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3 months ago
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3 months ago
like ur stories
3 months ago
Awesome stories .. Thanks
6 months ago
Awesome vids! :)
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8 months ago
Great vids!
9 months ago
great vids and stories!!!
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9 months ago
Thanks for the invite.
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10 months ago
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10 months ago
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10 months ago
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1 year ago
Thanks for the shares
1 year ago
And that is your personal profile ? Were you sober ?
1 year ago
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1 year ago
Just read your reluctant wife story well written loved it all
1 year ago
A well put together page.
1 year ago
2 years ago
nice vids
2 years ago
Nice stories
2 years ago
Your videos look good. Thanks
2 years ago
Thanks for accepting the invite!
Profound words in your PM.
Would'nt go near the London Olympics if you paid me!
2 years ago
The new job sucked and I knew it. Collecting loan
payments and data entry was my main duties and this was
my second day on the job. Old Jackson suddenly retired
opened up this great job (if you're a loser ).

After ringing the doorbell I stood back to check out the
house. Big rich mans place with double garage, the lot.
The door opened and there stood a middle-aged women about
45 or 50 5'2 and very much overweight. She was wearing a
housecoat that went to the floor and I presumed she was
not long out of bed. "Can I help you young man?" she said
looking down her nose at me.

"Yes ma'am I'm from savings and loans, I'm here to make
your monthly pick up," he said with a smile.

"Where's Mr. Jackson?"

"The good man finally got his retirement so I'll be
calling from now on."

She looked troubled by this news and shifted from foot to
foot. "But we had an arrangement, we made a special
deal," she stuttered.

"Why don't I come in and you can explain what the
arrangement was, I'm sure it will be fine," again with
the company smile.

Inside was just as nouvelle riche as the outside and she
showed me into the lounge where we sat down on over sized
armchairs. Her ass was so wide it took the chair space to
squeeze into.

"So what exactly was the arrangement you and Mr. Jackson
had?" He asked when they where settled.

"It was a private agreement between him and I," she said
looking at the floor all of a sudden.

The man's patience was wearing a bit thin at this stage,
she either had the money or she didn't. "Look Miss, I
don't know what arrangement you had, but I'm here to
collect, so do you have the $400 or should I come back

After what seemed like an hour she finally said, "Well,
with Mr. Jackson I'd let him look and touch my breasts
and he'd only take $200."

He almost laughed out loud. "Lady I just want the money
thank you."

"But you don't understand, my husband doesn't know about
the loan and I can only get $200 every month," and with
that she opened her house coat wide to reveal the biggest
set of tits the man had ever seen. They reached her knees
with nipples like cigar butts. "Are you sure I can't
convince you?" she said with a nervous smile.

"Wait a second lady, you want me to pay you $200 just to
touch your tits? Is that the deal?" he said in disbelief.

"Uh... Well yes I guess so." She moved forward on the
chair, pushing her breasts out, making them seem even

"With all due respect I can have whatever I want downtown
for $200 and with a women half your age," he tried to
put it gently but it wasn't easy.

"Oh I see, well maybe I can do a little more," and with
that she stood up letting the housecoat fall to the floor
leaving her naked in her full glory. Her tummy was large
and round starting just beneath her huge tits and she had
another fold of tummy that completely hid her pussy from
view. Despite himself he was getting horny. Here she was,
old and fat but those tits looked good, and he could
imagine his cock sliding in and out of them.

"Listen, if you do whatever I say, maybe we can work
something out." When she nodded her head he suddenly
understood that he could have some fun here. "Okay then.
Kneel down right there," he ordered.

She looked confused but knelt down in front of him. He
walked over to her and opened his pants letting them fall
to the floor and then he pulled down his boxers letting
his half erect cock spring out. The poor women looked
shocked starring up at him, "I've never done this with my
husband or anyone else, why don't I just touch you until
you come?" she said imploring him with her eyes.

"You're going to do lots of things you don't do with your
husband, now open your mouth." He took the back of her
head and pulled her gently towards his cock that was now
fully hard and she opened her mouth letting me push it
in. "Now suck it gently and mind your teeth. That's it
take some more." Pulling her closer onto his shaft. She
wasn't bad, and soon he had her bobbing her head up and
down on his cock until she could take the whole thing
with ease (It wasn't that big).

"Do you want to come on my breasts?" she asked taking my
cock out and looking up at me.

"Just turn around, on your hands and knees and let me see
that fat ass and pussy of yours," he growled.

"Oh I don't think I could let you make love to me," she
said in a small voice.

"Fine, just give me the $400 and I'll be out of here."

