One Night in April: Part 4

My name is August Fahey and two years ago I started secretly dating my best friends 16 year old s****r April Hunter. When I left for college we continued seeing each other long distance. To keep up appearances we'd go out on dates with other people but remain faithful to one another. I'd go home on Holidays and we'd sneak away together and elevate our pent up sexual frustration in (as the k**s say) marathon fuck sessions.

Time passed and we grew even closer. When April graduated Highschool she applied for Larchmont University, my school. I was ecstatic, but her mother had reservations especially when a pre-frosh weekend happened.

"I'm not sure how I feel about this August." April's mother said.
"I promise you Mrs. Hunter nothing will happen to April, you have my word."

"Where will she stay?" she asked.

"The Campus has empty dorm rooms for Pre-Frosh visitors, I can put her up in one of those."
"Are they Co-Ed?" she asked looking at April.

"Yes...they are." I answered.

"Yeah I don't think so." she said.

"My Dorm roommate got an apartment off campus and they've yet to assign me a new one, she could bunk with me if that'll make you feel better." I said.

"You'd do that August?" Mrs. Hunter asked.

"In a heart beat I care deeply for this k**, Larchmont is a great fit for April. The school needs students like her."

Mrs. Hunter looked at April, smiled and nodded.

"No drinking and no hanky-panky. You make sure no college guys take advantage of my girl, you hear me?" Mrs. Hunter said.
"I give you my word Mrs. Hunter, April will not leave my side."

"Oh Fuck I'm Cumming!" April screamed collapsing on my chest.
"I missed you so much!" she said looking into my eyes.

"I was worried when you went away, that you'd forget about a foolish k** when you were around all these college women."
"Hey, I told you that you were my girl and I meant it. My soul was incomplete and then I found you."

April looked up at me with concern in her eyes.

"You're heart just started pounding...what's wrong?"

"I was gonna wait until dinner this afternoon to do this but I can't wait any longer."

I sat up and pulled a small black satin box out of my nightstand.

"April Elizabeth Hunter, I have loved you since the moment I met you. But our age difference caused me to doubt myself for so long. When we finally connected I felt my soulmate had finally found me. Now that I have you, I never wanna be apart again. Will you do me the extreme honor of being my wife?"

April looked up at me from behind red tearful eyes and nodded.

"Yes baby...yes."

I opened the box and slipped the ring on her finger.

"Oh it's so beautiful!" she said with a smile. "But what am I gonna tell my f****y?" she added.

We layed in each others arms for hours thinking what to say, how to explain what exactly transpired over the last two years to get to this moment we decided to just come clean.

On the drive back from Larchmont to our hometown of Kent we were stone silent. You could hear a pin drop as the car pulled in to the driveway.

I grabbed April's bags and together we walked in. Bradley was back from Fredricksberg Tech sitting at the Dinner table with his parents Clark and Emma.

"Welcome home was it?" Emma asked.

"It was great mom, very informative."

"August I just made coffee, would you like some?" Clark asked.

"Yes, thank you sir." I said sitting down at the table.

As April sat down next to me the glint of gold caught Brad's eye.

"You wearing a ring s*s?" he asked.

"Yes Brad I am." she said holding up her hand.

"Oh that's lovely dear, but you don't wear rings on that finger unless they're....engagement rings." Emma said.

"Funny story about that!" April said grabbing my hand.

"Oh ha ha, not funny." Brad said.

"I'm not joking, August asked me him and I said yes." April said with a very loud gulp.

" two barely know each other." Brad said.

April looked at me and I knew what I needed to do.

"Actually...we've kinda been seeing each other for two years." I said.

As a stunned silence fell over the room my heart began to pound in my ears, only the tight grip of April's hand on mine kept me from passing out completely.

"Two mean two years? Brad said.

"You mean to tell me you've been dating my daughter since she was sixteen and you were eighteen?" Emma said.

"Yes Ma'am, that's what I'm saying." I said.

"Did you have sex?" Clark asked.
"I think it's obvious they did dad!" Brad said.

"I wanna hear it from August." he said.

"Yes sir, I know the law says it's wrong but in my heart I love April and would never f***e her to do anything against her will."

I didn't know what to expect, my palms were sweating my face was on fire. I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and shout "k**ding" but I could feel April's strength and it gave me strength to carry on.

"Were you safe?" Emma asked.

"Yes Mom, always." April said.

"Emma this boy just confessed to r****g our daughter and you ask if they were safe?" Clark asked.

"Oh come on Clark, you know as well as I do that April was always mature for her age. I'm glad she connected with someone as kind and respectful as August.

"So you're giving them your blessing?" Clark asked.

"I guess I am." Emma said.

"Well I'm not...She's got her whole life ahead of her, she's just about to start college and she wants to get married. Tell me April what are you gonna do about money?" Clark said.

"That's where I come in." I said.
"A while ago I was working on a project for Engineering 103, I built a Retro-active cooler a device of my own design. My professor contacted a colleague at IBM and they bought the design from me for $4.3 million."
"Seriously?" Brad asked.

"Yeah they also offered me a job in their R&D department after I graduate. April can go to school, and not have to worry about anything." I said.

Telling my f****y went over easy by comparison, Dad was oblivious and mom couldn't care less.

We got married in September a few weeks before school started, April looked amazing in her dress and I looked rather dapper in my tux if I do say so myself.

The Hunter's invited me into their f****y when I had nobody. When I was a k**, it was informal. But that day it was official.

As April and I drove away from the Church, the dull tinkle of Tin Cans signalling or departure I looked at my wife April Hunter-Fahey

"This is only the beginning!" I said.

The End....?
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2 years ago
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep continuing
2 years ago
Amazing! I hope it's not the end!
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