She offered to trade her pussy for a brand new lap

Her story:

Last week I finally lost it with my old computer and smashed it to bits with a baseball bat. I was extremely furious with it as I had several papers to write and the damn piece of shit kept crashing on me every five or ten minutes. I would spend almost twenty minutes just trying to get the fucking thing to boot back up. It was impossible to get any work done on it. You can imagine my joy and sense of satisfaction when I slammed it with the bat and watched it break into a gazillion pieces.

My parents had sent me away to Sacramento State last fall, with a P.O.S. desktop computer that my dad found for me through an old friend. He got it real cheap and figured it would be ok for what I needed. It was so painfully slow and as I had said crashed constantly. Who can work on with a machine like that? I needed desperately a computer with WIFI but I just did not have the nerve to go to my parents and ask them to buy me another computer and I certainly couldn’t afford one. Too bad I couldn’t put it on my food card, but then again, I wouldn’t be eating either for the next three months. I had to figure out something or this piece of shit was going to put me in the loony bin!

Being the resourceful person my parents taught me to be, a brilliant idea came to mind. Since I was studying Marketing, why not market myself! I knew the best place to do this would be on the popular site ‘Craigslist’ where you can sell ANYTHING. I’ve even seen ads for people selling sex! I wrote down first what I wanted to say before I entered the final ad; it went something like this; young female college student will barter for computer. I wrote that I was in desperate need of a computer with WIFI and that I was willing to wash cars, clean homes, do yard work, even baby-sit if I had to at the rate of $10 an hour to go towards the barter of the computer, signed Abbi. I said a small prayer and hit enter and the ad was placed. Now I just had to sit and wait for an offer.

As my luck would have it, I got an email back right away from a guy named Aaron. He said that he had a nice Dell in excellent condition that he was willing to part with for $400. I emailed him back and let him know that I was very interested. He replied back and suggested that we meet at the Starbucks on Folsom Blvd. so that I could check out the computer and we could discuss a fair trade. He also sent his cell number and I called him right away to set up a meeting. We were both free that afternoon, so we agreed to meet at 2pm at Starbucks.

I slipped into a pretty skirt that was about mid thigh in length and a somewhat low cut baby pink t-shirt. It wasn’t super revealing so that I would look slutty but just enough to make him drool. I know what you’re thinking, but hey, it’s all about marketing 101! I left my dorm at 1:30pm and headed for Starbucks. I ordered my favorite, a skinny cinnamon dolce latte which is to simply die for, and sat at a table and waited for Aaron.

Aaron arrived about 5 minutes later with the computer, grabbed his coffee and found me at my table. He turned out to be a pretty good looking guy, well dressed and who I pegged to be around 30 yrs old. I also noticed he was wearing a wedding band. After some brief chit chat, I examined the computer and it was in great condition. I really wanted it and began to list all the things I would do to work off the $400.

Aaron then explained that his wife certainly would not approve of a sexy cute coed hanging around the house doing chores. My heart began to sink. He then went on to say that his wife was currently out of town for a few days and he would let me have the computer if I would go out with him Saturday night. Where I grew up in Modesto, the guys I dated expected a blowjob if they bought me a goddamn McDonald’s Happy Meal so I couldn’t even imagine what Aaron would expect for fair trade for the $400 computer. I quickly agreed and prayed that he wasn’t going to ask me to shit in a cup and eat it!

Saturday night arrived and Aaron picked me up and took me to a nice restaurant. I ordered a wonderful $30 entrée and we drank wine throughout our dinner. The poor guy seemed really nervous, unsure of what his next move would be. I knew what it was that he wanted and I actually wanted to give it to him. I hadn’t been fucked in over two damn weeks and I needed him to fuck me!

I began to flirt with him during our meal, always touching his arm or his hand, or brushing my leg against his. This seemed to lighten him up pretty quickly. Towards the end of dinner, I suggested that the two of us go find a place to make out. I whispered into his ear that I was really wet for him and couldn’t wait to be alone with him. Immediately I watched the tent in his pants rise and so did the red in his face. This was going to be fun seducing him.

He paid the bill and we drove back to his empty house. I felt my pussy dripping with each step the closer I got to his bedroom. Aaron pulled me into his arms and kissed me nervously at first, but he quickly lost his nerves and had me melting with his lusty kisses. His hand ran down my back and rested on my perky small ass and he began to massage it gently but his hands began to grip more urgently. His hard cock was pressing against my groin and all I could think about was having it inside me.

