Bored housewife Sandy finds cock online

Turns the internet into her very own cock buffet

I live in San Jose. I used to wake up and go to work for a mortgage company every day. B-O-R-I-N-G. Wake up early, wear a skirt, sit in a cubicle, work with assholes, the whole nine yards. But last November I got lucky and got laid off. OK, so maybe it didn't feel so lucky at the time but in the end I'm glad I don't work anymore.

There was enough to do in December, but as soon as the holidays were over with, I realized I was bored and lonely and I started spending a lot of time online. My husband was always either working or else out drinking with his buddies. I discovered chat rooms and before long, I'd met loads of new people. I'm a little on the chubby side and thought at first about lying to my new friends about my appearance. Actually, I lied about it just then. "Chubby" is much too kind. I'm a big woman - fat - there's no way around it. It had been years since my husband had wanted to have sex with me. I guess the pounds and bulges had just crept on over the years, probably while I sat there alone every night with snacks and the tv.

I decided it was time I got more out of life, so I made arrangements to meet one of these guys at a bar. I was as nervous as a teenager going on a first date. I showered and perfumed myself from head to toe, and dressed in my nicest undies. I'd bought new make-up and a whole new outfit and had even gotten my hair done that afternoon. I'd bravely told Steve beforehand that I was a big girl, and he said he didn't care. He'd asked for a photo, and damn ! if he hadn't seemed even more eager after laying eyes on me. At first, I'd gotten cold feet and had turned down his offer of dinner and drinks - after all, I'm a married woman. But then I started thinking about how nice it would be to have someone pay attention to me again. Like I said, I was nervous . . .

He was already waiting for me with a single red rose when I walked into the bar. He recognized me right away. He dressed well and smelled good. He was tall and extremely attractive. I was positive this was a joke. This couldn't be for real; guys like him never dated women like me. He was like a dream come true. We had a few drinks, then went to a trendy new restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. He was attentive and treated me like a queen. Over after-dinner drinks, he told me he couldn't keep his hands off me and wanted to go to a motel right away. I found myself agreeing before I even thought about it. My pussy had been wet since I first laid eyes on him.

He insisted on undressing me with the lights on. At first I was against it. Totally. I was embarrassed, but a few minutes of his fingers and tongue all over my body soon had me completely distracted and totally relaxed. He told me he loved my softness and the way my body jiggled when I moved. He licked every inch of me, ending up with him kissing my ass and flicking his tongue in and out of my asshole. No one had ever done that to me before.

Then he rolled me over onto my back and shoved the hardest cock I'd ever felt way deep into my hot, throbbing cunt. I came immediately. He kept on fucking me and started fingering my swollen clit. He was squeezing one of my boobs in each of his hands, and twisting the nipples just hard enough to make me squeal. He grunted and groaned a few times and then shot a creamy load into my hot, throbbing pussy, which made me cum again. I was in heaven - I couldn't remember the last time I'd had more than one orgasm.

It seemed like it was all over way too soon, and we were getting dressed to leave and go home. But I was happy because we'd decided to meet again one day the next week and do it all over again. I couldn't believe my luck. But Steve kept telling me he was the lucky one.

Filled with self-confidence after having things go so well with Steve, I decided to try my luck with another guy. I just didn't know who yet. I decided to send photos of myself to several men, and surprisingly no one changed this mind after seeing me. Men were literally lining up for the chance to have sex with me. It was amazing.

I'd only had sex with working-class white men up until now, and I was particularly fascinated with Juan, who had been born in Texas to Mexican parents. He was a computer specialist, and he inundated me with sexy, romantic e-mails and love poems. He made me feel special. He was divorced and lived alone, so he was able to invite me to his home. He cooked a magnificent meal for us, then ran a hot, luxurious bubble bath for me and spent an hour washing me and complimenting me on my body. He was lean and well-muscled and had a well-trimmed moustache and goatee; very sexy. He also cooked breakfast for me the next morning after he'd licked my clit and my pussy and had given me several thundering orgasms. What a way to wake up ! I was unaccustomed to this sort of attention.

And then there was Ralph, who was a tall, gorgeous Afro-American attorney who wore expensive suits and shoes. He treated me to Chrystal champagne, lobster and Godiva chocolates. He also lived in a penthouse and drove a Beemer. He massaged cocoa butter into his skin (mine, too !) before we had sex. I loved rubbing his shaved head as I sucked his fat smooth cock. He shot more jism in one go than I'd ever swallowed before. I loved feeling it dribble out the sides of my mouth and drip onto my breasts. And he loved my butt. He slid his cock in my asshole every time we were together and fucked me until we were both panting like crazy and covered with a fine film of sweat.

JoJo turned out to be a big ole clumsy redneck who liked it rough, but that was ok with me. After all the romantic-type sex I'd had lately, I was glad for the chance to fuck a man who knew what he wanted and how to take it. He pulled my hair and slapped me and bit my bottom, and that was just fine with me. It made my pussy ooze. He had a mobile home which was parked out in the woods. He tied me to a tree and whipped my butt with his belt til it burned. Then he fucked me hard. When he was finished, he sat there in a lawn chair for a little while and drank a beer and just looked at me tied to the tree. After awhile, I needed to pee. I begged him to let me go to the bathroom, but he told me he wouldn't let me loose til after I'd peed. I was embarrassed because I'd never peed in front of anyone before. As soon as I'd let loose a generous stream of warm piss, he fucked me from behind while I was still tied to the tree.

Believe it or not, I even managed to pull a couple of hot college boys ! Two different boys had sent e-mails to me but it turned out they knew each other. So I decided to be brave and do them both at once. The boys were definitely up for it. They got us a hotel room and brought a couple of six-packs, a couple of bottles of vodka and some o.j. We ordered a couple of pizzas. I'd never even really considered having sex with more than one guy at a time, although it had been a secret fantasy for years. I guess the opportunity just never presented itself - until now, that is.

I gotta tell you these boys had awesome young bodies ! They were both so hard and firm it was unreal. Feeling four eager hands all and two mouths over my body was a real rush. Both of my boobs were getting felt while both my pussy and asshole were being spread and fingered. I had a cock in my right hand and one in my mouth. Then we all showered and took a booze break. A little while later, when we all had a buzz on, I found myself on the bed on my hands and knees, with my legs apart, taking a hard cock in my pussy while I sucked one of the boys off. Then we moved around on the bed a little until I had a stiff cock poked up my ass and one in my mouth. One of the boys was fucking me with three fingers. Then I had a mouthful of cock at the same time my greedy pussy was being filled. I nearly passed out from cumming so often and so hard.

My stupid inattentive husband never even once bothered to ask me where I went when I wasn't home, so I never bothered to tell him. And it had been forever since he'd acted like he was interested in having sex with me so I never, ever felt guilty doing it with other men. I'd always been ashamed of my size and my body. My husband had never done much to make me feel beautiful. Never in my whole life had I felt comfortable in my own skin. Not until now, that is. I had no idea there were so many men out there who wanted a woman who had a little meat on her bones . . .

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