Anna goes from being innocent housewife to her new

I am Anne, in my late 40's, size 14, curvy big tits and with great legs or so I've been told. My hubby Sam and I had decided to put a bit of a zing into our flagging love life by experimenting in the swinging scene. Sam told me he got off on the idea of me getting it on with younger single lads. How was I to argue with that? I thought at 47 what the heck, go for it girl!

Having suffered the delights of timewasters and bottlers we finally agreed to meet up with a guy called Jamie, a fit looking 28 year old. I'd spent a few hours chatting to him on msn and webcam and knew he was the one.

We agreed to meet up at a local pub in Warrington and had booked a cheap room in the local TravelLodge just in case. At my hubbies and Jamie's request I dressed up like a cheap slut... the usual black stocking only just hidden under a short flared mini skirt, which I had to keep constantly pulling down... a wrap over black top which kept opening up to reveal a great deal of cleavage so that everyone in the pub could see I was not wearing a bra (oh for a safety pin!). Finishing up the outfit was my 5" killer black heels which showed up the shape of my legs to perfection.

Sam was so turned on with the outfit he had me going to the bar and toilets. He told me he wanted all the guys in the pub to have a look at what I was wearing, while for me at the time this was very uncomfortable and embarrassing it was also a big turn on.

Five minutes later Jamie showed up in a nice shirt and jeans. What a dish and I was then worried as to what he thought of me. I did not have to worry he walked straight up to our table, shook hands with Sam and then gave me a slow kiss on the lips. While not over the top it was long enough for me to know I was going to be his later.

Hubbie Sam went to the bar to get the drinks and Jamie and I sat down in our table in the corner, just out of the gaping eyes of the drinkers in the pub. Jamie said I looked so hot and I looked much better face to face than he had imagined. He also said he wanted to feel what I had under my skirt. I decided to tease him a little by crossing my legs to display my stocking tops and naked thighs. I glanced down to his lap and saw the telltale signs of a hardening sausage! Never had a drink taken so long to drink, it seemed ages, we did manage to talk a little discussing what we all wanted from our meeting and I was shocked but also turned on when Jamie said that he wanted a married lady who from time to time would become his cock slut and tart and would behave like one when she was with him. He was happy for Sam to join in and get involved and was comfortable about being filmed if we wanted to record things.

Off we went to the hotel room. I gave Sam a long loving kiss and then Jamie joined in with hubbie moving away to the back of the room. What a kisser Jamie is, his tongue was everywhere, his hands soon lifted my skirt and he was finger fucking me like no one ever had. I was in one long orgasmic state with my love juice gushing out all over his hands.

We eventually retired to the bed where I spent the next 30 minutes worshipping with my mouth his 7 inch banana shaped cock, which was a good few inches in size and girth more that what Sam has to offer. It was a real turn on when Jamie grabbed the back of my head forcing his cock to the back of my throat. Surprisingly I did not gag and I reached out and held his firm buttocks as he fucked my mouth.

All the time he was doing this he was calling me a slut tart and how I was his cum slut. He pulled out and looked into my eyes and asked whether I would be prepared to be his slut, not sure what to do I glanced at Sam who had his cock in hand and knew the answer.. "Oh yes I will be your slut and tart! He continued to fuck my mouth and I was preparing to receive his cum when he stopped and asked me what I wanted. All I could reply was "fuck me now Jamie! I want it and need it! fuck me hard make me your slut"

That was it I had become a cum slut for a 28 year old guy. He fucked me three times that night, while Sam had the pleasure of sloppy seconds. All the time he excited me, had me talking like a slut and whore and hit all the right buttons. I climaxed more that evening than I have in my lifetime. When we parted he asked Sam if he had enjoyed the evening and would he mind if he took me out one night for a drink. Sam didn't know what to say but I answered for him "It depends, lover..."

We arrived home and discussed the events of the evening. Sam was still turned on about what had just happened but I was just too tired. I expected that this was a one off and that we would continue our normal existence as before. Jamie would just be a nice memory.

Two days later I was doing the ironing when a UPS parcel arrived. In it there was a pair of over the knee stiletto heeled boots and a PVS top that barely covered my nipple area and a small PVC skirt. There was a small note in the box.

"To Ann my slut, I need to fill you again with my cum! Be at the pub again tonight at 8pm and tell Sam I will drop you off in the Morning. I will be bringing a black friend with me!" What do I do? I know I will enjoy behaving like a slut and probably will agree with anything Jamie wants me to do including shagging my first black guy... I am addicted to him and do not want to hurt Sam but I know if I go there will be no turning back, I will have become a slut for young man's cum.

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3 years ago
Hot and nasty!
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
wow.. awesome story..