My Buddy Is Dating A Whore, she blew me in a bathr

Let me start off by saying that I love Beth, my wife. Been married six years and going strong. Even with a couple of k**s, she has maintained her figure and is in great shape. She beautiful at 5'6" tall, wavy shoulder length brunette hair, taunt in all the right places, firm ass and supple breasts. It's hard imagining not wanting to come home, even if I do like to watch other skirts. I work the housing construction trade which had been good to us, but now sucks. I'm trying to get over to the business construction side, but most of the larger contracts are unionized, and I'm not. Another story, another time. Anyways, even though we don't regularly fuck like rabbits like when we first were married, I can always rely on her for a good long sweaty session sometime during the weekend when the k**s are asl**p or away visiting grandparents. Thank goodness we have f****y nearby. Yep, she's my steady Betty and sometimes I get treated with a morning wakeup blow job or afternooner. I would never stray from the nest ... or so I thought, at least not too far.

My best friend Steve and I liked to get together for 'Men time' such as fishing or bowling with the guys once or twice a week. Helps us balance married and single life. Steve has never been serious with a girl, so I was surprized when he said that he was dating Audrey, a sexpot slut we both knew from high school. "Man are you crazy! That whore has screwed most of the guys we know and then some. What about the marriages she's busted too?" He turned red faced and I thought we might have to fight. "That whore is my whore! She treats me right so fuck off!" I just shrugged my shoulder, not worth losing my best friend over that piece of trash. Okay, I thought she was hot, but the thought of all that other cum in her pussy was a turn off. That's why I never pursued her in high school myself. And the stories they told about her ... crazy! I think she even sucked and fucked some of the teachers.
Steve suggested we double date at our favorite steak house next Saturday. "You'll see, she can be quite sweet." I kept my dirty thoughts to myself, yeah I bet she sure does taste sweet, and a bit salty too. After checking with my wife and arranging for my folks to watch the k**s, we had a deal. My wife is from another town and fortunately doesn't know Audrey, 'All day, All night, Odd-drey.'

Beth and I arrived first and put our party names on the waiting list. Soon, Steve and Audrey arrived. We all had on jeans and a collared three-button shirt, my wife with a flowery blouse, our way of dressing up. However good ol' Audrey had on a short black skirt and matching low cut blouse that left little to the imagination. While shaking hands hello, I almost reached up to slip her overflowing boobs back into her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and I began to wonder if she wore any panties. She was still the hot curvaceous blond I remembered. Her demurred hello sent shivers down my spine. Did I see she was flirting with me? Steve didn't say anything, and I sure as hell wasn't going to in front of my wife. Our table was called and we were seated in a booth, Steve and Audrey on one side, Beth and I on the other. Audrey was directly across from me and I felt her foot brush against my legs a couple of times during dinner. An accident, I told myself, although my hard-on said otherwise.

Dinner went fine and it was about seven o'clock when we settled into dessert and coffee. The restaurant dimmed their lights down low for the evening crowd atmosphere. We spontaneously burst out laughing and joking about keeping one's hand above the table and visible. It was then that I realized Audrey wanted to play more than footsie, and not necessarily with Steve. While hands were held up during our comic break, I felt one of Audrey's stocking covered foot slide up my leg and snuggle into my crotch. I cleared my throat trying to maintain my composure and reactively slid forward so my wife couldn't see. Couldn't see that stocking foot massaging my throbbing hard-on. Moving forward and the excitement of getting caught added to the pleasure. I looked up to see Audrey smiling seductively at me and then asking, "I'm having fun, how 'bout you?" She ended the question with a firm push of her toes into my balls. All I could do was grunt my acknowledgment. I looked over to my wife chatting with Steve, but didn't seem to notice what was happening to me.

I finally managed to make it out of the restaurant with my wife, after dessert and a bit more of small talk. While saying good-byes, Audrey made it a point to give me a quick hug and whisper in my ear, "See you real soon, hon." At the same time she managed to slide her hand unnoticed downward and squeezed my butt cheek. Ohh damn, I'm in trouble. Later on the ride home, Beth mentioned, "Audrey seems like a nice girl. Steve must feel lucky." To which I replied, "She sure is friendly," and u*********sly I rubbed my aching blue balls and well-teased hard-on. "Beth, let's go make some noise." Nothing like a good dinner, good company and the k**s away to relax my wife. She reached over into the driver's seat and found my cock hard as a rock. I moaned as she kept building up my anticipation. In turn, I played with her tits and pussy til We could hardly wait to get home. Giggling like newly weds we dashed to the bedroom, flung our clothes off, and fucked like rabbits. I must have cummed bucket loads into her sopping cunt. As I pumped my love juices into her, Audrey's face and body suddenly flashed underneath me as I felt my goo mixing with a hundred other guys in her hot tunnel. I couldn't stop and just kept thrusting until my nuts were drained and satisfied. I collapsed on top of Beth, breathing deeply to catch my breath. "You were wonderful," my wife said, but it sounded like Audrey.

