The Sexual Awakening Part 5: The Bump in the Road

One Month later...

When news broke that the school's power couple broke up, you'd think someone had died. And when it was discovered that I was the one who broke Missy and Derek up I became more of a parah than I already was. Worst of all Missy lost all of her "dearest" friends too. "Who needs them when I have you." she would say. But as brave a face as she put on, I could tell she was hurting. Ben was also very cross with me, but for a very different reason. "I can't believe you're giving up the gift you've been given!" he would say. "You could be banging all types of chicks but no, you settle down with Missy Wright? I have no social life so I have to live vicariously through you!" When I told Missy what Ben said (with some obvious editing of course) she had an idea. "I know just the girl for Ben, my cousin Amy!" Missy's Cousin Amy lived in town but went to the other Highschool. "They'll get along great!" Missy said. And she was right so long as I kept my distance.

As the days got warmer on the clothes came off I found it hard to concentrate. The primate part of my brain screamed at me to mount every woman I saw and for awhile I was content with my make out sessions and heavy petting with Missy but by the start of summer vacation I was getting antsy.

I found myself alone one afternoon walking down the city's main drag when I came to a roped of section of Downtown. A group of people had gathered near the barriers with camera phones out hoping to catch a glimpse of...something. "Hey, what's going on?" I asked a lookie lou. "There's a movie filning over at Donatella's." he said. "Really?" I asked. "Yep and check out whose there!" he said holding up his phone. He zoomed the photo to show a very attractive blonde entering the restaurant surrounded by bodyguards. "Is that...?" "Scarlett Johansson, you bet!" "Wow Scar Jo in our rinky dink town!"

I still remember the first movie I saw Scarlett Johansson in, it was a campy film called "Eight Legged Freaks". She played the older s****r of the films main character, a young Spider expert who helps save a town overrun with giant mutated spiders. She had gone on to other roles in "Lost in Translation" and "Vicky Christina Barcelona" and "Iron Man 2" but this movie seemed like it was an independent film. In my heart I knew I had to be faithful to Missy but hooking up with Scarlett Johansson was an opportunity I couldn't afford to pass up.

I made my way to the far side of the barrier where the crowd wasn't as thick and made my way to the front just as the actors exited. People were shouting names left and right. cries of "Scarlett!" and "Ryan!" echoed through the cavernous street lined with boutiques and trendy coffeehouses, part of our towns beautify Main Street Campaign. The crowd held out there hands hoping to get a piece of one of the actors and I followed suit. It was either luck or Aphrodite's divine will that caused Scarlett's hand to connect with mine. The Hollywood star stopped dead in her tracks and turned to me. "Hi" she said with a sinful little smile. "Hi yourself." I said back. "So you're filming a movie in my town huh?" I added. "Yeah I didn't think much of it at first but it's starting to grow on me." she said winking. "So which one of our fabulous hotels are you staying in?" I asked. She looked around and leaned in close. "I'm staying at the Larchmont Inn under the name Betsy Ross. You should stop on by." she said unbuttoning the top button on gerald blouse. "I wouldn't miss it." I said with a smirk.

As Scarlett was ushered away vy her handlers the guy from ezrlier came over to me. "Hey guy what was that all about?" he asked. "Nothing...I'm just gonna nail Scarlett Johansson!" The guy just smirked "Yeah sure you are pal, and Kim Kardashian wants to sit on my face!"

I made it to the Larchmont Inn close to 11pm, I walked up to the desk and was met by an indifferent Concierge. "Can I help you...sir." he said with an air of condescention. "I'm here to see Betsy Ross." I said. He looked at me from behind a pair of almost comical glasses "I'm sure you are." the words fell from his thin lips like gunk dripping from an old trash can. "Just call Ms. Ross!" I said with some bite. He called up Scar Jo's room and his expression turned from indifference to shear panic. "I'm terribly sorry for ths confusion sir you may go up, your s****r's waiting, she's in Room 605."

I took the elevator up to the Sixth floor, which in our boring berg was the Penthouse suite. I knocked on the door marked 605 and slipped inside. "You made it, I was wondering if you got cold feet." she said holding a glass of wine. "It's not everyday the star of Eight Legged Freaks invites you to her hotel room." I said taking a sip. "You saw that movie?" she asked. "Saw, I own the DVD. If you take it for what it is it'd actually quite good." "And what is it exactly?" she asked. "A light and campy send-up of the 50's era giant insect films." I said taking off my jacket revealing my Black Widow T-shirt. "I see you're a fan of The Avengers." she said smiling. "I have over thirty that sounded better in my head then outloud!" She just smiled and turned away. "I was just about to hop in the shower if you wanna relax?" she said. "That is unless, you wanna join me." she said dropping her robe. I quickly disrobed and followed her inside. I stood in awe of her amazing body. I watched as the water cascaded down her smooth Ivroy skin and got hard as I spied her vagina. She was clean shave save for a teardrop shaped patch of blonde pubic hair. "You're getting ahead of yourself." she said noticing my erection. "Am I?" I asked. "You have to was me first." she said handing me her loofa. I lathered up the loofa and began to cleanse. I started at her neck and shoulders going down her back, past her rear and down to her feet. She turned around and the real fun began, I gently lathered up her very perky breasts and cleaned her stomach, "lady Business" then down to her feet. She grabbed the sponge from me and began to return the favor until she came face to face with my cock. She wrapped her petite hand around the shaft and began to tug some stiffness back into it. "You like my body?" she said standing up and cupping her breasts in her hands. "Is that a trick question?" I asked back. "Then enough flirting, take me now!" she said sitting down on the shower seat. I moved closer to her and bent down as she guided me in. It was like Nirvana inside her. She wasn't to loose, not too tight like a perfectly used pair of pants."

"oh my!" she said as I pushed inside. "You like that?" I asked. "Yes please, thank you for this!" she said wrapping her legs around my waist. "You fuck like a pro!" she said. "You haven't seen anything yet!"
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2 years ago
liked it but why the cheating on missy?
3 years ago
very good