Learned Worship

My heart was racing, just 2 days earlier I was your average straight white 30 something, pussy always on my mind. Then I made a financial blunder and needed to come up with a couple grand fast. I couldn't borrow that amount from anyone and regular work would take at least a month or more to make that. I was lost on what to do. I needed to go for a walk and clear my head, hoping for my eureka moment. When it came it wasn't what I had expected.
I decided to stop in my favorite bar for a drink. As I sipped my drink I looked around the room and in a booth seat I saw Roger. I had met him a few months earlier at a friends party. He was a 55 year old professor, fun, laid back, smart, very manly but as i found out that night when he tried putting the moves on me, Gay. He though acting disappointed when I turned down his offer, said he enjoyed my company and if I ever wanted to come by and discuss history and literature to look him up. Then fliringly said and if I could ever help you with anything please ask. He gave me his number which I subsequently lost.
I finished my drink and ordered 2 more, then headed his direction. Hey Roger, I met you at tim's party a while back, may I join you. I handed him a drink, and sat down. he asked me why I hadn't called, I told him that I had intended to but had misplaced his number. We chatted for awhile and then I reminded him what he had said to me at the party, this piqued his curiosity. I explained to him my financial cunundrum, and asked if he had any yard, house or research work I could do, in return for borrowing the money and I would work until I paid him off. A calming smile formed on his mouth. Actually as luck would have it, I am free this Friday through Monday and I could use some help. If you agree to stay those four days and help me out, I will loan you the money and then we can discuss, your payment plan.
I was so elated and relieved. Roger asked me to arrive bright and early at his address that he wrote down for me, and we could get started. He said to bring some swim trunks if i wanted. He had a pool and a hot tub in his yard as well as a sauna connected to the pool house. Jokingly he mentioned that it is clothing optional of course. I laughed and said, either way it sounds great to me.

I was up bright and early friday morning, I packed my bag, some clothes (shorts included), my computer and some party favors to share. I arrived at his house a few minutes early. A note waited for me on the Door. J, the door is unlocked, come inside, I had a late night and am in bed, further instructions await you on the island in the kitchen. Please take your shoes off. I let myself in and enterred the kitchen. I found an envelope with 2 hundred dollar bills inside with a letter.

Here is my offer, you could take the money and leave or accept my offer. You are to be my house boy while you are here. You will put your stuff in the spare bedroom down the hall on the right, you are to take off your clothes, pack a pipe of crystal and smoke. Turn on the t.v. and press play on the dvd player. Their is a blue pill and some water waiting for you to consume, watch the video all the way through, feel free to pleasure yourself as you watch. There is a glass cup for you to catch any ejaculate you produce. When you finish with the movie, you are to pour the cup into your mouth and clean it out with your tongue. Write your thoughts afterwards in the notebook on the bed. Then go to the sauna, shower off and when you feel relaxed. Come to the master bedroom upstairs. I am lying naked in bed. Climb up next to me and wake me by licking my cock and balls until I wake "UP". Then for the remainder of your time here, we will spend it nude. You will learn to orally worship my cock. Anytime I tell you to suck me you will. I won't be rough or f***e you, you will willingly and happily take your time, kissing, licking, stroking and sucking me. As you will see I have a beautiful clean shaved white cock and balls, they hang nicely, it is 8'5 inches with meaty girth and a nice mushroom shaped head. You will learn to love swallowing my cum for me. When you are not servicing me, feel free to swim, sauna, hot tub, and especially hook your computer to my t.v. and watch as much of your favorite porn that you like. I will occasionaly take breaks from grading my papers to come smoke and stroke with you. If I feel the need to cum, you will open your mouth for me and take my load. Also, you will save your loads in the glass bowl on the table in the room, and when I tell you to, you will swallow that as well. If you perform your tasks as I ask, I may have a few more ideas to share with you. If all goes well, you will receive full payment as well as a bonus I have prepared. Oh and I may have another offer for you as well.

My heart raced as I read the letter. I was in shock, and started to walk towards the door to leave. I stopped and thought that there is no other way for me to get this kind of money as quick. No one would know about this, and with a tingle in my stomach and a little bulging in my pants. I decided to atleast watch the porn and smoke before making my decision.