The next week started out uneventful. Then Wednesday, after what little work there was to do, I decided to stop by my favorite bar. Hump day and wouldn't you know it, I run into Audrey there. Wearing a tight peasant dress that's quite revealing, she is at the bar counter with a couple of her co-workers. Steve must be working a little late tonight. As an accountant, that happens time to time. One advantage to construction is most working stiffs are on a clock, so the hours are more predictable at a given job site. I'm no psychic, but my thoughts were starting to stray and I was getting a funny feeling about today. Cheating on my wife and getting caught in public was sexually exciting. I could feel my balls starting to tighten up and my cock slowly rising to the challenge. Damn I better be careful. Okay, it's six o'clock, one drink and I'm otta here.

Sitting at a table near the door I ordered my beer. I tried not to notice Audrey, but she caught my eye when I happened to glance around innocently enough. Out of courtesy, I nodded to her. Oh crap, her she comes over with a nice booty walk. Not wanting to be a heel, I motion to a chair next to mine. With a big mischievous grin, she strattles the chair, leaning on her arms on the back rest facing me. "Hi, hon, nice to see you." A cloud of alcohol vapors drifts past me, she already hammered! She starts to flirt with me, her hands gently roaming over my arms and thighs. Any rescue for me by her friends soon left with them. It was just me and Audrey and I caught her already eyeing my bulge in my crotch. Downing my beer in a couple of swift gulps, I mumbled about having to leave and get home to my wife. This nasty slut was getting to me. "Sure," she said and got up, then plopped herself down on my lap before I could stand. When I started to protest, she clamped her mouth over mine and sucked slow and deep on my tongue. Her hands rubbed my nipples through my shirt. Then moving to my neck, she kissed and licked her way to my ear, biting and tugging on my ear lob. Damn! Big strapping workman was becoming puddy in her hands. Audrey's sexy perfume smell and hot breath on my neck was causing my straining cock to try and break free of my pants.

Intoxicated myself by her seduction, she easily dragged my ass to the women's bathroom and took me into one of the stalls. I initially tried to fondle her big tits and curvy ass, but she took charge and said in a sultry voice, "Later big boy, just enjoy today." Slowly she unbuckled and unzipped my pants. Lowered them and then my white boxers. Hmmm, she purred as she handled my full 8" glory pole in one hand and my hanging balls in her other hand. I grabbed the back of her head, fingers intertwined in her hair and tried to penetrate her lips. Still in charge, she let me guide her up to a point. First she licked a light coat of spit all up and down the shaft, then paid special attention to the bulbous spongy head with the tip of her tongue. I felt her hot breath again blown across my hard cock. She's good, and I'm not even in her mouth yet!

A short pang of guilt resulted in me mentioning Beth's name, but Audrey only laughed. Again the thought of cheating on my wife and getting caught in public was driving me wild. At that moment, Audrey dove her mouth over the length of my cock and the pure pleasure of her deep throat took me to another place. Again and again she took me all the way in, feeling her throat opening up to accept my head past the back opening. "Oh shit! Oh fuck! Fuck yeah!" This was the best blowjob I ever had. Soon I was whispering, "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

I thought she might just swallow me whole, but Audrey must have known when to pull my cock out at the last moment. This was all crazy, and I was loving it. As I started to cum Audrey directed my cum on her lips and tongue. Some of it shot across her cheek and into her hair. She wiped it off with the back of her hand but it was obvious that she had cum on her face and in her hair when we walked back into the bar. As I was leaving she gave me a hug, some of the cum drying on her cheek rubbing against my cheek. "I want to fuck you, call me sometime, call me soon," she cooed into my ear.

I'm really thinking about calling her. I've heard some outrageous rumors about her over the years and now I swear they're true. My wife is wonderful, but I think I going to need another shot of crazy sex. Is that what I'm missing? Hope I don't become addicted. And next time I will be the one to drag her into the men's bathroom, bend her over and give her what she really wants.

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3 years ago
your the only one she has not fucked
3 years ago
Very interesting,,,watch out she is wicked