The Lake House

Six months ago I started working at a new firm. In that time I made quite a few new friends, but no one more like me than Jack.

Jack and I had so much in common. We each loved fishing, hiking and swimming but I was still surprised when he invited me to his Famiy cabin on Lake Tahoe for the Memorial Day weekend.

I drove up a long gravel road to the Cabin and noticed that aside from his SUV mine was the only other car.

I didn't think much of it as I walked up to the door and rang the bell. After a few minutes and no answer I took out my cell and was about to make a call when I heard a shout.

"Hey you made it!" Jack shouted as he breached the water of the nearby lake.

"Oh there you are!" I said walking to the waters edge.

"Yeah I was just taking a morning dip, hold on I'll come ashore."

Jack started swimming to the shoreline and stood up to walk on shore. That's when I noticed he was not wearing trunks.

"Where's your swimsuit?" I asked.

Jack looked down at his nude form and smiled "I never wear a suit when I swim, I let my boys swim free!" he said lifting his arms and flapping them as if they were wings.

I tried to look away but for some reason my gaze fell upon his member. I was transfixed on the 8 inch dong as it swayed back and forth between his thighs. He passed me and sat down on a nearby bench.

"Want a beer?" he asked reaching into an ice chest.

"Sure." I said taking the Miller Long Neck from his hand.

I sat down next to him and took a sip of the brew. It's bitter cold made a shiver run up my spine.

Jack cocked his head back and let out a contentful sigh.

"It's so peaceful here, I love it!"
I looked down at his cock as it dangled off the wooden slats of the bench and could feel my own cock growing in my pants. I slowly moved my hand to his lap and gently wrapped my hand around the inviting member.

A smile passed Jacks lips as I began to tug on his cock. It became so think that my fingers could barely fit around it.

He opened his eyes and moved his hand to my crotch. He unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I was worried because at that point the slightest touch would've caused me to cum.

Luckly I held off.

I stripped off my clothes and we began to tug eachother with reckless abandon. I've had tug jobs from women before and they were often sloppy and unsatisfying, only a guy knows how to give a truly gratifying tugger.

I could feel my own cock throbbing, telling me I was gonna cum but nothing could've prepared me for the sheer f***e of my splooge. It shot out of me like a cannon, My body shivered with huge orgasm.

Jack came soon afterwards, he wrapped his arms around mine as ribbons of cum shot from his enormous dong.

As we sat trying to catch our breath I could tell it was gonna be one hell of a weekend.
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2 years ago
WOW! NICE! can't wait for the store of the rest of the weekend
2 years ago
Nicely Done..... hmmmmm
2 years ago
Great story..