how she got turned out

I never intended to become a call girl. When I was in college I worked as a
server in a nice hotel restaurant. There was a regular customer who came into
town 3 or 4 times a month. He was much older than me but REALLY handsome and
always gave me great tips.

I flirted with him, telling him I was lonely and between boyfriends but he never
asked me out. One week night when he was one of only a few customers, I did
more than flirt, I unbuttoned my uniform strategically and displayed one of my
nipples at him.

He smiled approvingly and left me his business card with his room number on it.
After I got off work, I snuck up to his room. He asked me to undress and fold
my clothes and put them in the chest of drawers. I was happy and excited and he
told me to stand in front of him so he could look me over.

He criticized practically everything about me. My teeth needed straighening, my
toenails weren't trimmed, one breast was larger than the other, my knees were
too close together, etc. I was so humiliated and felt so exposed. He told me
to come over to him, I thought he was going to kiss me and we would finally have
sex; instead he grabbed me and bent me over his knees and spanked me really
hard. I cried.

Then he told me to go get in bed and wait for him. He turned off the lights,
undressed and got in bed with me. He held me and cuddled me and told me that
despite all my flaws, he thought I was cute. We had sex which was mind-blowing,
he was an experienced and excellent lover.

Afterwards, I went in the bathroom and took a shower, when I came out he was
dressed in a robe and was sitting on a chair. He was smiling and motioned me
over. He smelled strongly of sex. He told me he wanted a blowjob, I kneeled
down and gave him one, which I was happy to do for him.

Then he said my money was in the drawer with my clothes. I must have shown that
I was shocked, he said that he loved being with me and really wanted me to have
the money. I opened the drawer and there was a pile of 20 dollar bills. This
was 1989 and that was a lot of money back then.

He told me to write my phone number down for him, which of course I did. He
called me up the next night and told me to come downtown and meet him. We had
sex again and he paid me again. We had sex 4 or 5 times each month and he paid
me everytime. Somewhere along the way, he started paying me before we had sex.
Usually it was $100 or more.

One night he gave me $200 and when we got in bed, he wanted anal sex. That was
fine with me, I like it and can sometimes even orgasm that way. He paid me $500
for staying all night with him which I thought was absolutely the greatest. I
didn't think of myself as being a prostitute because I would have had sex with
him anyway.

After we had been doing this a few months, he had me for the night. He took me
out to a really nice restaurant. The whole evening he was telling me how
intelligent I was and how nice I looked in better clothes. He asked me for the
first time about my sexual experiences.

He had me feeling pretty open and relaxed and told me about his friends and his
work. Then he told me he had a friend he'd like for me to meet and he was going
to give my phone number to this friend. I was just so used to saying yes to
everything he asked for that I said it sounded like fun.

It honestly did not occur to me what I had agreed to until the next day. It
made me nervous and a little mad but I felt that I had agreed to it and couldn't
back out. His friend called me in my dorm room a couple days later. He was
nice on the phone and we talked and laughed for about 20 minutes.

I caught the bus to go downtown and on the bus I got scared. It suddenly hit me
that I was going to meet an unknown man and that he was going to pay me for sex
and that when I did it, I would be a prostitute. Then I thought about the money
I could make doing it.

It was a little awkward, especially asking him for the money. It also felt
weird having sex. I had plently of one night stands with guys I met but this
was distinctly different; mostly because I wasn't attracted to him.

So that's how I get started. These guys gave my phone number to their friends.
Before the end of that school year, I was having sex almost every night,
sometimes even two or three times a night.

90% (17/2)
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3 years ago
So what5 is she doing noe it could make an interesting novel thanks
3 years ago
tell more about her
3 years ago
I too would like to hear more about her and, if you don't mind, how about her number? lol Thanks
3 years ago
Great start for a whore. A few more details would get the cocks reading this hard.
3 years ago
Love to read more of her advanture