The Art of Seduction

You often hear People refer to High School as "The Greatest Time in your life". I personally didn't see it that way....until the day everything changed.

The day started out normal. I drifted through my classes and at Mid Day I silently slipped into the Cafeteria. I had packed a Tuna Fish Sandwich earlier that morning...or more accurately two slices of bread and a tupperware container full of Tuna in Mayonnaise. You see by waiting until lunch to make the Sandwich you avoid the inevitable Soggy bread.

As I spread a generous portion of Tuna onto a bread slice a flash of Red caught my attention. From the Side door the Cheerleaders entered followed by the Footballers.

After taking a bite of tuna my gaze fell upon Madison Snow the Head Cheerleader who shock of shocks was dating the Quarter Back. While other guys in my situation fawned over her I could care less. Sure was was Beautiful in the traditional sense but her beauty belied an ugly spirit.

A year earlier Jenny Marsh, who had the displeasure of running afowl of Madison killed herself after the latter posted a sex video to the school server. Everyone knew who did it but unfortunately a lack of evidence made prosecution impossible.

I sat there frozen as Madison jumped onto Bucks lap and in full view of Teachers and students began to rub his cock from outside his jeans. When Buck slipped his hand up her skirt I lost my appetite and quickly exited.

With my backpack slung over my Shoulder I trudged down the Hall to my next class, the one class I looked forward to...Art.

I had been drawing since forever, In every photo ever taken of me from age 4 on I was sitting with crayon in hand. Now I hate to brag but I am good, Shading, f***ed perspective, use of negative space I can do it all.

My claim to fame is Superheroes but I have been trying to broaden my artistic horizon by drawing realistic figures, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it, A fact that was really frustrating.

I slipped into Mrs. Austen's Art Class just as the lunch bell rang and sat in my assigned seat.

With Pencil in hand I started drawing a rather impressive sketch of Will Eisner's iconic hero "The Spirit" when Mrs. Austen entered.

"That better not be a Superhero!" she said

"Sorry Ma'am." I said holding up the pad.

"The Spirit huh, old school today?" she said.

"I just can't seem to grasp the human figure Mrs. Austen. I mean I can when it's comic book characters. Small heads, big bodies and exagerated muscles. But reality is uniform it's boring."

"I wanna show you something...hold on."

I watched as Mrs. Austen went to her shelf and grabbed a paperback book. She scanned until she came to a page marked with a yellow post-it note.

"Look at this." she said.

She placed the book on the table, there was a photo of a work called "A Study of Hands."
"The artist was obsessed with hands, he had books and books dedicated to only hands." she said.

"This guy is an artist Mrs. Austen, I'm an animator."

"So was he..." She said.

"Look at the signature."

"Kirby....Jack Kirby, the King Drew these!"

"Tell you what, come to my office after school and I'll give you some more pointers."

The rest of the day pretty much followed suit with the first half. I drifted from one class to the next until the day ended.

I found myself outside Mrs. Austen's office as she came round.

"Good you came." she said with a smile. "Come on in."

I followed her inside and closed the door behind.

"Is it just us?" I asked sitting down.

"Yes think of this as one-on-one tutoring."

"What are we doing first?" I asked.

"I have an idea...a way to help you draw the real human form." she said, her voice drifting from the back room.

"And what is that?" I asked.


I watched as Mrs. Austen exited the back room in a paint splattered Robe she then sat on a high stool and disrobed.

My heart began to pound as she sat there stark naked.

"You see before you the female form. The soft curves and delicate features are perfect for drawing reality. See how the light and shadow dance across my skin how it almost draw.

As rediculois as it sounds I began to get the hang of reality drawing, perhaps it was finally starting to sink in....or the hot naked chick was highly motivated.

I finished and set my pencil down with a smile. Mrs. Austen jumped from the stool and strolled over.

"See you can get the hang of it, all you need is Motivation."

Mrs. Austen put her hand on my shoulder and gave a reassuring squeeze.

"It's all thanks to you." I said putting my hand over hers

I sat there and felt calm, a calm that washed over me. A voice from within my head spoke up.

"Do it!" it said. "She's begging you for it."

I wrapped my arm around Mrs. Austen's waist and pulled her onto my lap.

"What are you...?" she squeaked as I started rubbing her inner thigh with my free hand.

As I drifted closer to her pussy she began to breath heavier, he ample breasts heaving inches from my face.

The moans of pleasure excited my member, I could feel it twitching wildly like a Race Horse inside the Starting Gate.

Mrs. Austen reached her hand into my crotch and unzipped my jeans.

My Erection spilled out of it's Denim enclosure and stood straight up.

She lifted up off my thigh and sank down onto my stiff prick.

I wrapped my arms around her waist as she bobbed back and forth, her every move made me squirm.

She fell back against my chest and wrapped her arms around mine.

"Yes fuck that pussy!" she moaned as I pulled in and out.
I closed my eyes and felt the world fall away. I was somewhere else, a world inhabited by Mrs. Austen and myself.

I was snapped back to reality as I felt a pressure building in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum!" I said in between labored breath.

"Do it." she said with a smile.

She slowed down and bobbed back and forth with f***e coaxing the cum out of my dick.

"Oh GOD!" I shouted

Mrs. Austen giggled with glee as my Jizz blasted inside her. She then slid off my lap and I watched her closely with a smile plastered across my face.

She wrapped herself in her robe yet again and sat down next to me.

"Thank you for that." she said followed by a kiss.

I watched her walk into the inner office, she emerged a few minutes later completly dressed.

"You want a ride home?" she asked.

I sat there in a stupor, with my pants were still down around my ankles.

"Oh...ok." I said composing myself.

I was dressed and ready to depart when I suddenly stopped.

"What about this?" I asked handing her the sketch.

"You keep it and think of me when you Jerk off." she said with a wink.

I folded the sketch and slipped it into my backpack.

As we walked side by side to the rear exit I thought my affair with Mrs. Austen was over before it started.

Little did I know things were just beginning. Events were taking shape that would turn my senior year on it's head. A year of secrets and lies, anger, betrayal and murder.

To Be Continued
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