Using the ol' bait and switch

My wife and I just celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. Truth be told our sex life is so incredibly boring. Boring I tell you beyond belief! I’m lucky if we have sex every other month if that and that is just to keep her off my back! I finally decided to find myself a fuck buddy online.

After I checked a couple of sex personal sites online I finally found one that I felt comfortable with and placed an ad. I had to be really careful about putting a picture of myself on my profile since I have a very high profile job in the community here of Portland, Oregon. I scanned my computer and chose a picture of myself from a recent fishing trip and blocked out my eyes and posted it into my online profile. In no time I received some replies but they were from hookers and big fat girls with huge saggy tits. That certainly wasn’t worth the risk me losing my marriage for.

On a whim, I decided to change my profile picture with a picture I found online of a guy naked from the waist down with a huge cock. Seriously his cock was at least twice the size of mine. I logged in again the next day and was surprised to see at least a dozen responses. I went through them and found several were from some really hot looking ladies.

I began an email exchange with a woman named Veronica. She had a decent set of B cup tits and she lived nearby. In her emails, I learned she was also married, and really enjoyed fucking guys with big cocks. I decided to give her an alias of Ken instead of my real name Cory because of my job. I stole several pics of some random guy from MySpace and sent them to her when she started pressing me for pictures of my face. She was anxious to meet and would get back to me as soon as she knew her husband’s schedule the following week.

Later on in the week, I got an email from her that told me her husband was going out of town for a couple of days the following week, and that she planned to ride a big cock while he was gone. It was pretty obvious that she wanted the big cock I had in my profile picture, and I certainly was having fun leading her on, telling her how I was going to pound her sweet holes all night long with my big cock. I had her pussy already dripping for me… well ok, the ‘fake’ me.

Veronica and I agreed to meet at seven pm on Friday night. I had to come up with a good excuse to get away from my wife so I told her that I was going bowling with the guys and got to the bar early and sat in one of the booths. Veronica came in promptly at seven wearing a low cut blouse, short black skirt and a pair of sexy heels. She took a seat at a small table a few tables away from me, and ordered a glass of wine from her waiter. I watched her squirm and tap her fingers against her wine glass as she looked at her watch for the next thirty minutes. The expression on her face grew increasingly solemn.

Another fifteen minutes went by and Veronica reached for her purse and looked if she was getting ready to get up and leave. This was my moment to make my move. I walked over to her and asked her if I could buy her a drink. Normally I would have never approached a good looking woman in a bar like this, but I knew Veronica was horny as hell and was intent on getting laid tonight. She smiled at me and accepted my offer and I asked her if I could join her. She told me that she had been stood up by an inconsiderate asshole she had met online and invited me to sit down with her.

After we had a few more drinks, Veronica admitted to me that she was pretty disappointed that her well hung friend didn’t show up. I told her I could give her twelve inches and hurt her. I said, “Yeah, I’ll fuck you three times and pinch your nipples!” It was an old joke but we both had a good laugh.

My plan however had worked. Veronica invited me back to her place and I readily accepted. I couldn’t keep my hands off her during the drive back to her place. Once we got inside her front door, I closed it behind me and pulled her swiftly into my arms and before she could say a word I had my tongue deep into her succulent mouth, probing as deeply as I could. At first I could feel her resistance but as the kiss grew more passionate and lustful, I could feel her body melt against me. Her nipples grew rock hard and poked through her thin low cut blouse and rubbed against my chest, making my cock rock hard.

I led her to her sofa and sat her down while I shoved her coffee table out of my way. My hand crept up her thighs and hiked her short skirt up to her hips exposing her black silky panties. I spread her legs wider and inhaled her musky scent. My gawd she smelled so fucking good. I ran my tongue up and down her panty covered slit feeling the fabric begin to soak with her pussy juice. I pressed my face further in between her legs as she pressed her mound up further into my face begging me to take her. My fingers pulled aside her panties and gazed at her puffy shaven cunt lips and felt my mouth water even more. I slipped my tongue into her dripping slit and slit it up and down, teasing her clit, and running it down over her pussy entrance. Soon her legs were trembling as I drove her wild with sheer lust.

