The Sexual Awakening

I found myself standing in front of my bedroom window watching the first sliver of Dawn break on the horizon. Like clockwork the door slowly opened, "Wakey Wakey my Angel." my mother said sliding in with a tray of breakfast. "Oh you're up already...oh well Happy Birthday." she said handing me the tray. "Chocolate Chip Pancakes with sausage and pure Maple syrup..." "And a tall glass of milk to wash it down...thanks ma." I said taking a sip. "That's not all." she said reaching into her pocket. "I promised your father I'd give this to you when you were old enough." she said handing me a small box wrapped in deep blue wrapping paper. I tore into the cobalt paper and found a decorative wooden box with a strange shield printed on it. "That's the O'Hare f****y crest." Mom said. I opened the box slowly to find a pocket watch, antique judging by the ware it sported. "That watch belonged to your Grandfather Brandon. Look under the cover." I pressed the top button and it instantly flipped open. "Property of Sgt. Cameron O'Hare US Army". I read "Cameron O'Hare had that watch with him when he landed on Omaha Beach, he said it changed his life in ways no one would believe. When he died it went to your father, in fact he had it when we met. And when your dad got sick I promised him I'd give it to you." I wrapped the chain around my belt loop, secured it the slipped it into my pocket. "How do I look?" I asked. "Very handsome." she said kissing my cheek. I looked at the clock "Damn 7:45 I gotta leave right now or I'll never make it to school on time." "Be safe." Mom said as I exited the door.

I zipped up my jacket as I hit the bracing chill of the early spring morning and moved down the stairs. "Morning Cameron, Happy Birthday." a voice came out from beyond a screen door. "Oh thanks Ms. Rothman." I said our downstairs neighbor. "Please call me Natalie, I'm only ten years older than you." she said taking a sip from her coffee.

I still remember the day Natalie moved into the complex, she was wearing very short jean shorts and an orange cut-off jersey. I used that image plenty of times for...personal exploration. She stood up and walked over to the door, she was wearing a pink bathrobe and her hair was wrapped up in a terrycloth towel. "That's a very nice watch you have." she said seeing the glint of gold. I looked down and saw the watch had slipped out of my pocket. "Oops." I said putting it back. "So you doing anything special for your big day?" she asked pulling the towel down off her head. I watched as the damp blonde locks cascaded down her face then spoke up. "umm...I'll probably...just hang out with friends." I said. "Well If that gets to boring you can always come over and "Hang out" with me." she said with a wink. "Ok...well I gotta go." I said slipping away. "Don't be a stranger now." Natalie said waving bye.

I ran out of the building and crossed the street where my best friend Ben was waiting. "There you are Man, hurry up the Bus is coming. What kept you?" he asked. "The weirdest thing happened, you know my neighbor Ms. Rothman?" "The stripper?" he asked. "She's not a stripper." I said. "Oh yeah she is, My b*****r's friend's cousin said he saw her dancing topless in The Kit Kat Klub." "b*****r's Friend's Cousin...what a bunch of BS!" I said. "Well anyway the weirdest thing seemed like she was, and I know this sounds wacked but I think she was hitting on me!" Ben looked at me stonefaced then broke out laughing. "Yeah because it's normal for 26 year old women to hit on 16 year old boys." he said nudging me with his elbow. "Hey it does happen, what about teachers who fuck their students?" I asked. "Yeah, but the students who bang teachers most likely have pornstar cocks. I've seen your Shvantz, it's nothing to write home about!" "Hey it's average!" I said defensively. "Yeah just like your grades...speaking of which, here comes the Bus."

The Bus stopped with a hiss and the doors opened, Ben climbed in and I followed. As I slipped past the driver she winked at me. "Did you see that?" I asked Ben as we sat down. "What?" he asked. "Mrs. Polaski just winked at me." I said. "Dude what is your problem! First you tell me your hot stripper..." "Not Stripper!" I grunted "Stripper neighbor wants your jock then you say our 60 year old Bus Driver winked at you! Next you'll be saying that...ummm...Missy Wright wants to blow you in the Auxiliary Room!" He said pointing the the front seats.

