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A Sad Day

My day started like every other. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, made some breakfast and left for work. I work for Securitas, a firm that supplies Security Personel for businesses (I'm employed by Securitas but work at a Bank of America as Bank Security). I sat down at the Security station and found myself casually thumbing through our Local Newspaper. As I skimmed the headlines I happen to land on the Obits, I don't usually read the Obituary page so as I was about to move on a name caught my eye. Under my town's name was a girl I went to Highschool with (to protect her f****y I'm gonna call her Sarah).

I first met Sarah when I moved to town during my Junior Year of Highschool. I had seen her around school but never really talked to her at first. I still remember our first meeting, it was in Cooking Class and the assignment was baking a cake. We got partnered up and quickly became friends. We had a lot of similar interests, a fondness for Japanese Anime, Magic the Gathering and The Lord of the Rings.

I so desperately wanted to ask her out but just could never get up the nerve. When I returned to School Junior year I noticed that she was out of School more times than she was in. When I asked her what was up she told me that she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma a type of Cancer and was undergoing treatment. She stayed in school a few months more before dropping out completely.

After I graduated I tried looking her up, first on Myspace and then on Facebook to no Avail.

I'm ashamed to say that as close as we were I had forgotten about her until I saw her name in the paper.

Her funeral service is this weekend and I'm seriously considering going. It's been nearly ten years since Highschoold but Sarah was one in a million and she will be missed.
Posted by Johnny_Lee_Miller 2 years ago
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