Cure for a bruised ego

"We gotta go out and get our Rage on!" Spence shouted smashing an empty Bud bottle.

"Yeah I don't feel up to that Spence." I said downing the last of my beer.

"Come on Zach you so need this, especially after a bad break-up. And as luck would have it I know the perfect place."

We hopped into spence's car and drove to some out of the way building in a part of town I normally wouldn't go.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"It's a little off the beaten path, but it has exactly what you need."

"What Hep C or maybe a Staph Infection?"

"Just go!"

We walked down a set of rusting stairs into a dank underground structure. From silence we crossed a threshold where I could start to hear the faint boom of bad Techno Music.

"Not a Nightclub, I thought we were going to a bar."

"It is... it's a special kinda bar!"

We walked into a wide open space full of people dancing, drinking, having a good time.

"I'll get us some beers, you find a table." he said.

I walked the border of the Dance floor and found an open table, the kinda crappy patio furniture sold at Ikea.

"It'll have to do!" Spence said putting the beers down.

"Why am I here Spence, if I wanted to listen to music this douchy and obnoxious I could've gone to that place near our building!"

"This place has something that joint by our building doesn't me."

After about twenty minutes I had had enough. "I'm just gonna call a cab and go home." I said.

I was up out and out of my seat when Spence stopped me. "At least empty your bladder before you go." "Fine, where is it?" I asked with a sigh. "It's in the back." he said with a smile. "Oh and don't forget your ticket."

I looked down as he slipped a paper ticket in my hand, the kind you'd get at the DMV or a supermarket Deli. With ticket in hand I followed the dimly lit hallway to a door with several other guys waiting. Next to the door was a digital sign that read "Now serving.." with a Green digit L.E.D counter. A bell rang out and the number changed "Now Serving 37." I looked at my ticket and that was my number. "That's weird, shouldn't they go in order." "There is no order dude, it's a shifting system." another patron said.

I bypassed the others and entered the door. "Great.. another dark hallway!"

I followed a series of glowing spraypaint arrows to the other end which was a wall, sheet rock by the feel of it. I was about to leave when I heard a click followed by a shaft of light shining through a circular hole cut into the wall. "Oh my god!" I screamed to myself for I knew what it was. I pulled out my cell and fired of a quick text to Shane.

"A Glory Hole!?"

"Have fun." he responded

I closed my phone and turned to the hole. Waiting patiently was a feminine hand with fingernails that had jeweled palm trees on them. "What the hell!" I said aloud.

I was never one for anonymous sex, but after an experience like that I highly recommend it. The girl was fantastic, she knew how to suck a cock that's for sure and she was wet it was unbelievable. I came harder than I ever did in my entire life.

My knees were wobbling as I exited the back room. Stumbling to the table Shane stood up and clapped his hands together. "How was it?" he asked. "Insane man, I have no bodily fluids left!"

I woke the next morning and found Shane in the kitchen fixing coffee. "Hey you're awake!" a voice said behind me. "Beth what are you doing here?" I asked. "Oh what you're not happy to see your big s*s?" she said.

As she walked by me a rather uncomfortable sight caught my eye. French manicured nails with jewel palm trees on them.

"OH SHIT!!!" I said aloud.
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2 years ago
that was good an funny twist at the end. will therebe a part 2
2 years ago
very good twist
2 years ago
Good twist.
2 years ago
lol,,,greay ending
2 years ago
cool good suprise ending