Brooke Loves CUM. This internet wife wants to suck

I am a business owner, divorced, in the construction business. I have discovered that, with my limited time schedule, talking and meeting women on-line is not only a good way to pass the time. But also a good way to find potential dates and sex partners. Since being divorced, and having little money to do anything much, I would spend time chatting with women. I discovered that there are a lot of women out there in need of sex bad. I found a few that liked cyber sex, some that liked phone sex and some that liked video sex (cam2cam). It’s always scary to think about meeting someone on-line and just having sex, ala diseases. But it is like being a k** in a candy store when you see all the women on the net that are starving for hot sex, either because they have careers and don’t want to be tied down, but would love to be tied up!! Or maybe their marriage has come to a point where they just don’t get it anymore. Whatever it is, there are no lack of women in this world that want you to do them in an elevator, or on a park bench, or bend them over the hood of your car.

I met Brooke on-line about 4 yrs ago and she was married. She told me however that her and her husband had an agreement, and that she could pretty much do what she wanted to do, and with whomever. So we talked for about 6 months, started having cyber sex, then having phone sex occasionally, when we decided it was time to meet. Now Brooke was and is a very sexual woman, who really loves to suck cock and swallow. She likes everything else also, but she really has an addiction to the taste of a mans cum. So we planned our weekend, and she drove up to the Twin Cities. She was from a small rural farming community in southwest Minnesota and according to her, there were no men worth her time down there. The weekend started out not quite as planned as her car broke down on the southern end of Minneapolis. She called me and explained her dilemma, which I of course said was not as bad as it seemed. So I jumped in my truck and went down to pick her up. As I drove I couldn’t help but think about all the things we had talked about before, like she always shaved her pussy, and she had huge melons with sensitive nipples. She made it known to me that she wanted me to cum in every orifice of her body, which I had absolutely no problem with. But I was not really expecting anything to happen until we got back to my place. She made a couple phone calls and made arrangements for someone to fix her car.

Now it was winter in MN, so needless to say it was cold out! As I pulled in to the parking lot where she was waiting I saw her get out of her car and go to the trunk for her bag. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were just about to break through her blouse as she hit the cold. I was pleasantly surprised at her good looks, even though I had seen her picture before on-line. I jumped out of the truck, with a solid bulge in my pants to say the least, went to the other side of the truck and opened the door for her to get in. She jumped in through her bag behind in the club cab area, rubbed her hands together and huddled up to the heat! Soon we were driving down the road and she began to warm up….boy did she! We chatted small talk for about 5 minutes I would say, when she reached over and undid my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I was pleasantly surprised without a doubt and sprung into position…so to speak…lol. As I was trying to stay between the lines she had proceeded to engulf my throbbing member in to her mouth and perform deep throat on me. I have to say that I have had blowjobs before but Brooke was in another league all together. What she did to me drove me insane, as she licked the tip of my cock (moaning mmmmmmm while pre-cum oozed from my tip) She would then run her tongue down the shaft and suck one of my balls in to her mouth where she would play with it, with her tongue. She had a way of making her mouth feel like a warm, wet pussy. I started to cum 4 separate times, and she pinched it off every time. This drove me crazy, and I thought I would drive off the road a couple times. I reached over and began to rub her pussy through her tight jeans, which created a musky/beautiful aroma which filled the air of my truck cab. She began to squirm beneath my touch, and moaned loudly as she pinched off another load. Finally as we were exiting off the highway to go to my place she allowed me to cum, and I came and came and came….my god I spewed what seemed at the time like a quart of cum down her throat. As she drank my cum she was maoning (mmmm hmmmmm) When the brunt of it was done, she pulled off and stroked my purple cock, squeezing every drop out of it and licking it up as it came out.

When I pulled in the driveway, it was dark so I didn’t even try to clean up before I got out of the car. Brooke grabbed her bag and we both went inside. I was literally dizzy from the previous 45 minutes in the truck. Brooke asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her…which I quickly said yes to. I lit the fireplace to get some heat going because it was a little chilly and we proceeded to get undressed. I noticed the 46dd’s that she was sporting. I don’t think I have ever seen larger breasts in person before. Anyway we climbed in the shower and began to lather each other up, I slowly washed her pussy, making sure I inserted 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 fingers. I then decided to try fisting her extremely wet pussy, which she made no attempt to stop. She asked me to fist fuck her while she inserted 2 fingers in to her pucker hole. She washed me all over and began to suck me hard again, but not to finish me. She exclaimed to me that she had not had anal sex in over 2 years and missed it terribly. So without saying a word I turned her around, bent her over and began to lube my cock up by fucking her wet pussy. I worked in and out of her for about 2 minutes, while I worked her pucker with 1, then 2, then 3 fingers. She never said a word as the water rained down upon her quivering body, just moaned and occasionally whispered “fuck yes” ! I pulled my throbbing cock out of her pussy and slowly pushed it in to her quite relaxed and receptive asshole. I slid in all 8 inches right away, to her delight, as she let out a slight squeal. Before I could pull back and begin my second thrust, we were already in a rhythm as she pushed back to meet my thrusts. It was quite erotic, and definitely worth the wait I must say. Because I had already cum just prior to this episode I was able to last about 10 minutes before cumming deep inside her , much to her delight. Usually I don’t last very long because I am quite sensitive…but Brooke know just how to make things last as long as they need to. When we finished, we dried off and simply curled up in front of the fireplace in blanket. She had the body of I want to say….”Sandra Bullock”, but believe me she got Sandra’s share of breast.

Anyway as we lay there watching re-runs of “sex and the city”, she cuddled up really close and just played with my cock. Before too long it was hard again…and without a word, but with a look that said…I’m gunna suck and fuck you so much you won’t be able to walk! And began to deep throat me again. By the time she let me cum, my body was so numb I honestly could not hardly move. But I didn’t think a man could produce as much cum in one day as she milked out of me. When she was done I pulled her up to my face and ate that wet glistening pussy for about 45 minutes, returning the favor to her as she came over and over all over my face. And shook violently with each one…it was awesome!!

The rest of the weekend was just as eventful, and we now are lining up weekends with other couples for swapping and mutual masturbation parties. But She always loves a good load of cum down her throat…to this I say Bravo!!

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