the club

Every month we are one of six couples who come together, to have sexual pleasure with each other.

This evening the program was that one by one we would fuck with an other than his/her partner, that that nu hisband would know who fucked is wife, and no wife would know who fucked her.

All couples had been assigned numbers, we had 5.
A lottery drew the first number, which was 2.
The husband left the room, en the wife, of about 35 years stripped naked before the remaining persons.
The she had to tell the audience:
1. How old she was when she lost her virginity, and who took it under what circumstances.
2. 2. How many men had possessed her, apart from her husband.

It turned out that she had began sexually active form 12 year old, and that since then more than 20 men she had fucked. I wondered whether her husband new that, and I realised suddenly that I had no clue about those figures for my own wife.
The woman had a lovely body, and I hoped that I was selected to take her

She went behind the screen, with the hole.
Now the lottery was held. Two figures would be drawn, indicating who should take her, and where (1 = mouth, 2= cunt,3=ass).
The figures were 6 and 2.

It was announced that she should kneel, and make her mouth available before the hole.
We watched how her ed lips appeared for the hole. I grew hard to see it.
Member 6 had stripped, and was alsreadyy erect when he approached the hole.
We all watched how he placed his dick at the lips, which were slightly open now, and then he pushed forward between them. We watched how the women was fucked in her mouth. After a while we saw him increasing his movement, and then froze.
His seed was shot between her lips.
When he withdrew, the evidence was there, as his seamen was dripping out of the mouth, and on the chin.
When she came back, from the screen, she quickly cleaned up and was dressed when her husband appeared again. The kissed, and only he did not know that a few minites ago the mouth he touched had sucked a strangers dick.

The next number that came up was 5, and I only realised that when my wife stood up, it would be her turn.
It is always a shock to realize that soon my wife will be entered by another person.
She started already stripping while I left the room. I went upstairs and waited, until it would be over.
She had always refused me to tell at what age she was taken for the first time by whom, and how many other men had fucked her. I had no clue, and now others were told, on condition of secrecy.

I tried to imagine how she now was kneeling, or present her cunt of ass against the hole, and how the strange dick was moving in one of her holes. All others watching and waiting for the moment that his seed would flow into my wife.
It seemed a long time before I was noticed that it was over, and I could come back.
In the room my wife was sitting, clothed, and as I looked around I got no clue who had posssed her and where.

My turn came as a woman of about 40 had gone behind the screen. The 3 meant that she would be done in her ass. I wonder whether her husband could hear her shouting, as I trusted deep in her. Then I worked to wear her out .
Suddenly she withdrew, and sobbed : I can not stand it any more. Please let him stop
Someone of the audience rose, went to her, and pushed her back against the whole.
You have to stand it bitch. Your husband enjoyed someone else, so it is your duty to continue
He helt her tight while I resumed.
I heard her sobbing all the time I was in her ass.
Then my relief came, and I shot my full load of semen deep in her .
She was still crying a bit, as she walked to her chair.
As her husband came in she had still the pain in her face.
I looked at my wife, she smiled: well done. You made an anal whore of her, since her husband had never possessed here there
Tonight I want to experience what you did with her. Let me feel what it is to be an anal whore. I will darling, I whispered, yes, I will turn you tonight into an anal whore too.

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3 years ago
How do i join this club thanks
3 years ago
great club to play in!!
3 years ago
good one