Ema becomes a slut for her f****y to use

Part 1

I grew up in rural Alabama, in a three story house on about six acres acres of land, about three miles outside a small country town. The house was white with brown shutters, and had one of those wrap-around covered porches on two sides. Looking back on it all, I would have to say I had a great f****y. I had two older b*****rs, a younger b*****r and two great parents, and they were all pretty loving, except for mom. She was distant and not very affectionate with anybody, not even with daddy, but she was a great cook and kept the house looking nice. She never talked to me about growing up, puberty, or sex, and maybe that's why my sexual awakening took the strange path it did. But I have no regrets.

My story begins when I turned sixteen. I was a late bloomer, a "tomboy" and still looked like a k**. I was wearing a training bra, but I had very little to "train" if you know what I mean. I had been menstrating for six months, and thank god I had an aunt to go to and ask what the hell was going on with my body.

At that time, my b*****r Tommy was 18 and my b*****r Ben was 21. Mikey was just twelve. Ben was out of high school and had a job at the Town Hill Truckstop, but still lived with us so he could save money. Tommy was a senior and hoping to go to college and become a vetenarian. Both b*****rs were tall, muscular and good-looking. I know Ben was beating off the girls with a stick, but I joked to him that he sure wasn't trying very hard. Me? I was still short of five feet tall and on the skinny side. I didn't think I was pretty, or ever gonna be pretty, but Ben would tossle my hair and tell me I was an "ugly duckling", destined to be the most beautiful girl in Orangebow county.

Something was going on between my legs. No, not the periods, something else. When I took a shower and washed my pussy, it started feeling so good! And it got better and better every day! I looked forward to my shower every day so I could put my fingers in my pussy.

I remember it was the day after my 16th birthday. All the trees were budding, the daffodils were blooming, and I had just witnessed something bizarre. I had been out behind the barn and Sugar, one of our three mares had gotten out of the barn and into the west paddock where we were keeping Shasta, a neighbor's stallion. Sugar had let Shasta come up behind her and mount her! I had never seen two horses do it before! And the sight of it made my pussy go berzerk! I ran into the house to find Tommy and tell him about it. He wasn't around, not even in his bedroom. I plopped down on his bed and thought about Shasta fucking Sugar, and my pussy began to twitch something awful.

I slipped my hand down my jeans and rubbed my pussy through my panties. It was then I looked up and saw that Tommy had crammed something behind the bookshelf that he had built over the headboard. I reached up and pulled at it and it came out. Several its came out. Magazines. And the covers showed... Oh! My! God! They showed naked men and women! My eyes went immediately to a man's crotch and his penis. It was huge and stiff, just like Shasta's penis! And the naked girl with the big tits was holding it in her hand! The title of the magazine was Cocks and Cunts. It didn't take me long to figure out what a cock was and what a cunt was!

I open the first magazine and there was the same man fucking the girl just like the two horses. My free hand dashed down between my legs again and this time I slipped my fingers inside my panties and into my pussy, which was soaking wet. I masturbated myself stupid. (Though it would be a few days before I learned that word.) Wave after wave of delicous dizziness washed over me! That was my first orgasm! I flipped through the magazine, drinking in all the wicked pictures, and had two more orgasms before I heard Tommy's voice downstairs ask if anybody was at home.

I tried to cram the magazines back, but one fell back on the bed, and I grabbed it and ran for my room before Tommy could catch me. I locked my door and took the forbidden magazine into the bathroom. As I got naked, I read the title, Cum Sluts. I was totally stunned with disbelief. On the cover was a beautiful woman with a man's cock in her mouth! Ten minutes later, I knew all there was to know about sucking dicks, swallowing cum and getting it shot all over your face! I got in the shower and imagined that the men in those pictures were making me suck their swollen cocks and shooting their cum in my face. I masturbated myself stupid again and again, until my poor pussy was sore.

I hid the magazine, but took it out every chance I could get and looked at the pictures until I was so horny I had to masturbate. I got a zucchini from the garden, and tried inserting it into my pussy. Oh! My! God! was that ever wonderful. For two weeks, all I could think of was sucking cocks and having cum drool down my face and body. But being around Tommy made me nervous. I wondered if he was missing his magazine. And I was afraid of what he might do if he found out I had stolen it. Mother complained at the supper table that I was spending too much time locked in my bedroom, and I was shirking my chores. Tommy glanced at me over the table.

