The Sexual Awakening Part Three


I was so overwhelmed by the events of those last two days I stayed inside all of Sunday, hiding in seclusion in my room. But by Monday I knew it was time to go back to school.

"Cameron are you alright?" My mother asked tapping my shoulder through my blanket. "I'm not feeling well." I said from underneath the feather down comforter. "You stayed inside all day yesterday now it's time to get up!" I poked my head out and sighed "Fine!"

I got out of bed and quickly showered. As I got dressed I was about to put the watch on be decided against it, I instead left it where it was. I made my way to the kitchenette where mom hand breakfast waiting, scrambled eggwhites and toast. I piled the eggs between to slices of toast and was out the door.

"Hey didn't see you at all Sunday." Natalie said from inside her apartment." I walked over and looked inside. "Oh yeah wasn't feeling well yesterday." "Oh poor baby." she said with a smile. "I was gonna give you this on your birthday but I had to work." she said handing me a box with a red bow on it. "You didn't have to..." "I wanted to." Natalie said cutting me off. I opened the box and moved aside a sheet of tissue paper to reveal a comic book in a plexiglass case. "Incredible Hulk Issue #181! That's the first appearance of Wolverine. And it's PGX 8.5...that's an $800 comic how did you...?" "I know a guy who got me a good deal." I was so overcome that I practically lunged at her and gave her a big hug. "You're welcome." she said elated. "That's not all" she said going into her room off the kitchen. "I have one more surprise for you." she said. I was so busy looking at the book that I didn't notice until it was to late. "Here's your real present."

I turned and saw Natalie standing in her doorway completly naked. I wanted to turn and run, to say thanks but no thanks. But the sight of my longtime Masturbation fantasy realised, my feet were glued to the floor. "Don't just stand there." she said rubbing her pussy. I could feel my cock throbbing in my rapidly tightening shorts and I followed her inside. She slid on the bed and looked at me with a wicked smile. I suddenly felt a switch flip deep inside me, an a****listic urge that man hadn't consciously felt in thousands of years." I tore off my clothes like a wild man and jumped on the bed. "That's how you like it?" Natalie asked? She turned away from me sticking her ass is the air. "Fuck me 'Wolverine!" she said.

I woke up lying in the bed. Natalie's head was resting on my chest and she was gentily rubbing my cock with her index finger. Without thinking I took a picture with my iPhone. "Hey." I said as the shutter sound clicked. "Hey!" she said with a bright smile plastered on her face. "How was it?" I asked. Natalie stood up and stretched her arms above her head. "In a word...Orgasmalicious." she said rubbing herself. "That's not a word." I said sitting up. "Well it should be, especially after that! I never thought my body would stop twitching." she said going into her bathroom.

I stood up and got dressed. "What time is it?" I asked. "It's just about noon." she said. " was 7:30 last I knew." "Yeah I know, usually it's over in five minutes. You've got some stamina Cam!" "i gotta get to school." I said. "I'll give you a ride, I'm due at work for the lunch rush." she said exiting wearing a Waitress' uniform. "Oh you're a waitress?" I asked. "Oh I'm a dancer over at the Kit Kat Klub. This is my stage persona, I'm 'Cherry Pie' a naughty waitress." "do you dance to the song "Cherry Pie" by Warrant too?" I asked. "No, but that's a good idea." "Ben is never gonna let me hear the end of this!" I said to myself.

Natalie pulled her Honda Civic up to the school and stopped. "If you ever wanna hook up again just stop on by." she said kissing me. "I'll think about it." I said with a smile. I exited the car and she drove off down the street. "Hey O'Hare!" a voice shouted at me. I turned and saw thyroid case Derek Silver sitting on the hood of his 2012 Mustang with his cronies smoking. "You're such a pussy you let your mom kiss you on the lips?" he asked. "Who Natalie?" I asked. "That's not my mom she's my downstairs neighbor." I said. "I missed the bus so she..umm..gave me a ride." I said with a smirk. "She probably did it out of charity, a "Help a Virgin Day" or something."

The sound of Derek and his ilk laughing made me angry and in my anger I did something that would change things for quite a while. "As it happens Derek, I'm not a Virgin!" I said stepping to him. "Oh yeah...prove it." I pulled out my iPhone and called up the picture I took earlier. "See!" I said. It was actually a good shot you could see Natalie, face and all nuzzling my spent cock and my face so you'd know it was me. "How did a twip like you score a babe like that?" he asked. "I can score with any babe!" I said throwing down the perverbial gauntlet. "And you choose!" I said. "Fine then, I choose Missy!" he said. "Missy Wright, your girlfriend?" I asked. "Yeah, she loves me and she'll never go for a geek like you!" "How long do I have?" I asked. "Until the end of the school day." he said chuckling. "That's less than three hours." I shouted back. "Than you better get going Casablanca!" "I think you mean Casanova." I said correcting him. "Whatever freak, get going." he said.

The challenge was on, the only problem was where to find Missy.
To Be Cumtinued...
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