Missy Wright was a senior, damn she was so beautiful. She was Student Council President, head Cheerleader and was America in the Model UN. The only problem was Derek Silver her Boyfriend. Quarterback for the football team and all around Mega-Douche."

As the bus pulled up to the School we stood to file out. I looked back to see a small pink note folded on my seat. "Hey look at that." I said picking it up. "You look hot today!" it read in flirty lettering. "Look at this!" I said handing Ben the note. "Still think it's all in my head?" I asked. "That note could've been there for weeks maybe even months." he said dismissing me again. "Why is it so hard for you to accept that something weird is happening to me?" I asked. "Because...because look at us! We're on the bottom rung of the social ladder. It's not possible to wake up one morning and suddenly have game!" he said.

I stopped dead in my tracks. "It belonged to your Grandfather...He said it changed his life in ways you wouldn't believe...your father had it the day we met"

"'s the watch!" I said. "What now?" Ben asked. "My Grandfather's's got some kinda power over women." "Really that crappy watch turned a 90 pound weakling into a pussy magnet? Let's put it to a test." he said holding out his hand. Ben grabbed the watch a walked over to Beth Cooper who was in our grade. "Hey Beth...nice ass! Now is that a thong or are you going commando?" Beth turned around a slapped him hard across the face.

"See..just a watch!" Ben said putting it back in my hand. "Now can we please go to class?" he asked. "Hold on I wanna try something." I looked around and saw Jennifer Woods another girl in our grade. "Hey Jenn, nice ass. Is that a Thong or are you going Commando?" I asked. Jen turned around " It's a thong, you wanna see?" she asked. "Sure." I said. Jen unzipped her tight jeans and pulled out her frilly pink thong. "That's great Jen, thanks." I said. "No problem cutie." she said with a wink.

"See dude, what did I say this watch has power over the opposite sex!" "Yeah that or Jennifer Woods is a big old Slut!" he said. "Slut...the girl has a purity ring!" I said "Yeah and so does Selena Gomez, and you know she gobbles Justin Beiber's Cock nightly."

"Why is it so hard for you to believe that this watch has some sort of power?" I asked. "Because...because it idiotic that's why. Magic isn't real just like Atlantis, Jesus Christ and Non-Dairy Creamer!" "What if I could prove it?" I asked. "How?" I looked around and saw Mrs. Macy enter ahead of us. "I'll bang Mrs. Macy." I said. "The Guidance Councillor...with the husband in the Marines?" he asked. "Yeah, if the watch has power who better to test on than a sexually starved woman?" I asked. "Fine but if you're doing this I want proof, actual video proof. Word of mouth is not accepted." "Deal, I'll get it all on this." I said holding up my iPhone. "Go get her then Tiger!" Ben said.