After breakfast the next morning (it was a Saturday), Tommy announced he was going to town and would be back later that evening. Mom went shopping, daddy was taking Shasta back to our neighbor, Ben went to work, and I sneaked back into Tommy's room to return the magazine. I never wanted to see it again. But I had to take the magazines out first before I could put them all back at once, and I saw the top cover. Teen Whores. The girl looked young, with conical tits not much larger than mine. And there was a huge cock stuffed into her pussy! She had no pubic hair at all. I found myself thinking, "I wish that was me! I wish that huge cock was fucking my pussy! I wish I was a teen whore! Yes! I am! I'm a teen whore! I'm a whore!" My free hand went inside my robe and into my panties!

At that instant I felt a great weight descend on the mattress. I fell over and rolled onto my back. It was my b*****r Tommy, and he was grinning at me! My robe had fallen partly open and my hand was still in my panties. He wasn't mad and didn't say anything at first, but his eyes were on my crotch. Then he spoke.

"Did you enjoy the magazines? It sure looks like you do. You know, this reminds me of when I first saw these magazines in Ben's bedroom. They originally belonged to him."

I sat up and pulled my robe around me. "Really?"

"Yeah, Ben let me see them and taught me how to jack off. He explained what the people in the pictures were doing and why, and then we would jack off together. He showed me where he hid them so I could go in his room whenever I wanted."

"What's jack off?"

"Silly thing, jacking off is masturbating. You know, touching yourself down there and having sex with yourself. Like you were doing. So, how long have you been jacking off? I jack off all the time, almost every day, so it's okay, I won't tell anybody that you do it."

I thought about jumping off the bed and running, but the idea of talking about sex with another person was so indecent that it was enticing, and besides, I trusted my b*****r. "I started doing it a few months ago."

"Yeah? That's great! Do you cum yet? You know, reach an orgasm?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I had my first one just after my birthday, when I found your magazines. I was jacking off to that one." I pointed to Cocks and Cunts.

"Yeah, that was one of my favorites. I especially like this picture." And he opened it to a dog-earred page showing a naked girl lying with her butt on the edge of the bed, her knees pulled up to her chest. The man was standing next to the bed with his thick cock buried in her pussy. I asked him why he liked that one.

"Because she looks so young with those pigtails, and her pussy is shaved. She's looking down at his cock like she's never seen one before. I like to imagine she's a virgin. I love fucking virgins."

I looked at him with a disbelieving face. "You've fucked girls? Really? Virgins?"

"No k**ding. There's a lot of horny ninth-graders at school. You know Mary Lou? I'm fucking her right now. Last year I fucked her older s****r, Jeannette, and she was a virgin."

"No shit, Tommy? Mary Lou? She's in my English class. She told some us last week that she lost her cherry! God, that's awesome! I didn't believe her because her tits aren't even as big as mine."

Tommy laughed. "Yeah, she really doesn't have any tits at all. But that's okay. I like girls with small tits. So how big are yours? Show me."

My brain was saying "no way, Jose" but my pussy was saying "go ahead, this is exciting, and it's very wicked". I slowly opened my robe. I was just wearing panties underneath.

He looked at my chest and smiled. "They're beautiful, Ima, and really sexy. Say, you remember how I said that Ben showed me how to jack off? Would you like to watch me jack off? He taught me, so now I can show you. Which magazine was your favorite?"

He casually began undoing the button on his jeans and pulling his zipper down.

"This one." Cum Sluts. I opened it to the picture that made me so horny I could scream: girl with mouth wide open, her hand stroking a stiff cock, sperm shooting into her mouth and all over her face.

"That's a good one, Ima. That's really a hot one. It makes my dick hard. It makes me want to jack off."

"Tommy," I said, "isn't what we're doing wrong?"

And he grinned and said, "You're damn right it's wrong! That's why it's so much fun!"

