Finding A Female Coworker On A Yahoo Swinger Site

Hey, my name is Wayne and I work for a pretty cool company here in Dayton, Ohio. I'm an estimator for a commercial electrical company and have a decent working relationship with everyone there. I've been married to my wife for the last ten years but we had been dating since she met me on my 21st birthday when I was out with my buddies for a few drinks. She was the waitress that served us our drinks. Long story short, I married her five years later.

Now Beth, my wife, and I had talked a few years ago about the possibility of us venturing outside of our marriage and checking out the local swingers scene. I wish I had never brought it up. She didn't like the idea at all, and thought that I was sick and perverted for even having these thoughts. In fact, she even called me a sexual deviant! So needless to say I have had to repress my sexual fantasies and repair a lot of hurt feelings and her insecurities that my perverted thoughts had caused her. This unfortunately led to a lot of hard feelings on both our parts. I felt neglected and became resentful that I could not share my fantasies with my own wife. She didn't trust me and felt that I wasn't attracted to her anymore. That had nothing to do with me wanting to venture into swinging. She just thought it was my way of being able to fuck other women.

After a while, I just couldn't take it anymore. Our sex life was so dull and predictable; I just couldn't even get it up anymore. I had to be free to be who I was and started my plans to divorce my wife once the k**s were big enough so I could find a woman who was a little more adventurous and more open minded like myself. In the meantime I thought I would check out sites online and see what was available in my area for swingers.

One night while Jackie was out shopping, I was checking around online and followed an advertising link to a yahoo adult dating and swinger site. Ohio Cum Loving Gangbang Sluts. I wanted to check out the profiles but couldn't without signing up for a membership. I filled in the information for a membership and got access to the profiles in the Dayton area. While I drank my beer, I scrolled down through the profiles until I came across one that stopped me dead in my tracks.

There was a picture of a brunette haired woman with a man in the picture. The woman had most of her face hidden behind her partner's shoulder, but I recognized that pink and brown striped blouse instantly. I went into their profile and clicked on several other pictures, but still no face shot. However, there was one picture of her naked backside that showed a close up of her unique lower back tattoo.

The tattoo was unmistakable. I had seen that very tattoo on Sandy, the administrative assistant to the owner of our company, while she was bent over filing. Sandy and her husband had put in a profile on this site claiming that they were into swing parties and full swapping. I sat there stunned and yet very excited. It also said that Sandy was bi-sexual and enjoyed m/m/f encounters, double penetrations, and gang bangs. Holy shit! I couldn't believe my luck and had an extreme hard on by the time I finished going through their profile. I sat and wondered just how many men Sandy had fucked, or how many men did she have fuck her in a gang bang; I just had to whack off while these visions of Sandy being fucked in every hole was fresh in my mind.

The following day I went back to work, but had a hard time keeping my dick under control every time I looked at Sandy's office and envisioned her with her legs up in the air as every guy in the office took turns fucking her. Whew! I had to shake my head to clear the visions. Focus! Focus!

Normally I didn't have a lot of contact with Sandy, but whenever I did, I had always been on my best behavior because her office is located right next to the owner's office. After seeing her ad online, I began to see Sandy in a different light. At least once or twice a day I would make excuses to stop in and speak to her. I had always thought Sandy was sexy and had a fairly decent figure, with a nice rack and a curvy ass, but that she was always off limits since I work with her. So through the months of November and December, I was able to keep the secret completely to myself about their profile. Then the office Christmas party came along.

I had several cocktails during the party and found myself alone with Sandy. I couldn't help but let it slip to her that I had found their swinger profile on the internet a while back. Well Sandy turned ten different shades of red and asked me "which one?" Apparently I had only seen one of a few sites they had posted on. Seeing the fear and embarrassment of being found out, I completely reassured her that their "secret" was totally safe with me. I told her also that I was pretty envious of the two of them, because my wife wasn't as open minded as they were. Sandy left and hooked back up with her husband throughout the rest of the party. I noticed they left the party early.

The following afternoon, I was back online in the swinger's site and noticed that Sandy's profile was no longer there. Now I really felt bad for bringing it up and was worried about if it was going to affect my job. When I arrived to work on Monday, Sandy has sent me an email asking me to stop in and see her as soon as I had a chance. So just before my lunch break I popped into her office and asked if she wanted to see me. She got up from her desk and dragged me into the empty conference room, and closed the door. She had tears in her eyes as she explained how she couldn't afford to lose her job, and asked me if I had kept this to myself and not told anyone else. I felt badly for her, and I reassured her that I had not told a soul and that they had nothing to worry about with me. She was very relieved and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me repeatedly.