I made myself comfortable, packed a fat bowl, took two big hits, swallowed the pill and turned on the movie. The movie was an hour and a half of sexy girls sucking several strangers cocks through a gloryhole. I love watching these when I am high. I love edging my self while I smoke and stroke. I captured all the pre-cum that oozed out of my cock throught the video. I imagined what it would be like to be one of those girls. the pill was working as my cock was rock hard and throbbing against my belly. I stared at my cock head and imagined sucking it, I wiped up some precum with a finger and tasted it, it was actually kind of sweet. I wonderd what a mouthful would taste and feel like. I didn't allow myself to fully cum because I knew that if I did i would lose the hunger I had built up. I poured what had accumulated in the cup into my mouth, it tasted yummy but felt a little weird after I swallowed. i washed it down with water and decided to take a shower and sauna and then make my decision. Inside of the sauna I found a book of male erotica. I have a vivid imagination and was so horny that i was playing out the roles inside my head. All the stories were about cock sucking and cum swallowing. Finally I decided, fuck it. It's discrete, and will help me imediately, I will give pleasure to a friend, and have a few new experiences, I may even like it. I took a drink of water and headed towards the upstairs bedroom.

He was laying on his back, sprawled across the bed, his legs were spread open and, his impressive cock and ballsack was displayed in all of its manly glory. I felt butterflies in my stomach and pounding in my chest but also felt my cock rise in a deep exitement about doing something so taboo to me. I felt myself move forward and I crawled up inbetween his legs and really looked at another mans cock up close and personal. I thought of the girls sucking cocks and enjoying every moment and gently grabbing his shaft, I leaning towards it could smell an enticing new musky smell, I kissed the head and then took my time licking and tasting his meat, it was kind of exilerating and fun, I felt it getting hard which added to my excitement, I put my mouth around the top and began to suck it a bit, not to deep but loved the feel of it as it grew in my mouth. I never new the excitement one would feel as well as the pride of making a cock become hard. I heard a manly moan, then he said, take your time, explore, enjoy yourself, I had a feeling you would enjoy yourself. I spent what seemed like at least an hour, kissing, licking, tasting, stroking, and sucking his wonderful rod. About 10 minutes into it, I began to taste a similar sweet and creamy taste as when I drank my cum earlier, I removed his cock from my mouth and looking down at it, I could see a steady stream of white goo oozing from his slit.
Oh don't you worry about that he said, there is plenty more to cum, believe me. he told me that he is a steady oozer of spunk, and even after all that will still provide me with a real mouthful when he was ready. I sipped more from him and said i never would have expected it to taste as good as it did. He told me that he stays on a certain diet that guarantees that he always tastes good. If i am good to him he will share his secret and women or men will never get enough. He said he feeds both men and women. This for some reason made me relax even more and settle into my current role. maybe it is o.k. to do this, it doesn't make me gay just experimental.
After indulging in the taste of his semen for most of that hour, I still wonder how much I swallowed, it had to add up to at least a few mouthfuls, he told me he wanted to slide off the bed and sit in the chair by the mirrored wall, and watch as he stroke his remaining load into my mouth, I was not to swallow until given the o.k. I sat down and realized my own throbbing cock was leaking a thick stream of jizz, he handed me, my glass and said I should never let this go to waste. So thanking him, I scooped it into the glass. Watching him stroke his large manhood in front of my thirsty mouth, I could see his balls tighten up, ok here it comes, he pointed his cock towards my inner cheek and starting filling my mouth, tilting my head in such a way as so i wouldn't lose any of it, I couldn't believe he had filled my mouth completely, he said how fucking hot i looked and said since there was so much to swallow it so I could finish filling it once again. I gulped it down and moaned umm, god this is so hot, he told me my mouth was for filling not for talking, and finished filling my mouth another 3/4ths full, he had me gargle it and slowly take my time swallowing it so I could really enjoy the flavor. Then he told me to look down at the glass i had unkowingly been steadily filling with cum as it dripped off my balls into it, he had me squeeze off my flow from the root of my dick and sc**** the remaining cum into the glass and take one more juicy swallow. I happily did and cleaned out every drop from that cup. It was such unexpected intense exitement. We both were breathing heavy, and glowing. "Wow" Thank you for getting me to experience this. I think this is going to be an amazing 4 days.

He said he was going to be busy for a few hours grading papers and to make myself at home, take a nap, or get my computer hooked up and get myself off finally. Remember though, every drop goes inside of the bowl, he handed me some lube and said if I come up with any fantasies or ideas I would like to explore, please write them down in your notebook and we will discuss them later.

The only thing that would make this weekend any better I thought was if I had a cum slut of my own and preferably female, to service my needs. I wrote that down.

