my babysitter my teenage whore

My wife and I had been married for five years and had some good sex before our twin daughters were born, then our life in the bedroom began to taper off some.

It wasn't that Lisa wasn't attractive any more; she was hotter than ever with the few extra curves she put on after she had the girls.

I don't know if she was self-conscious about the ten extra pounds she had on herself or worn out from the girls, but she didn't seem as interested in sex as she used to be.

On a good month, I may have gotten laid barely once a week when we used to fuck five times a week for hours.

But I still loved her and our little girls, even if I was climbing the walls sexually. It had gotten to the point I'd jack off to porn films after they had all gone to bed.

Until Lisa hired Christy, a local high school senior, to baby-sit when the girls were toddlers.

Eighteen at the time Lisa hired her, Christy was one sexy-looking redhead, with firm, perky tits that weren't the biggest ones in the world, but they were also far from fried eggs as you could get.

She also had a nice athletic body she'd gotten from jogging and being on the cheerleading team (and what guy hasn't thought about boning a cheerleader?), and sexy green eyes.

The first night that Christy stood with the girls, Lisa and I had been invited to my boss' house and didn't want to miss the opportunity to attend the charity bash he was throwing, being I was up for a promotion anyway and wanted to make a good impression.

Lisa was incredible in the dress she wore, the few times she looked really hot, and it was all I could do to control myself from getting horny until after the party.

I had a feeling that Lisa wouldn't be interested in fucking, as usual, when we got home that night, though.

I wasn't even getting sex once a week from her by that time. If I was getting pussy from Lisa once a month by then, I considered myself lucky.

But with what would transpire when we came home later that night, it wouldn't matter.

Christy would end up more than my babysitter from that night on. But I didn't know it then until much much later that evening.

When we came home later that evening, I had gone into the house first to check on the girls and pay Christy for sitting with them while Lisa had been bullshitting with the neighbors she had seen outside.

"Kip," she finally said to me, "Would you take Christy home?"

I said that I would, but wanted to put on something more comfortable and cooler first. She nodded, then went to look in on the girls.

I changed into some cut off shorts with no underwear and a T shirt before I indicated to Christy that I was ready to go. She smiled and picked up her books, following me out to the car.

"Lisa's been really crabby lately," Christy observed when we were out of the driveway.

"Yeah, I guess the girls take a lot out of her."

"Thank God you guys didn't come in earlier or she'd really gone off."

"Oh? Why is that, Chris?" I asked.

" and my boyfriend Jeff were doing something on the couch."

"Having sex by any chance?" I said teasingly but at the same time letting her know I didn't really disapprove.

"Oh my God!" she gasped.

"Relax, Chris. You really fucked your boyfriend on our couch? God, Lisa would shit razor blades if she knew!"

"He was gone for a week and I was so horny," she shrugged. "And we can't exactly do it at either of our houses."

"This may be none of my business, Chris, but how many times do you guys do it each week?"

"Maybe three," she answered.

"Jesus. Somebody sure likes it," I teased again.

"You're a little young to be passing out pussy so freely in high school, aren't you?" I asked in a fatherly tone.

She giggled, saying they always used protection and that she liked sex, and then asked how often Lisa and I "did it."

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want."

"Chris, I'm lucky if I get some pussy once a month from my wife nowadays."

She then did something I never expected.

Christy then slid over closer to me and put her hand on my crotch, rubbing it gently.

"You know, I could do something about that. I don't have to be home right away, so we can pull over and do it somewhere."

"Chrisy, you're still a teenager in high school. I could get into a lot of trouble for that."

"I won't tell if you won't," she said huskily, not taking her firmly clenched hand off my dick.

With both the underlying offer to fuck me and her hand on my crotch virtually jacking me off, I felt a twinge of excitement in my stomach and all of my bl**d immediately rushing to my dick.

Still, I felt odd accepting an offer for sex from a teenager, even one as sexy as Christy.

"I thought you just fucked your boyfriend tonight," I finally said.

"I did," she said. "But it wasn't that great. High school boys never are, but like I said, I was horny. I'm still very horny and you said you and Lisa don't do it very much."

She had a point there. Besides, who would know if Christy and I went at it just one time?

I then looked for a remote spot so we could have our sexual tryst where we wouldn't be disturbed or caught.

I didn't have much success, but I did find one of those cheesy cheap motels that rented rooms by the hour.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was better than me worrying about being busted by the cops in the park while I fucked this still-wet, redheaded teenage girl and then explaining to my wife how I ended up banging our babysitter while our girls were sat home leeping peacefully.

I pulled into the motel, got the room and took Christy around the back to it.

Once we were inside, I locked the door and we fell onto the bed, fondling and kissing each other before she took her shirt off and was braless underneath it.

Those sexy, firm teenage tits were now on display for me.