He told me to raise my arms; I did as he asked and he lifted off the soft yellow sundress I was wearing. I stood before him in just my yellow bikini thong since I wasn’t wearing a bra. My nipples hardened immediately on my firm 34B tits and Aaron bent down to grip both into his hands where he began to squeeze them and suck and lick each nipple until my knees were beginning to grow weak. He picked me up and placed me onto the bed and then removed my thong slowly, savoring the site of my nakedness before him.

My heart was pounding in my chest and I could feel it throbbing in my clit. I watched as Aaron quickly stripped out of his shirt and pants and saw the huge bulge in his boxers. My eyes widened in awe and maybe a hint of fear wondering if he was going to fit. Aaron then knelt on the floor in front of his bed and pulled me to the edge and spread my legs open exposing my juicy pussy. He told me to lie back and enjoy this and instantly his mouth was latched onto my pussy.

I was in heaven as he licked and sucked on my pussy like a pro. For at least fifteen minutes he licked and sucked and probed my pussy and made me cum in buckets. My legs were firmly clamped around his head allowing him to come up for air when needed. I couldn’t wait any longer; I just had to have some of that cock he was still hiding in his boxers! He came back onto the bed; his face smeared all over with my cunt juice and kissed me, allowing me to taste my very own juices. This turned me on even more and I began to tear off his boxers. His 10” cock sprang out at me as I removed his last article of clothing. He watched me staring at it, licking my lips, and asked if I liked what I saw. “Oh hell yes,” I replied and took his cock as far as I could deep into my mouth.

I have seen my share of cocks being at college but I have never had one this size before and never had one feel so amazing in my mouth until now. His cock was so smooth and the skin so silky. His cock tip was beautifully rounded and was now leaking copious amounts of precum liquid. I ran my tongue up and down his marvelous shaft and all around the tip making him gasp and groan while his legs trembled as he tried to control his climax. “Mmm baby, you’re going to make me cum if you keep that up, I don’t want to cum yet!” He pulled me on top of him and kissed me hard once again as I rubbed my trimmed pussy against his cock.

“I’m going to make you cum until you can’t cum anymore this evening young lady,” Aaron said as he rolled me off him and spread my soaked thighs apart and ran his finger up and down my pussy lips making me shudder all over with anticipation of what he may do next. He parted my lips with his finger and slid it gently into my wet hole until it was completely buried to his knuckle. Next he slid in a second and said, “Oh Abbi, you have such a sweet tight cunt,” and began to finger fuck me into an earth shattering squirting orgasm. My juices shot out almost two feet across the bed, completely drenching the black satin sheets!

Aaron pulled my body to the side of the bed and had me bent over the edge. “It’s time my dear darling Abbi for you to be fucked with my cock,” as he slid his rock hard cock tip up and down my dripping crack. I held my breath as I felt my lips part and grip hold of his huge stick as he found my wet hole and began to enter me. His hands gripped onto my slim waist as he inched his way up into my tight tunnel. Oh sweet Lord in heaven, I had never been so stretched and full of cock until that moment. He grunted and groaned as inch by inch slid further into me until he was balls deep against my clit. The tip of his cock was pressed firmly against the head of my cervix causing me to cry out, “Oh God Aaron! Fuck me Aaron; I beg you, please fuck me. Fuck me hard until you fill me full of your hot seed!”

Aaron began to pick up speed and was pumping my pussy deep and hard. He reached down and gripped my long hair and pulled my head back making my back arch even more to take him even deeper. Each thrust he banged against my cervix, turning me into a wild frenzied cock slut. I kept screaming, “Fuck me Aaron, fuck me!” over and over as if I was in a delirium. Through his thrusts, he said “Oh baby… ‘grunt’… I’m fucking… ‘grunt’… you alright… ‘grunt’…I’m fucking your sweet… ‘grunt’… tight cunt until it’s raw!”

Several more deep thrusts and he began to cry out, “Here it comes Abbi; get ready!” He began to shoot his molten lava deep into my stretched pussy. The moment I felt that hot liquid shoot into my pussy, my orgasm took over as I clamped down onto his cock like a vise grip until Aaron collapsed over my back as we lay there gasping for air.

That evening we fucked for three straight hours in his bed in several various positions. I had never had such incredible sex as I had that night. I think he enjoyed the sex as much as I did, and the best part was I walked away with a kick ass computer!

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3 years ago
Excellent. Hot and well written. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
at least you got a good one twice
3 years ago
Sweet ;) Looks like you got the best of both worlds