I slid her panties down to her ankles, licking and kissing her legs as I went. Kneeling on my knees in front of her, I buried my face deep into her hungry cunt. She gasped as she felt my tongue probe her dark tunnel as I lifted and spread her ass cheeks. I licked her front to back to front again over and over until my face was covered with her cunt juices. I couldn’t get enough of her tight little brown asshole as I delved deeper and deeper into it while I rubbed and pinched her swollen button. Veronica bucked hard and screamed as she had her first orgasm just from my expertly trained tongue.

I grabbed her and pulled her up from the sofa and she led me into her bedroom where I quickly removed her blouse and skirt, leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor. I spun her around and unclasped her French bra and slid the straps down her shoulders slowly, kissing her shoulders along the way. Instantly I felt her shudder and little goose bumps appeared all over her body. I pushed her forward onto the bed onto her stomach and climbed over top of her, sliding my hard six inch dick down between the crack of her ass until it pushed into her steaming cunt. I spread her legs open with my knees and pulled her ass up until she was on her knees and slammed into her. She groaned immediately as she felt me fill her hot hole. It didn’t take much effort as she was already slick with cum from her first orgasm earlier.

I yanked her on her shoulder length silky brown hair forcing her head back and I filled her mouth with my tongue once again. I continued to fuck her as my tongue swirled around her tongue. My balls slapped against her clit over and over with each thrust making her clit swell bigger and bigger. I felt the urge to cum but didn’t want to just yet, so I pulled out swiftly leaving her hungry for more and shoved her face down into her mattress and pulled her ass open and gave her another good tongue lashing while I finger fucked her until she began to thrash about with another intense orgasm.

I wasn’t going to let her come down from her high just yet, so I rolled her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs open, threw them over my shoulders as I knelt between her legs and spread that sweet cunt open and sucked on her pink swollen clit. She moaned and groaned and gripped onto the bed sheets begging for more. I slid two fingers inside her hot cunt and began to stroke her gspot. “Oh my God!” she screamed as I rubbed that glorious spot. She began to tremor all over once again as I rubbed harder and suddenly she squirted over and over her hot juices all over my face and down my chest.

I got up as she lay there gasping and kissed her hard as I shoved my hard throbbing dick back into her juicy cunt. She licked her juices off my face as I fucked her hard. She met my thrusts with equal f***e until I yelled out, “Oh fuck yes, I’m going to fill your sweet cunt now Baby, here it comes.” I felt my load bubble up from the depths of my balls and spew forth from my hard dick into her sweet cavity. Her cunt clamped down around my cock and milked me for every last drop I had.

After a short rest, she exclaimed that was the most incredible fuck she had ever experienced, she rolled over and took my limp cock into her mouth and licked and sucked it until it grew hard and was throbbing once again inside her mouth. She could taste our combined juices all over my cock and that seemed to fuel her hunger for my cock even more. She was pleased that I had a six inch dick because it allowed her to shove its entire length down her throat. I reached around to her ass and slipped a wet finger into her asshole and fingered it while she continued to suck me off. Her other hand fondled and stroked my balls while her other hand stroked my cock while she expertly sucked and tongued my swollen head.

Veronica then slid up and straddled my cock facing my feet so I could continue to play with her ass. What a sweet sight it was to watch her cunt swallow my cock while I spread her asshole further adding another finger and finger fucked her ass while she pounded my cock. Faster and harder she rode me, her hair flew about her shoulders wildly as she rocked herself into another orgasm soaking my cock and my balls with her cum.

I needed to fuck that tight ass badly and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I had her asshole nicely stretched already from playing with it with my fingers so I pulled her off my cock and laid her on her side and pulled her against me as I slid my cock up against her hole. My cock already slick with her cunt juice lubed up her asshole and my head slipped in easily. Veronica gasped as she felt the intrusion of my cock and began to protest but I reached down and began to rub her clit as I let my cock relax inside her shit hole. Soon she began to rock back and forth against my cock, taking it further and further into her hole and within moments I was fucking that delicious asshole deep and hard. She began to scream, “Yes! Yes! Fuck my dirty tight asshole! Fuck it harder!” That was all I needed and began to slam into her hard until I came hard deep inside her fucked ass. She cried out as she felt my hot sperm enter into her bowels and she came violently, collapsing moments later, gasping for breath.

Veronica and I fucked until midnight that night. I worried all the way home that I would catch some shit for being late from my wife, but she was sound asl**p and never asked me what time I got home. I have been corresponding with a couple of other hot women who also answered my ad and I hope that I will be fucking them very soon.

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