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The Legend of Colonel Angus

Gather 'round folks and hear my tale of Good Colonel Angus.

During the Civil War when manners and hospitality were in short supply there was once man who never forgot how to take care of folks, Colonel Angus.

Not all that well known in the North, Colonel Angus is a big hit down south. Stories abound from the Peach Fields of Georgia to the Louisiana Bayou of Colonel Angus. They call him the Silver Tongued saint, there was no one he couldn't charm. Legend says he can make the most stubborn Clam sing just by winking at it.

Colonel Angus once calmed a wild Pussy where a saucer of Milk and a Ball of Yarn failed.

Even on days when things were hot a muggy down south, when the fishy smell would drive most men to Tears. Good ole Colonel Angus would power through and not stop till everyone was satisfied.

When Colonel Angus died, the Men were sad and the Women wept, but to this day folks say on cool clear nights you can hear Colonel Angus using his Silver Tongue to charm the folks in the great beyond.

Posted by Johnny_Lee_Miller 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I was hoping this would be longer and a diffrent meaning to the Silver Tongued saint
2 years ago
I waas hoping for a longer story an difrent meaning to Silver Tongued saint :}}}