and let her go through her paces before I told her if she fell on her face, I'd be next in line for her job. She countered with the comment that Robin might have someone from her old job in mind who would get preference over me. Hmmmmm . . . she was right - I hadn't thought of that possibility. I looked at her crying, her wondrous breasts heaving - and thought of all the gallons of cum that I'd spilled over the years while fantasizing about Alicia and her steamy hot twat. She told me she'd do anything - and she meant ANYthing - if I'd just help her out of this jam - just this one time. And that, friends, was my chance. I told her I'd help her whip her project in shape (which meant of course that I'd do the damn thing for her) - no problem - and all she had to do was allow me to help myself to the workplace goodies Mr. Roberts had gotten before he retired. She didn't even bother to deny it; just agreed readily. To seal the deal, we shook hands and then she knelt down and sucked my cock gratefully and greedily, licking and slurping happily ‘til I spewed my hot creamy load down her willing throat.

That week, she and I worked on her presentation together every night after work - and every night after we were finished, she treated me to some of the most mind-blowing sex I'd ever had. The girl had loads of tricks up her sleeve, and she definitely hadn't lost her touch - I'll tell you that. She was still as hot - and slightly more skilled - than she'd been during our younger encounters.

Finally, Alicia's big day was here, and all eyes were on her as she strutted around the conference room wearing higher heels and a shorter skirt than usual. Needless to say, she aced the presentation. I'm sure robin's still wondering what the hell happened, but my work was excellent and Alicia managed to pull the whole thing off without a hitch. I think everyone in the room was shocked, except for Alicia and myself. The corporation now knew how it would achieve its 15% overall reduction in costs, Alicia was able to hang onto her cushy position, and my cock stayed semi-hard for the entire meeting, knowing what was in store for it later.

After a sumptuous victory dinner and loads of wine, we somehow made it back to her apartment. we finished off another couple of bottles of wine and then I plowed her like it was the height of planting season. But our late-night escapades were nothing like what would happen the next morning when we got to the office. I'd told her to meet me there an hour early, before anyone else arrived, in the same conference room where she'd made her winning presentation.

Even though she was definitely not a morning person, Alicia was at work even before I was. When I walked into the room the next morning, there she was - laying totally naked on the conference table on her back, her long gorgeous legs spread wide apart and stabbing at the air as if to welcome me. My cock rose as I excitedly entered the room and kicked the door closed behind me.

Once at the table, I leaned towards her and licked her open pussy once or twice, just to make it moist enough to work with. She moaned crazily. Man, I wanted her ! I wasted no time unzipping my pants and shoving my hard dick into her eager cunt. I slowly worked it and out of her hot box. I grabbed one of her magnificent breasts in each hand and began twisting her soft pink nipples until they got hard and she began thrashing from side to side and moaning softly. As her hips bucked, she was rolling her head back and forth and licking her lips. Sometimes she'd bite her lower lip. She'd done this in our younger days, too - and for some reason it had always made me hotter than hot. I looked down on the sight before me, and started pumping faster. I also started gently rubbing her swollen clit with the ball of my thumb. She cried out once and came almost immediately. I felt the muscles of her hot wet cunt spazz tightly around my cock - and the intense pressure of it was enough to make me shoot my load right then and there. I suddenly felt totally drained and collapsed on top of her.

A few minutes later, I remembered where we were and realized it wouldn't be long before everyone else started arriving. So we quickly and reluctantly pulled ourselves together. The coffee was ready when the first of the others arrived. In no time flat, gossip would be making the rounds - in her whole career with the company, Alicia had never once bothered to arrive early. I guess most people just thought it had something to do with Alicia's stunning success the afternoon before. They probably thought she was turning over a new leaf - being happy she'd managed to hang onto her position.

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great trade at work hope you 2 kept at it
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Banging at the of life's good things