Hole in the Wall

Margo and John were newlywed, that is to say in the sense that their first year Anniversary was quickly approaching. For the first year celebration John rented a small cabin up in Maine. The couple had been driving for an hour when John pulled over to use the facilities in a rest stop.

John found himself in a rather comfortable toilet stall, one of several lined up in a row. After finishing he flushed and was headed to the door when Margo entered.

"I've always wanted to fuck in a public restroom." she said with a grin. John looked around cautiously and led Margo back to the stall he had just occupied. He placed the seat lid down and spread his legs. Margo slowly unzipped her husband's pants and slipped them down to his ankles. She then looped her thumbs under the elastic waistband of his boxers and pulled them as well. She took his droopy member, by no means spectacular in her hand and guided it slowly into her mouth. John began to quietly moan as Margo's expert tongue worked it's magic on his shaft.

But unknown to both Margo and John they weren't alone. In the next stall over a man sat watching the fun and desperately wanted to join in. Peeking from a hole drilled into the stall partition Mr. X could see Margo on her knees devouring her hubby's prick. She wore a pink dress made of a light fabric, the cur of the dress made it creep up on her ass exposing her pantyless bottom. Mr. X smiled as a wicked thought crossed his mind. Without thinking he slid his rather impressive cock through the hole into the sexual fray beyond.

As Margo slobbered over John's cock, she felt a fleshy protuberance poke her left buttock and glimpsed behind to see the long, fat dong greeting her from beyond the wall.

"Hey...why'd you stop?" John asked Margo, attempting to open his eyes.

"No stop!" Margo said. "The tile hurts my knees, I'm just gonna put my bag down under them." she said putting it on the floor.

"Keep your eyes closed dear." she added.

With he one free hand Margo reached behind her and grasped the mammoth cock and slowly guided it to her snatch.

With her lips busy on John's cock she supressed a gasp as the much bigger cock slowly slid into her dripping snatch. In a manner of seconds it had surpassed the depth her own husband reached and it was still going deeper. Her eyes began to water as the cock buried itself deeper....a depth no man has ever gone in her.

As she bobbed her head up and down in John's lap, her body jerked forward and back experiencing the full girth of the intruders cock.

Margo lifted her head from John's lap and began to tug his cock.

"Oh my god you're so big!" she moaned. John smiled through closed eyes "You know it babe!" he said thinking Margo's words were meant for him.

Unseen by both, Mr. X flashed a big smile and increased his pushing.

"Oh shit!" Margo shouted feeling a micro-orgasm ripple through her body. It was the first of many she would experience in a short span.

As Margo tugged John's cock she could tell he was going to cum from his approaching "OH" face.

"You gonna cum baby?" she asked both John and Mr. X.

"Get ready baby, here it comes!" John shouted.

As John's cock jolted in her hand sending out short bursts of jizz Margo felt the cock inside her throbbing, she quietly gasped as ribbons of thick cum coated her insides.

"Oh shit I'm cumming!" Margo shouted aloud rubbing her cum filled pussy.

As the huge cock, now spent retreated through the hole John opened his eyes. "You really got off on this public sex don't you?" he asked.

John helped Margo to her feet and they exited the bathroom. As she walked back to the car, generous amounts of cum seeped out of her snatch and dripped down her thighs and onto the gravel walkway.

Nine months later she gave birth to a handsom baby boy, John loves his son with all his heart but Margo knows the truth, the boy belongs to Mr. X.
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2 years ago
A fucking baby machine! And her husband has no idea. He's probably so fucking dumb, he hadn't fucked his wife for weeks before or after the "glory hole" incident, that it never occurred to him he isn't even the father. But the wife sure as hell knows! Momma always knows!!!
2 years ago
hot but continue please :}
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
bet he has a bigger cock as a baby
2 years ago
mmmm hot!!!!