The House Part One

A while back my great Uncle died. I didn't really know him that well, in fact I only recall meeting him once. Needless to say I was shocked to find myself in his attorneys office for the Will reading. Looking around the room I saw my great Aunt Kathleen, her sons Tyler and Duke, Uncle Max's second wife Dottie and there daughter Lucy. Just as vague as my memories of Max they too seemed like strangers. After donating most of his art collection to nearby museums and a large chunk of his company to Cancer research his Attorney Mr. Charmichael got to the final bequeathments.

"I leave the bulk of my estate totaling $35 Billion dollars and my home Mount Juniper to my grand nephew Felix Pearlman."

All eyes fell upon me, eyes filled with deep scorn. There was disbelief, anger and even accusations of fraud. After a year of lawsuits the Will held up.

I arrived at Mount Juniper on a tuesday in early spring. I unpacked my belonging from the back of my tiny U-Haul and headed inside. I didn't know what to expect as I opened the door, a decaying ruin or a shell picked over by vengeful f****y members. Pushing the large double door aside I found an altogether well kept Manor House.

The grand foyer was majestic, a large crystal chandelier hovered overhead and just beyond was a massive stairway that lead up to a second tier which had smaller stairs leading up to either side to walkways bordered with doors. To my left was a large open space with a path that wrapped behind the stairs to an identical space on the other side. With a flip of the coin I decided to go left.

A large set of doors lead to a large dining area with a long oak table. Looking up noticed the second tier door lead to a path that bordered above this room. At the other end of the space was a large fireplace carved of solid marble. A door next to the fireplace lead to a long hall with a series of closets stocked with cleaning supplies, extra bed linens and various objects collected from a life of 70 years.
I found my way up and around to the master bedroom. A vast open space with a looming four post curtain bed smack dab in the center. A personal washroom off to the left and closet to the right. A row of high picture windows ran the length from the bathroom door to the wall. At the foot of the bed was a wooden structure that seemed out of place against the Gothic facade of the Manor. I jumped onto the fine silk sheets and sank into them. as I moved to get more comfortable my foot struck a cold mass beneath the covers. I was shocked to see a rather large a frightening remote control with a digital touch screen bordered by buttons on either side. I tapped on and the wooden cabinet at the foot of the bed opened up revealing a large plasma screen tv as wide as the bed.

"Now that's more like it!" I said.
I began to click around and found that my great uncle had very few favorite channels. History Channel, Bloomberg and MSNBC were all he watched. However there was a vast collection of Gilmore Girls stored on his Tivo. I was about to turn it off when I noticed that the buttons bordering the touch screen were worn from excessive use. I clicked D-1 and the picture switched to a greenish view of the main hall.

"Night vision security camera inside the house?" I asked myself.

There were ten buttons in all, each connected to a security camera somewhere inside the house.

"What were you afraid of Max?"
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2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
You have set the stage for a great set of stories.
2 years ago
I hope you are going to continue with this