I was amazed with the pill I had took, I had been stroking my cock steadily for hours and even if I ozzed a never ending river of sperm into the glass bowl, my erection didn't give out. I added putting up a make shift gloryhole to the notebook list and even began to contemplate servicing more than one cock, i wasn't redy to write that down yet. I was lost in the clouds, the porn and my head, when I noticed that beautiful speciman of a cock next to my face again. Without a word, I joyusly engulfed it, and attacking it with relish, I began fucking it with my throat, taking as much of it as possible, even making myself gag a couple of times. He said to slow down, and just as I began moving my head back off of it, I felt a thick stream of liquid hit the back of my throat, I grabbed the base of his shaft with my hands as he grabbed me by my hair, I could feel his cum as it shot up and out of his magic stick and into my greedy mouth, drink it all down he urged me. We both said thank you simultaneously. I'm going to shower and head into town for awhile. Are you ready to make another deal with me? ummm sure why not, I said. OK, I was going to wait a bit to do this but you seem to be a lot more open quicker than I had anticipated. A couple of friends are supposed to be stopping by, one at 2 and the other at 4:30. It is my weekend to have a lady here to service the guys in a club I would like to talk to you about when I return home. When you approached me with the offer, I forgot to call one of my girls to be ready. None of them will be available until 6, so if you service them in her stead, you can use her for yourself tonight. Won't they notice i'm a guy and i'm not sure i'm ready for anyother guys to know about this yet. But, i have been curious about gloryholes, if we set one up I will do it.

We made a makeshift gloryhole booth from the sauna and a tarp. He called his friends and explained what to do. I turned off the sauna and continued stroking my cock as I watched porn on my computer and awaited the arivals. Around 2 oclock, I heard a splash in the swimming pool and shortly afterwards a short fat cock peeked it's head through the hole to my left. Seeing it and remembering my morning, it wasn't long before I was leaning down wrapping my moist warm mouth around, some unknown mans tasty penis. I wanted all of it, I licked it up and down, kissing around it's fat bulbous head, wantonly milking it hoping for a taste of some liquid light of love to lap up. I filled my mouth with his cock and when hitting the hole in the wall, I kept my head still, licking on his under shaft. He began to fuck in and out of my mouth and shortly spunk started shooting straight into the back of my sucking salivating smiling mouth. Score more for me and my suddenly satisfied sex drive. As I sat back savoring that strangers, salty, silky, slimey, semen. Shit what a sperm slut I am becoming, soon more cocks will be cumming in my mouth, how strange I thought, I love fucking women, I love shooting my jizz down a feminine throat, but subsequently I also am lusting lapping up loads out of strange mens lingams, longing for their life energy to light up my insides, swallowing some supermen seed. Dual pleasure, never will i do without, I am awakened anew from within.

Before my next feeder arrived, I decided to go for a swim and then fill up my notebook with new found fantasies. Also I went online and searched around finding more male cum swallowing stories as well as swing club sites and even craigslist ads. Suddenly my 4:30 appointment had arrived. I tried getting to the sauna before he noticed me but I was to late. We both arrived at the door simultaneously. Oh so this is the new cocksucker I've heard so much about. Don't bother going in the booth boy, I want to watch you swallow my stick and lick on my balls. Just come get down on your knees and help me remove these shorts while I make a quick phone call. I squatted down before him and as I unzipped and began pulling down this guys shorts, revealing a slightly up curved tan cock, around 9 inches but thinner then Rogers, I heard him say over the phone. Change of plans, you to fags should come join me by the pool, turns out its one of your kind who will be wetting our wands today.
Wait a minute I said, never you mind he replied, get to sucking son. He grabbed me by the back of my head and guided me towards his dick. As soon as it was ontop of my tongue, tantalizing my taste buds, it was to late. I couldn't hold back and I began stroking him with one hand as I bobbed my beautiful face back and forth on his satin steele sword. I heard the gate open and heard two guys commenting behind me. This day is turning out better then planned, one guy said. The man who's cock I was slurpping on suggested that the other guys pull up a stool for me to sit on and three bar chairs for them. Lookie hear, this stool swivels, fan fucking tastic. The tan man I was teasing with my teeth, backed up and had me sit on the stool as the other two removed their clothes, exposing a small, sleek, straight as an arrow cock and a nice sized, uncut veiny but clean shaved swinging sausage. I went back to sucking the guy in front of me and soon was swiveled around and was asked to suck both his friends to stiffness first and then I should switch back to service him to satisfaction. Three total strangers, I just met, surrounded me with stiff cocks and I was happily sucking one after the next, proud of my abbility to make them hard and happy. "We are going to have to come here more often boys, would you like that he asked, ummhmm I moaned. Alright I want to watch you swallow my spoodge now you little spunk junkie. I couldn't wait for my reward,fill my mouth with your man milk Mr. I gobbled him up and swiftly was rewarded with another cum shake to swallow, I thanked him as I sucked him dry and then swung around for yet another go for gargling down this gay guys goo. Glorious, he didn't have a big cock but I loved it just the same, I could tell he did as well as he presented me with a penis punch puddled to play with. One more por favor I said as I swivled towards thors whore hammer, he stuffed my mouth with his spit covered nut sack, he had drenched while stroking himself as he watched me swallow with pride. Next he rubbed those big balls all over my face making me inhale the sweaty scent of his sack secretions. Sublime. Suprise he said as he began blasting my face with ferocious flying dick sauce. What a weird, warm feeling. Let me see you smile he said as they took a few photos for their personal stash. Shit, Say Lavie. They moved forward and took turns using their cocks to wipe his spunk to my mouth and i certainly made sure to suck them clean.

