The Bully

In the whole school no student was more feared the Erin Hardy. Rumors aboud of students being beaten up, teachers threatened and confis**ted d**gs and weapons. The crowd Erin ran with were the baddest of the bad, whenever shit went down Erin was there she was the top dog.

Surprised you didn't I?

You didn't read that wrong, Erin Hardy the toughest Bitch at Mckinnley High was a girl.

My dad was in the Air f***e and as such we moved quite a bit. In fact I had not set foot on Natural American soil in Eight years. He was retiring and got a job Flying for Quintus Airlines thanks to my "Uncle" Jerry.

My first day a McKinnley High was no different than my others. I walked up the steps into the main building and made for the office. I introduced myself to the staff and signed in (my Mom enrolled me a few days earlier). I got my schedule and made for my first period class.

I had studied the Map that came in my orientation packet and had a good grasp on the schools layout. As I approached the classroom I heard a gentle thumping from inside a locker.

"Hello?" I asked putting my ear to the cold metal.

"Can you let me out?" a voice asked from within. Muffled.

"There's a lock." I said tapping the latch.

"The code is..."

Before he could finish I unlocked the lock and opened the door.

Inside was a short k**, about four foot six inches with bright red hair and a smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks.

"How did you do that?" he asked.

"My Dad taught me how to pick locks when I was six, it's not that hard." I said helping him out.

"Thanks my Name's Gregory Mouser...but everybody calls me Mouse." he said extending his hand.

"Nice to meet you Mouse, I'm Scott Morrison."

I looked at the interior of the locker and cringed, even though Mouse was a short dollip of a guy that was still a hell of a squeeze.

"How in the world did you get in there Mouse?" I asked.

"It was Erin and the Crew who did it, they're always stuffing me in things."

"Aaron huh...guess I gotta watch out for him." I said.

"Not Aaron, Erin she's one tough SOB!" he said.

"A girl...really?" I asked.

"She's not a girl, she's a monster with breasts."

As we stood there the Tardy Bell rang.

"Oh crap looks like I'm Tardy again!" Mouse said.

"Where you going?" I asked.

"Mrs. Jones first period English."

I looked at my class list and sure enough Mrs. Jones was my first period class as well.

"How do you like that!" I said holding up my schedule. "Follow my lead and you'll be fine." I said with a wink.

I opened the door and Mouse walked in first.

"Nice of you to join us Mr. Mouser unfortunately you are late again. Three Tardies equal a Detention."

"Sorry about that Ma'am, it's my fault Gregory is late." I said entering behind him.

"And you are?" she asked.

"Scott Morrison Ma'am, Principle Hughes asked Gregory to show me around and I guess time got away from us."

"Very well, Gregory take your seat." she said.

Mouse looked at me wide-eyed and made his way to his desk.

"When new students arrive we traditionally have them introduce themselves." Mrs. Jones said.

"What do you wanna know, I'm an open book." I said with a smile.

"Where are you from?" She asked.

"We moved here from Rheinland-Pflaz it's a province in Germany." I said.

"You speak excellent English." she said.

"I am an American, my father was stationed at Ramstein Air Base. We lived in a house just off base in Kaiserlautern, it's a small town."

"So I take it you speak german then?" she asked.

"Ja sogar sehr. Vielen Dank Für die Nachfrage". I said with a grin.
"Ok Mr. Show-off take an empty desk." she said.

I grabbed a book and sat in the back near Mouse.

"Turn your Books to Page 30 please."

As first classes got Mrs. Jones' was relatively easy. I was more than prepared for the lessions thanks to Heir Klaus and my mother tutoring.

Mouse followed me out the door and grabbed my schedule from my hand.

"Looks like you have A similar schedule to mine, we even have the same lunch period. Come find me and I'll introduce you to my'll like them." he said.

I made my way to my next class and made it in time. After the familiar song and dance I got to learning.

A few periods passed and I made my way to the Cafeteria. There sitting among a group of Stereotypical misfits was Mouse waving me over.

I walked over and took a seat.

"Guys this is him, this is Scott. Scott this is my Crew." he said wearing a big smirk.

"This is exactly the group I pictured you'd hang with Mouse." I said looking over the particular Rogues Gallery.

I opened my Backpack and grabbed my Lunch bag.

The night before I packed a Ham and Cheese Sandwich on Rye Bread and a bottle of Sparkling White G**** water.

"Looks good." Mouse said.

"It is, this sandwich is made with Krakus Ham and Harzer a type of cheese."

As I was about to take a bite a door across the way opened. In stepped a group of students all wearing black hoodies and faded jeans. In the middle was a striking girl with golden hair and smoky eyes.

"I take it that's that Erin girl you were telling me about."

"Yes now stop staring before they notice."

I tried to follow Mouse's pleading but couldn't help it. This Erin was by far the hottest girl I've ever seen.

As you might've guessed someone in her crew noticed I was staring and pointed it out.

"What!?" she shouted looking over at me.

She stood to her feet and walked over bordered by two twin Thyroid cases.

"You see something you like?" Erin asked.

"Well now that you mention it..."

I looked over at Mouse who's green eyes were locked on mine, they were wide as saucers and screamed "Shut up!"

"Well well well, how'd you get out of you cage little Mouse?" Erin asked.

"Oh yeah, I let him out." I said.

"I don't mean to tell you your business...Erin is it. But stuffing small guys in Lockers is rather Cliche isn't it?"

This really got her bl**d boiling, she looked at her two flunkies and raked her thumb across her throat.

"Really...we're doing this now?" I asked.

The two guys converged on me and on instinct I took out the closer one first, a kick to his knee brought him down then I boot to the Chin and he was out. The second guy saw what I did to his b*****r and charged at me, I brought him down with a simple throat jab and and a left cross.

Both toughs lay at me feet and a stunned gasp fell over the Cafeteria.

"Sorry about that guys, you shouldn't have threatened me." I said in all sincerity.

A mad glare flashed across Erin's face and she stormed off leaving her guard dogs behind.

"I think somebody should call the Nurse." I said to the stunned room.

The rest of the day people were coming up to Congratulate me on my success. Most came to warn me that Erin wouldn't give up so easily.

My first Day at McKinnley High came to an uneventful close and I made my way to my bus.

A flash of light crossed my eyes and I saw Erin sitting in the bed of an old Pick-up holding a make-up compact mirror. She pointed a finger gun at me and bent her thumb as if to fire it.

It might seem as of now that my Goose is cooked. But believe it or not this is a story of love, and it's only the first chapter...

To Be Continued.
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2 years ago
u dont need to say: It might seem as of now that my Goose is cooked. But believe it or not this is a story of love, and it's only the first chapter...

To Be Continued

but liked the story
2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
Part 2 where is it
2 years ago