When I got to work the next day, there was another email sitting in my inbox from Sandy. This time it said that her husband was so grateful to me for being so discreet about their "extra-curricular" activities, that he invited me to a swing party at their house the next weekend. She explained that there would be about a half dozen couples coming to play with one another. I could feel the heat rising in my face and the bulge growing in my pants as I imagined Sandy lying in the middle of several men and women all naked and fucking each other. Shaking my head, I couldn't believe it. I emailed Sandy back and told her that as appreciative of their invite that I was, I didn't have a date to bring with me and I just wasn't sure I was ready to be in a large group setting like that. I wanted to start off a little slower.

Within a few minutes I got another email back from Sandy telling me she had a female friend whose husband allowed her to go out to play and that she would be thrilled to be my partner for the evening. She also told me that if I wanted to just sit back and watch, have a few drinks and listen to music that would be totally fine also. I could take it at my leisure and pace so I was comfortable. I thought it over the rest of the day and emailed Sandy back that I would love to take them up on their offer. I explained to my wife that the following Friday I had a client that had a big construction project coming up that we were bidding on who expected to be entertained at one of the local strip club. My wife of course had her objections to that, but it was a fact that she accepted came with my job.

I arrived at Sandy and Dan's house by 7pm and met my "partner" for the evening. Lynn was incredibly sexy with large tits and a sweet butt. She explained that she enjoying being in the lifestyle but that her husband just couldn't get into it. He allowed her to go out and have her fun as long as she came back and told him all about her adventures that night, and he would fuck her silly until morning. It had done wonders for their marriage. The remainder of the guests had arrived and I was introduced to everyone and warmly welcomed. After several drinks and dirty dancing to several songs, I was pretty horned up and wanted more than anything to take Lynn over to the sofa and fuck her wild. Two of the other couples had already swapped and the two wives were facing one another French kissing one another while the husbands fucked each other's wife in the doggy position. The scene was incredibly hot and had my dick super hard. Lynn then took hold of my cock and began the hottest intense blowjob ever.

I wasn't ready yet to swap partners so I stuck with Lynn that night. She turned out to be quite a naughty nymph. After she went down on me she introduced me to another couple. They were an attractive younger couple and she had on a sexy sheer lace mini dress that showed off her ample double D tits! Lynn and her began to kiss and undress each other as I and the other husband sat back to watch the ladies go to it. In a flash they were both naked, tongues and fingers were probing everywhere. They were enjoying each other's cunts, making each other cum several times and giving us quite a hot show.

I couldn't stand it any longer and just had to fuck Lynn. I pulled her over the back of the sofa, while another couple was busy fucking each other on that very same sofa. I bent Lynn over and spread her legs apart and rammed my dick straight into her soaking wet cunt. Lynn enjoyed the view beneath her as a couple was busy just inches from her face, she was able to read down and pinch the woman's nipple. I gripped her hips and thrust deeper and harder into her dripping cunt. This is what I have needed and dreamed about for so long. Lynn began to fuck me back, and told me to slap her ass a few times while I fucked her. I slapped her ass several times until her ass cheeks were a sweet hot pink. Across the room I noticed Sandy in the centre of four guys and watched as they all took turns fucking her. Watching Sandy while I was fucking Lynn was incredibly hot and I quickly blew my load all over Lynn's backside.

Unfortunately for me I was not able to fuck Sandy that night, but still had a great time with Lynn. Lynn and I created a couples profile together and posted it on a few sites and we are enjoying meeting new people together. When I got into work yesterday, there was another email waiting for me from Sandy inviting Lynn and I out to their next swingers party in a couple of weeks. I popped into Sandy's office and informed her that we would be there, but that this time I was going to enjoy the opportunity of fucking her. She looked up at me coyly, smiled and gave a wink and said, "OK."

I can't wait for the next party!

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1 year ago
I have been found out before and it can be scary!
2 years ago
nicely done and and hot....
3 years ago
Excellent story. Love a good fuck party!
3 years ago
Damn that's hot. My wife likes to talk about acting a little more like your friend Lynn, but no luck so far.
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
enjoyed that ;) ty
3 years ago
you just keep them cumming. Total hit. Thanks.