I ran up the steps and made a B-line for the Administration wing, my iPhone was sticking out of my shirt pocket recording my every move. "I'm making my way to Mrs. Macy's office. What I do here will go down in history." I knocked on the door and Mrs. Macy opened. "Cameron O'Hare, I don't have you marked down for a meeting." she said looking at her calendar. "I know it's spur of the moment but do you have time to talk?" I asked. "I have a session in an hour so yes come in." I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Now what seems to be the trouble?" she asked. "It's not really trouble per say. It's just I've noticed things lately. Women are suddenly showing an interest in me." Mrs. Macy slipped off her glasses and nodded. "Hum, yes I see and this distresses you why?" she asked. "It doesn't distress me, it's just unexpected is all." I said back. "I don't think it's sudden Cameron. I think you are just now noticing women, it's just your Male urges taking root. Although I can see why women are coming onto you, you are very handsome." she said. "Excuse me?" I asked. "If you wouldn't mind Cam...may I call you Cam? I'd like to do a roleplay exercise, stand up." I stood up and moved over to her. She placed her hand on my shoulder and manoeuvred me so I was standing directly in front of her. "How what?" I asked. She grabbed my right hand and guided it under her skirt. "Oh my god, you're not wearing underwear!" I said. "I slipped them off the moment you sat down. she said. I started off slowly rubbing her pussy with my index and middle fingers she let out a moan and began to kiss my neck. "I must be doing something right." I said to myself. I entered her with both fingers and began to go slowly up and down. "Oh yes Cam!" she said leaning up against a green filling cabinet. She hiked up her skirt and I dropped to my knees and stuck my face in. She d****d a leg over my shoulder as I began to tongue her wet slit. Her clit was plump and waiting for my tongue and I made her squirm as I licked and sucked on it. She tore off her Cotton Blouse and began to lick her own nipples. "Come here!" she said pulling me up." Our faces met and she kissed me f***efully. Her wet tongue prodded my mouth as she undid the zipper on my Jeans. They fell to the floor as she reached into my boxers and pulled my cock out. My Virginity shattered as she slid my dong into her moist pussy. I bit down on my lip and thought of anything I could as to not instantly blow my load. "Oh it's been so long!" Mrs. Macy moaned as I jerked my hips up and down. "Fuck me you young Bastard!" she shouted.

"Come with me!" she said grabbing my hand. She sat me in her chair then climbed up into my lap. She began to f***efully bounce up and down, her big natural breasts keeping time like a pair of 32-D Metronomes. She put her hands behind her head and grabbed her ponytail like a bridal. "Oh Fuck!" she said jolting up. "You like that Bitch?" I said getting into it. "Yes I fuckin like it!" she said. "Good cause I'm just getting warmed up!" I said.

I fucked Mrs. Macy for 20 more minutes, trying positions I'd seen in moves then I had to cum. "Here it comes!" I said. Mrs. Macy dropped to her knees and sucked me dry, I moved my body in such a way to capture every drop on the camera. She looked up at me then swallowed. "Whow!" I said.

Mrs. Macy stood up and put her shirt back on. "Here take these." she said handing me her panties. "Think of me next time you tug Mr. Big!" she said with a wink. In no time she was proper and professional, as if the last hour never happened. "Cum see me anytime." she said ushering me to class.

I walked into class and handed Mr. Monroe my pass. "So good of you to join us Mr. O'Hare." he said. "Sorry I was with Mrs. Macy." "That's all right, take your seat." I slid into my seat next to Ben. "Where were you?" he asked writing in his notebook. "Later!" I wrote back

"NO FUCKING WAY!" Ben said watching the video. "You fingerbanged the Guidance Councillor!" he said shaking my shoulders. "Not just that." I said. Ben watched the video in stunned disbelief. He looked at me than back to the video over and over. "This is Pornographic!" he said throwing up his hands. "It's like the watch magnify's sexual energy or Pheromones or something. You were right though Mrs. Macy was Cock starved." I said handing him her panties. "No...there's aren't...NO!" he said shaking his head. "Oh yep." he smiled and put them up to his nose and took a long sniff. "We gotta test this...whatever it is." Ben said. "Test what?" I asked. "The f***e. We need to be scientific with it, see exactly who it effects." "Such as?" I asked. "Is it just women who are effected or will it work on Gay men? What about Lesbians, what about your mom, will she want your Jock or will the Maternal Imperative override her Biological one. And what about other species, will a****ls be in heat around you?" "Jeez Ben you're kinda going overboard with this." I said. "You're Damn right I am! If we can reproduce this and sell it we'll be loaded.

I sat for what seemed like an eternity before I spoke up. "How loaded?" I asked. "Bill Gates loaded!" he said. "Bill Gates when do we start?" I asked.


To Be Continued...
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sweet story line
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Fun beginning cant wait to read the rest.
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Love the plot. Great beginning.
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That was hot
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cool plot