"You like what you see?" she said, fondling them in her tiny hands.

"God, you got a nice pair there, baby," I said, taking one of them into my mouth as I gently squeezed the other.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," I moaned, sucking the other tit, then gently biting her nipples as Christy sighed and moaned while I enjoyed her tits.

"Ohhhhhh, Kippppp," she moaned softly. "Suck my tits!"

I worked a little more on her firm mounds before I took my mouth off of them, standing up to peel off my shorts and shirt.

In the meantime, she kicked off her shoes and dropped her skirt, revealing that she hadn't been wearing any panties at all!

No wonder she was fully dressed to leave when Lisa and I came home.

Now with a nubile high school senior totally naked in front of me, Christy was definitely hotter than with her clothes on, and my dick was VERY hard and throbbing now.

I stroked it a little, asking Christy in a teasing manner if she even knew what to properly do with a grown man's rock hard penis.

She certainly did. For starters, I got a blow job that totally blew my mind!

Back in the day, Lisa had given some great head in college, but teenage Christy had it down to an art by the end of her senior prom.

She sucked my dick from tip to base, back and forth, swirling her tongue around my dick head and gently biting my balls, before I'd gotten over five minutes of the best deep throat sucking I've experienced to this day.

"God Dammit, Chrisy, if you suck cock this great now, I'd love to be around when you're twenty one!"

She only winked at me, not missing a beat slurping my manhood.

"Ohhhhhhhh's been so long since I had my dick sucked like're so fucking good, baby...such a great mouth on you...suck that big cock baby girl!"

Her mouth stood on my dick for a few more minutes before I had to reluctantly take her off of it; if I'd let her keep it up and suck my balls, I would have definitely cum way too soon.

"You really liked that," she stated matter of factly, smiling at me.

"Baby, that is the best cocksucking I ever had! I couldn't even tell you the last time my wife did that!"

"I thought of something else to make you feel real good, too," she grinned before a surprise mounting my cock reverse cowgirl.

"Jesus, Christy!" I asked, both surprised and totally delighted.

"Doesn't Lisa do this either?"

"Not for a long time, baby," I panted as Christy had my entire throbber deep down in her surprisingly tight snatch, bouncing up and down.

"That's it, Chris, give my dick a good ride!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kip!" she cried. "Your cock feels so good in me! Oh, Kip, fuck me!"

"Ride me, Christy," I panted harder as my hips bucked up to join her in fucking. "Ride me, baby, you're so fucking hot!"

As she pumped up and down on my cock harder, her tits bounced in time with our fucking. I reached up and grabbed both of them, pulling her down to suck her nipples as she fucked my cock.

She then let out a soft cry as her body began to shiver.

"You gonna cum, baby? Huh? Christy's gonna cum for me? You gonna cum for big Kip here? Come on, baby, I want you to let go a good cum for me while you fuck that cock!"

"God, Kip, fuck me!"

"Oh yeah, my little nympho is ready to cum!"

"Yes! I'm going to cum!" she finally yelled out as I felt her cunt quiver with her orgasm as it wrapped tighter around my long-neglected tool.

"Dammit, fuck me!" she cried louder. "Fuck your little tight babysitter slut!"

I then reached up and grabbed her by the waist, slamming her down on my cock to really let her experience a hard cum.

"Oh fuck me more, Kip!" she cried out, cumming hard now. "Fuck! I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming! Fuck me...fuck!"

It seemed she'd cum for a long time before her body finally relaxed, not taking her eyes off of me nor slowing down on my cock the entire time.

My dick still lodged deep into her pussy, I rolled us over until Christy was underneath me, then fucked her with every inch of strength in my body.

"Kip, yessssss!!! Continue fucking the shit out of my tiny pussy! Fuck!"

"Ohh shit, baby, you are so hot in bed! I love fucking your little pussy!"

"Don't stop," Christy panted, definitely enjoying my fuck pole in her snatch. "Fuck me more! Harder motherfucker! I can feel it down all the way to my belly button!"

I may have been twice this girl's age, but I wanted to teach her that even us older guys can keep up with the likes of Christy in bed.

And there was no question young Chris was enjoying every minute of her schooling.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh God, Kip," she cried, grabbing my ass. "Give me more of your cock! Fuck me mister!"

I fucked her missionary for several more minutes before I pulled out my cock and turned her over, entering her hot, dripping cunt again from behind and giving it to her doggy style.

"Somebody really does like to fuck any cock in sight," I said when I felt her about to cum again, gently slapping her ass.

"You're sooooo hot, Kip...oh, God, fuck me harder.. I'm going to cum again...fuuuuuuuuuccccccck ME!"

Christy then had another crashing orgasm; I felt her juices covering my cock as she came.

Again, I fucked her even harder and went deeper into her pussy just so she would have a great cum.