Not what I expected to come home to but I see this has progressed much faster then anticipated, Sal, Steve, Ron, you three will make this up to me. Ah quit your bitchen Rog, seeing as what a good job your boy did for us, go through the folders of our girls pictures and pick one from each, we will send them your way for a day, that ok boys. Fine by me, but Rog you gonna let us enjoy your boytoy another day? I'll let you know soon enough, no you guys move along, J and I have some things to discuss. After they said their goodbyes he said to follow him into his office.

So you sure have blossomed quickly k**. So why wait, I will transfer the money to your account now and your current worries will be over but then your just back to being even. How about I get you out of your current lease, you can move your things into your new room here. I will set you up with a fund that will put a grand into your bank account each week. While you are here the rules stay the same. When I am home you must remain nude and be ready to suck my cock and take my loads any time I ask. You will help me around the house as well as with research, etc..., I travel frequently during the summer and I will leave you in charge of watching the house. Also I will ask the guys to initiate you into our b*****rhood. You will be initiated into the blue lodge, I am of the red lodge, I am a feeder you are an eater.

You will be required to for your first year attend a club fun-ction every Friday, at these parties, like at my house you will be required to service any Red Lodge b*****r who asks of you. Is this something you would be interested. My head was swimming. What a new day has dawned. Looking at my other options, I said, as long as my outside friends and f****y don't find out then I will do as you say. What happens in the lodges as in my house stays inside these walls. There are heavy consequences for a info leaker, one no sane person would care to face. So are we agreed, yes sir.

Now for the even more exciting offer. Often in my travels and at University I come across young girls in similar predicaments as you and each Saturday we have a party were any club initiate is serviced by any available sexy, young, slut is on hand. We try to keep a steady flow of new girls to share with each other. Occasionaly on the other nights our lodge isn't in session, a succulent slut will slither on over here offering her services for help as you did. I will be training them as I trained you. When I am away though it will be your job to discover and train new tail when possible. There are bonuses given to the best recruiter each month. Would you be interested in this responsibility. I must be in heaven I thought. I would be honored to take on that task. Great, i figured as much, now for giving so much of yourself so soon, I will give you your monday bonus tonight. Instead of our regular Friday fare, I have invited over a newbie. She is a 19 year old cutie little lesbian lass refered to me by a former student I shared a similar experience with. He showed me her picture from Facebook, petite, little pierced, punk rock looking firecracker. She's a lesbian and she is going to do this. Well she was abused by her stepfather as a k** and this pushed her away from men. She is in a relationship with my former student and before they commit she wants to make sure of her decisions, pluss she needs help with paying for school. She wants to learn to suck cock and not be put off because of what was done to her. So as I did for you, just guide her gently, let her move at her own pace.

Since she is going to be here soon and you two will be busy for awhile, before I head to the lodge meeting tonight, I want you under this desk and sucking my cock while I transfer my money for you. So once again there I was fat cock throbbing on the inside of my throat. Just as my stomach was being pumped full of my favorite phallic fluid the doorbell rang. I quickly cleaned him up and headed to the bathroom in my room to clean up for finally some female fun, Rog yelled for her to come inside and get comfortable in the living room. He went upstairs to get ready for the night. Walking up towards the stairs he stepped in the living room and introducing himself said and you must be Page. J will be with you in a moment, let me have a look at you quickly, she spun around for him, and he said simply divine. So house rule is that once inside clothes come off. So be ready to present yourself to J, and you two have fun. Oh and if you enjoy your time tonight, we can discuss further our plans. Sounds like a plan. Is it ok to have a drink she asked as she pulled out a fifth of Sailor Jerry, like I said make yourself at home. Page chugged down her whiskey like a champ, wiped her mouth and removed her clothes.

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