She hung her head and turned around. 'Man her ass was
huge, she must be twice as wide as me in the hips,' he
thought. And he could now see her fat cunt between the
folds. Kneeling behind her he stroked her ass cheeks
marveling at the size and smoothness of them. Running a
hand between the crack he pushed two fingers into her
pussy making her gasp and move away slightly. It was warm
and wet and he could easily take two fingers, which he
began to work in and out of her before putting in a third
with as much ease.

Then positioning himself behind her he pushed the head of
my cock up to her pussy lips and replaced my fingers with
it, shoving in with one stroke until he was balls-deep.
She let out a low moan and waited for him to start
fucking her.

It was amazing, holding her giant hips, he started to
fuck her slowly but soon sped up until he was pounding
her pussy with hard fast strokes. She making small
moaning sounds and gasps every now and then and her pussy
was sopping wet making the man's cock slick with her
pussy juice.

He could smell her pussy now, strong and sweat, which
made him pound harder still. "That's it whore move your
ass for me, I'm gonna fuck you till you scream bitch," he

She immediately started bucking back onto him and moaning
out, mumbling something. It had been his dirty words that
started her going. Her husband had never talked to her
like that before. He'd never "used" her like this before,
it was all so strange and exciting.

"You filthy slut, you got me horny as fuck now. You love
it don't you?" He banged away as he said all this. "Your
whore mouth still sore from sucking cock bitch?" He asked
enjoying himself.

She suddenly threw her head back and the man knew she was
coming. She started jerking and trashing, all the while
making little whining noises in the back of her throat.
"Yes I love it, fuck me harder please!" She managed to

The young man did just that, digging my fingers into her
ass and going into her at hyper speed. But after a couple
of minutes he was tired and he knew she was so wet that
he could never come like this.

When he pulled out she gasped and looked over her
shoulder at him." Have you come?"

"No, not yet, turn over onto your back and open your legs
as wide as you can," he said trying to catch his breath
and still look like he was in control.

She obeyed and rolled over opening her legs wide showing
him her open pussy hanging open looking well and truly
fucked. There was slime all over it and even running
between the crack down to her asshole. His cock was
raging and he was hornier than ever. "Touch yourself,
play with your pussy," he commanded doing the same to

"Please make love to me again," she pleaded.

"Do what I say bitch, or I'll fuck your tight asshole
right now. Show me how you do it when your alone girl."

Slowly she moved her hand down and began to touch and
stroke her fleshy pussy lips. He took off his remaining
clothes while she did this not taking his eyes of her.

Pulling her legs so far up that they where pressed tight
against her tits he shoved his cock back into her hot
pussy. She was coming already.

"You want my cock don't you?" As he began pumping hard.
"A cock hungry whore like you can't get enough," he

As before his words had their effect, she got-off on
being called a tramp, she found that she loved it when he
talked dirty to her.

"Well?" he let out, while banging so hard now it must
have hurt. He was pulling his cock completely out and
ramming it back in.

"Yes, yes I want your cock you bastard!" she screamed
out. "Fuck me like the whore I am!"

The banker thought to himself, 'This was getting good.'
"Then tell me you're my whore," I demanded out loud.

"I'm your whore!" she screamed, and came again. This time
she let it out almost screaming the house down and
shouting abuse. "Fuck me harder you bastard! Give me your
big nasty cock! YEAH, just like that you fucker, YES!

He fucked her until she was a quivering mess and then
pulled out of her sopping wet cunt. Her pussy lips were
hanging wide open and he could clearly see right up into
her cunt, which was dark pink and looked like it was on
fire. She was panting with her head thrown back and her
legs hanging open, no energy left to close them.

He climbed up and knelt beside her head, holding his cock
he slapped her face with it making her open her eyes and
look up at his balls and cock, just inches form her face.
He rubbed my hard wet cock all over her face, paying
special attention to her full red lips, wanking it fast,
pulling the skin back and forth.

Finally she opened her mouth and began to follow his cock
around trying to get it into her mouth. Grabbing her hair
hard making her eyes pop a little with shock he plunged
his cock into her mouth, forcing the whole thing in and
held her like that and fucked her mouth hard and fast.

She managed to get a sucking motion going, "YEAH! Suck my
cock whore, take it all in, YEAH!" He pumped slower now,
pulling out every third stroke to let her breath. "I'm
going to come in your mouth now and you better swallow it
all or you'll pay," he warned her as he felt his come

Groaning loudly, he fired jet after jet of hot spunk into
her mouth. The slut-wife managed well for someone who had
never done such a thing before.

Finally spent the young banker pulled out, "The next time
I come round I'll stay longer and we'll try out a few new
2 years ago
great stories please add me so i can find your blog easily xx
2 years ago
Great vids & pics. The blogs? Brilliant.
And the profile?
Some VERY profound words there!
2 years ago
nice vids

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