shoplifter has to pay the price

I recently took on a second job to help pay off the mortgage on my house. I got a job at JT’s Liquor Store, the owner Leo is an old friend of mine. I work there from 6pm until midnight during the week. I gotta tell you, we get the most interesting people in here. Believe me man, I have seen it all.

We get a lot of local u******e high school k**s coming in here trying to buy booze for their parties with fake id’s. I won't risk getting arrested by selling to minors so I card pretty hard. However, the young girls know I'll sell them beer, but no hard liquor if they flash me their boobs. The authorities sometimes send decoys in here trying to entrap us, but I know if a chick shows her tits she isn't a decoy. All the hot high school girls know the trick. But they don’t know that we have hidden camera located on the shelf behind the counter and it records it all. Leo gets his kicks playing the video back the next day in his office.

A couple of the girls who came in regularly began stealing bottles of Vodka. One girl in particular was a real cute blonde, with the perkiest set of boobs, who came in every Friday night around 7 PM with her girlfriend. Their ‘plan’ would be to have her girlfriend distract me by flashing her boobs and buy some beer and smokes while the cute blonde would steal a bottle or two of Absolut Vodka. I knew what they were up to and decided to hatch a ‘plan’ of my own.

I called up a buddy of mine, Mike, who happened to be a cop. I told him the situation that was happening with the two young girls and then told him about my plan to stop them. He thought it was a great idea and told me he would get a kick out of scaring some sense into these two hustlers. I told Mike to park in the back alley the following Friday night so they wouldn’t see him, and to wait in the store room until they showed up. Mike told me it would be his pleasure.

The next Friday, I started my shift and kept glancing at my watch and then the door for the two little vixens to arrive. Mike parked in the back alley and I let him in the back door of the store and led him to the store room. Like clockwork, the girls arrived, all giggly and looking quite hot. The sexy little blonde princess checked around the store to see if I was looking while her girlfriend attempted to distract me. The moment she slipped the bottle of Absolut into her purse, Mike bolted out of the store room and pounced on her and cuffed her. Her girlfriend dashed out of the store without looking back for her friend and sped off in her sporty black BMW.

Mike and I led her into the office and sat her down as he took a seat across from her. She was all tears, begging for a break, pouting and giving me her best ‘fuck me’ look. Mike in his sternest voice, read her rights and told her she was going to jail for shoplifting. Looking ever so sympathetic to the sweet innocent c***d, I asked Mike if I could have a moment alone with her. He nodded alright and said he would sit in his car and make up his report. He told us we had 10 minutes before he would be back to haul her ass downtown for booking. She burst into tears once again, this time for real.

I sat on the edge of the desk directly in front of her, and wiped her tears. She calmed down enough to tell me her name was Dawn and that she was willing to do ‘anything I wanted’ if I wouldn’t press charges. She said she would work for free for a month, or she would clean the store if I needed, anything as long as I kept her ass out of jail. Her parents would take her car away and ground her until she graduated if they ever found out. I pretended to mull it over in my mind and hummed and hawed, while she sat and fidgeted in her chair.

When Mike came back into the office, I told him to give the girl a break this one time. He looked at her apprehensively, then back at me, and he told her that he would keep her ID for now and he would give me a week to change my mind. Mike then uncuffed her and turned to leave, reminding her, that I had a week to come to my senses. You could see plain as day that Dawn was visibly shaking in her sneakers. Now was the time to implement my part of the plan.

After Mike left, I told Dawn to meet me at the Days Inn across the street wearing a short skirt and no panties the next day at 4:30 PM if she wanted to see her ‘problem’ disappear. She told me she would be there and I told her to get her ass home where she belonged and I would see her tomorrow. I watched her sweet pert butt wiggle as she left my store in a hurry, calling someone on her cell phone. I was as hard as a rock.

I arrived a few minutes early the following day at the Days Inn and waited for her to arrive. Right on time, Dawn arrived dressed exactly as I had instructed. I led her to the room and once we got into the room, I didn’t waste anytime. I locked the door behind us and grabbed her by the shoulders and bent that spoiled little cunt over the chair. I lifted her skirt up and slapped her bare ass. I kept her pinned with one hand on the small of her back while I dropped my pants. My raging eight inch thick dick was leaking precum already. I had put a cock ring on and popped a Viagra before I left home. I gripped my rod and slid it up and down her sweet shaved cunt lips and found her tight little hole. She struggled and protested that I wasn’t wearing a condom, and begged for me to use one as she didn’t want to get pregnant. "If you get pregnant you'll have to blame it on any one of those 20 guys you are probably fucking", I said as I rammed my cock deep into her sweet shaved cunt. God she felt so good wrapped around my dick, I hadn’t cum all week.

Her ass was so fine bent over that chair. I licked my thumb and pressed it into her ass to the first knuckle. She squealed in protest. I was almost tempted to take it too. I gripped onto her slender smooth hips and plunged my dick in and out of her tight wet cunt. My balls were heavy with a full load of cum and they were slapping against her clitty good and hard with each thrust. She grunted and groaned and begged me to stop, but I wasn’t listening. I gripped onto her long blonde hair and yanked it back, and fucked her even harder. I could feel my balls begin to churn. I told her here it comes baby, I’m gonna fill that pretty cunt so full. I blew my full load deep inside her with several good squirts. Her cunt was so full of my cream that it ran down her thighs. She thought she was done, but I certainly wasn’t.

I grabbed her from the chair and then pushed her down onto her knees, gripped her face and shoved my still hard cum covered cock into her mouth and face fucked her for a good 10 minutes. God her mouth was so warm and wet, just like her tight cunt. She gagged several times as I shoved my cock down the back of her mouth. Each time she tried to pull off my cock but I wouldn’t let her and grabbed her by her ears and shoved my cock in further. Eventually she managed to get the hang of it, and learned to breathe through her nose. My dick head began to push down the back of her throat, causing her eyes to water. I took great pleasure in watching her mascara run down her face. I told her to take my balls in her hand and massage them while I face fucked her pretty face. Hesitantly she reached up and gripped my balls with one hand and began to massage them. Oh gosh yes this girl had a special touch.

Once again my balls began to churn and I could feel my sperm boil up inside my shaft. My dick swelled up nice and thick and without warning her, I blew another heavy load down her throat. Her eyes bulged out and tears welled up and ran down her face as she choked on my creamy thick load of cum. I pulled free from her face as she coughed and gagged on my fuck juice.

She ran into the bathroom, stripped off the rest of her clothing and jumped into the shower. She stayed in there scrubbing her self clean as much as possible while I zipped up my pants and left for work. On my way out, I told her that we could trade sex for booze anytime she wanted. I guess I must have cured her need for Absolut, because I have not seen her in my store since I fucked her. What a shame.

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3 years ago
haha nice!
3 years ago
well that cured her of stealing. maybe??
3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks
3 years ago
All for some vodka,,,great story,,
3 years ago
Nice one ;)