The Substitute

I was three years out of highschool and between jobs. A guy I went to school with got a job as a substitute teacher in a school a few towns over and told me they were looking for subs to replace recently dismissed faculty. It didn't take long to get my teaching certificate, I was already qualified thanks to a bachelors degree in American History. When I myself was in Highschool I was by no means popular. I had braces and acne and weighed 250 pounds. After I graduated I decided to get healthy, by dieting and hitting the gym regularly I lost a hundred pounds of body fat and gained 25 pounds of muscle. I wasn't 80's Schwarzenegger, but I wasn't a wimp either.

My first day I was so very nervous. The whole way there my heart was pounding so to psych myself up I blasted "Eye of the Tiger" in my headphones.

I walked into the office bright and early and got my room assignment, American History (score) Mr. Oshack Room 312.

Using a map I halfway remembered I made my way to the 3rd floor just as the Tardy bell rang, my plan of being in the room before my class failed. I made it to Room 315 and could hear the class, they were loud...much louder than I remember anyway. I gripped the handle of my briefcase, took a deep breath and entered.

"Sorry I'm late class, please take your seats!" I said with mock authority.

Without looking I turned to the whiteboard and with blue marker in hand scribbled my name while saying it aloud.

"As most of you know Mr. Oshack will no longer be teaching this class due to unforseen reasons. I am your semi-permanent substitute Mr. Granger."

I turned on my heels and saw a class list and seating chart.

"I assume you are all in your assigned seats so I guess we'll begin. Keep in mind I don't know your names currently but I promise I will by the end of today."

I opened up my briefcase and grabbed my Teachers edition of the Textbook. "Can someone tell me where Mr. Oshack left off?" I said scanning the room.

A young woman sitting right up front raised her hand. "Thank you Ms. Clarke" I said scanning the chart.

"We just finished Chapter 20 The Civil War." she said.

"Oh that is very, very fitting!" I said with a smile. "Just as this business with my predecessor, what followed the Civil War was the Age of Reconstruction. Who can tell me what Reconstruction was?" I asked.

Again nobody volunteered to answer aside from Ms. Clarke. "Very well then." I said. "The Reconstruction Era followed the Civil War and spanned the years from 1865 to 1877. To unite the country following years of Civil conflict Lincoln's successor Andrew Johnson tried to follow in the late President's policies in an attempt to reunite the country."

The first few days I could tell the students were "Kicking the tires" on my teaching style, sizing me up as it were. By the end of the week we were working like a well oiled machine.

I found myself in the Teachers lounge, Sitting among the old guard and the new meat.

"So you must be the 'dreamy' new sub the girls are harping over?" a fellow teacher said.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"I hear the students talking about the new History Teacher, the one with the straightforward style and thick bulging arms...that's you aint it?" She asked.

"I guess, Owen Granger...History." I said extending my hand.

"Tanya Sweerling, Biology." she said with a smile.

The smile from Tanya was like some signal of approval. The old guard who had been keeping their distance suddenly came forward to introduce themselves to me.

A few months into the year things hit a snag. After school on most days I'd go for a swim to clear my head, after swimming a few laps I moved on to the wave pool to soothe my muscles when I felt a presence. Looking up I saw Ms. Clarke, the young teachers pet from my class.

"Sorry to bother you Mr. Granger but I had a question." she said.

"My office hours are clearly marked Ms. Clarke." I said

"I'm sorry but It won't take long." she said opening her long coat to reveal her nude body.

I quickly looked away with a gasp. The girl stood, buck naked in siloence waiting for me to make a move.

It was at this moment that 18 year old me screamed at me from three years in the past. "This is it, the thing you always fantasized about while Jerking off! A hot schoolgirl practically throwing herself at you, fuck her NOW!!!"

Amber looked around and bashfully grabbed her coat to cover up.

"Ms. Clarke wait!" I said standing to my feet.

As she stood there I slowly pulled off my swimming trunks. She smiled as she watched my dong swaying between my legs.

She stepped over and climbed intimacy the whirlpool. I began to gently rub her inner thigh and kiss her "swan like" neck. She reached between my thighs and started stroking my cock. In the corner watching I could see my teenage self, he smiled brightly and gave me a thumbs up.

I could feel that this innocent grope-fest was only just beginning.
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4 months ago
"The Substitute" - Owen Granger and Ms Clarke - (Twenty-one Year Old Teacher and Sixteen Year Old Student).

What the fuck?? We get the introduction out of the way....and the story ends!!!
2 years ago
is there gonna be a part 2??????????????
2 years ago
very good start now how about part 2, 3, 4...
2 years ago
we need the rest of the story
2 years ago
need part 2 ;)
2 years ago
mmm nice........
2 years ago
Well were the hell is the rest of story, you lead us into it but don't get there. Hope there is more to this