She came a couple more times while we fucked doggy, screaming at me to fuck her more, harder, deeper, faster!

"Jesus Kip, keep fucking the shit out of me! Fuck me baby!"

"Oh God, Chris!" I called. "You are so fucking great in bed! You'd make a great whore!"

"I'm your little whore babysitter, Kip!! Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

I was so into the hot sex Christy was so freely giving me, I almost didn't feel the cum working its way up from my balls and about to shoot through my cock.

Knowing she'd used a condom while fucking Jeff, I presumed they were practicing safe sex or they used them to keep Christy from getting pregnant. Or both.

But I didn't have any on me; being previously faithful to my wife despite the near-lack of sex, condoms weren't something I kept around.

I wasn't at risk for any STD, but I wanted to prevent Christy from becoming pregnant, so I went to pull out of her pussy when I felt myself nearly ready to cum.

"Christy...gotta pull out. Baby, I'm gonna cum everyhwere!"

"No, Kip!" she protested. "Fuck me more till you cum! I want you to shoot it in me! Cum inside of your babysitter's pussy!"

"Christy...oh God...I can't..."

"I'm on the fucking tired of guys cumming in rubbers--fuck me and shoot it inside my young pussy!" she cried louder.

"God Dammit, Kip, fucking cum in my pussy!"

"You want this cum, little bitch?" I asked, feeling better that she used protection and just in time as I felt the first shot of my load approaching.

"Give it to me, Kip. Give me all that cum you got! Fill up your babysitter with your hot cream! Cum in my tiny pussy!"

"Well, here it comes! I'm gonna nut! I'm gonna blow all of it inside your hot little cunt!"

My cock then blew what seemed to be an eternity of bottled up cum deep into Christy's box; I felt as if I was shooting wads of it in my babysitters pussy as she squealed with happiness feeling my hot semen pass between her teenage slit.

When I finally finished, I gave a couple more thrusts in and out of her cunt for satisfaction before I pulled out.

I never considered myself the fuck and leave type when I done women before I got married, but looking at the clock now, I realized Chris and I had fucked her for over forty-five minutes and I was due at home twenty minutes ago.

I would have to think of some flimsy excuse to tell Lisa, as common sense would say that "Christy and I stopped off at a cheap motel and had mind-blowing sex on the way to taking her back home to her mothers house" would more than NOT go over well with my wife.

I smacked Christy' bare ass and told her we had to get going. Then I went to take a quick shower to wash the telltale smell of seedy motel sex off of me.

"God Kip," she breathed I came out to dress and she already had her clothes back on. "You must have been really horny to fuck me that good!"

"You don't even know the half of it, Chris," I said.

Once we had gotten ourselves together, I left the key to the room and ushered Christy out to the car before driving her the rest of the way home.

When we got to her house, I leaned over and tongued her so deeply, paying her an additional $75 to the babysitting fee she'd made earlier that night.

She and her talent for fucking were certainly worth more than that, but I needed to go to the cash machine, so that was all I had on me.

"You already paid me," she said, looking confused at the money.

"Not for the good time you gave me tonight, baby."

She then gave me a lopsided smile. "Doesn't this make me a whore, getting paid for fucking my babysitting client?"

"Only if you want to be my teenage whore, baby."

"If you're going pay me this good to babysit AND to fuck the shit out of my pussy, consider it a deal!"

She then got out and disappeared into her mother's house.

When I got home, I told Lisa I'd run out of gas and since I'd forgotten my cell phone when I took Christy home anyway, I couldn't call Lisa since I was stuck in the boonies.

Thank God she wasn't interested in sex that night; I was too worn out from the good fuck I'd gotten from Christy. I slept like a baby.

Chris continued to babysit for us for the next three years and, of course, we usually ended up fucking quickly on the way home since I couldn't use the "ran out of gas" excuse with Lisa too often.

But when Lisa took the girls to visit her parents house one weekend, I more than made it up to Christy by us having some great sex in our marital bed all that weekend.

Somehow, Lisa never figured out I'd been banging Christy on the side during college, nor that I'd been paying Chris extra for giving me blow jobs in the car and pussy at the motel in addition to paying her for babysitting the girls.

The twins are teenagers now, but not a day goes by that I don't think of that hot nympho babysitter they had at little c***dren.
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always fun babysitting
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Great story
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Thanks for sharing the story, it was such a pleasure to read!
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Exceptionally great story, enjoyed every juicy sentence.
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that made me horny hehehe
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they do if the money is right :)
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Do your daughters ever babysit? Just asking.
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great story, love babysitters lol thank you
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Wow, this was such a fantastic story. A lot of erotic stories follow the cliches and appear mundane. This one was such a turn on that I was having a real bulge in my pants. Thanks a lot of posting this.
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Very good story thanks.
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Great story and you're a lucky son-of-a-bitch! thanks for sharing.