My eyes got big as saucers as Tommy's jeans and shorts got pushed down, revealing his erect eight inch cock. He got comfortable leaning on one elbow so he could see the magazine, and started stroking it. He explained patiently what he was doing, how much pressure he used, the right speeds that made him hardest, and how he imagined shooting his cum into that girl's face, and that she was a virgin who had never seen a man's dick before. It felt so good to finally be with someone who was honest about sex. So, I took off my panties and plunged two fingers into my hairless pussy. I moaned loudly. Tommy kept encouraging me, as if I needed any. I spread my legs wider so he could see what my fingers were doing, and the wicked indecency of it just made me hornier. He eased around so his cock was closer to my face. I watched his beautiful cock get thicker and redder and listened to my b*****r describe how he would like to shoot his cum in the face of the girl in the magazine.

It was all so hot and horny that I was near my orgasm. I said, "I wish I was that girl!"

And he said, "Ima, you want me to cum in your face? I'd love to cum in your face!"

My voice wouldn't work. I looked at the picture then at the head of Tommy's cock which was pointed straight at my face. I nodded my head up and down. He grunted, and a huge rope of my his semen shot into my face. It was so nasty! My orgasm exploded in that second. My eyes scrunched shut as wave after wave of pleasure shot through me. But I could still feel Tommy's warm, thick cum splashing on my face and neck and in my open mouth. My b*****r's cum was in my mouth! How wicked was that?! A second wave of orgasm dragged me under as I pushed three fingers as deep into my cunt as I could. Yes, I was a whore! A dirty cum drinking whore! I almost passed out!

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Tommy was sitting beside me. I could feel his fingertips gently touching my pussy lips. His other hand was still stroking his cock, which was all wet and shiny with semen. Big blobs of cum were oozing down his fingers.

"How did that feel, baby s****r?"

I grinned. "That was the best thing ever! That was awesome!"

"You got my cum all over your face. It's so horny seeing you like this, my dick is still hard."

"I can taste your cum, Tommy! That's so awesome! Does that make me a cum drinking whore? Am I like the sluts in the magazines?"

"Do you wanna be? Really?"

"Yeah, I wanna be a whore, Tommy! I wanna be your cum drinking whore!"

Without another word, he rearranged himself so he was lying beside me with his erect penis almost touching my face. It was all wet and sticky with his cum. Tommy pulled on my shoulder and I rolled toward him. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed.

"Suck it, Ima! I wanna teach you how to suck dick! Open your mouth! God, I'm so horny for this!"

As I opened my lips, he thrust his cock between them. I was sucking on a cock! I had my b*****r's cock in my mouth! Just like the girl on the cover of Cum Sluts! Only now, I was a cum slut! My pussy caught on fire again! Tommy had stuffed two fingers into my horny pussy and was masturbating me! And his fingers were a lot bigger than mine! Oh! My! God! it felt so fucking fantastic!

I listened to Tommy's instructions and stroked my lips up and down his cock as it got thicker and harder and then he grunted really loud, like some kind of a****l. And my mouth filled with his cum! Some of it went down my throat and some squirted out and drooled down my chin. I kept sucking as hard as I could, imagining my face on the cover of a Cum Slut porn magazine. Tommy's hand guided my movements up and down, up and down, as the last of his cum filled my mouth. Then my orgasm hit like a hammer, his fingers ramming in and out of my hot cunt!

"Ima, that was fantastic! You're a great cocksucker, you know that? Did you swallow my cum?"

I sat up and shook my head, my cheeks puffed out. I looked at him and he laughed at my discomfort.

"If you really want to be my whore, baby s****r, you gotta learn to swallow my cum."

My mouth was full of a thick salty fluid that had come out of my b*****r's penis. How gross and nasty was that? I looked back into his eyes, and I swallowed. We both laughed. Then he dragged me out of bed and we took a shower together. I wanted to do it all over again, but he made me put my clothes back on. I stuck my tongue out at him and went to my room, where I got naked and masturbated myself stupid remembering the nasty feeling of having my mouth full of my b*****r's cum.

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Hi there all. I am the ACTUAL author of this story. :-D The original can be found at LushStories.com, under the name "How I Became the Family Slut". My avatar there is also "buddybear".
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