I Fucked a Super Hero (Sort of)

About a year ago I experienced every boys fantasy when I fucked a Super Hero...well sort of.

I found myself invited by my b*****r-in-law to the San Diego Comic Con, he had planned to go with his friend but at the last minute he cancelled so after much prodding by my s****r I went. Now don't get me wrong I like comics as much as the next guy I just don't see much point in dressing up as your favorite character...or at least I didn't until I made my way to the convention hall. The place was packed with colorful characters from comics and science fiction both men and women, and amazingly the women were very attractive.

I made the rounds and bought some comics and stuff and met some of the industry's greats. It was then that I saw her, she was standing proudly near a display advertising an upcoming animated show it was as if Wonder Woman had stepped off the page and into reality.

I slowly walked over taking in every inch. As I moved ever closer she turned to face me.

"Can I help you?" she asked with an air of annoyance.

"Oh...sorry, no." I stammered taken off guard.

"It's just the costume is so...so.."
"Revealing?" she said.

"No...well yes, but it's also very accurate. Not just the costume but you as well, you look like the very personification of an Amazonian princess."

She giggled slightly as her cheeks flushed red. Then smiled as she pushed an arrant tussle of hair behind her ear.

"Really?" she asked in a whisper.
"Yeah sorry, I don't mean to embarrass you." I said.

"It's not that it's just that most guys here don't give me eye contact if you know what I mean." she said sticking out her chest.

"Well I can see why, they are quite lovely."

She let loose a loud chuckle then quickly composed herself.

"It was umm...very nice to meet you citizen." she said putting her hand on my arm.

"You too Princess." I said with a wink.

As I walked away I turned slightly to see her watching me leave. I knew right away I was in.

A few hours later as the events were winding down for the day I noticed a familiar face crossing the street. Her black wig was gone, replaced with short red hair but I could tell it was her.

"We meet again Princess." I said coming up behind.

"Oh hey!" she said with a hint of glee.

"So is this your secret identity?" I asked

"Yeah but don't tell anyone...I'm Kelly."

"Nice to meet you Kelly, I'm John." I said holding out my hand.

"So going home?" I asked.

"No I'm only here for the Con, I'm staying in the Hilton." she said

"Me too." I said. "You like some company on the walk back?" I asked.

"Sure...why not." she said with a smile.

We made our way to the hotel and went inside.

"I could use a drink how about you?" she asked.

"I could drink." I answered

We made our way to the Hotel Bar and after a few drinks and small talk we rode the elevator together.

"What floor are you on?" I asked.

"I'm on 16...and you?" she asked.

"Oh yeah 23." I said pushing the buttons marked 16 and 23.

The Elevator climbed up the building stopping on 16. The doors opened with a "ding" and she stepped off.

"Walk me to my door?" she asked.

"Yeah sure." I said letting the doors close behind me.

We walked side by side to her room #1623. She swiped her card in the reader and the door popped open. We stood there in silence for what seemed like an eternity then throwing caution to the wind I reached out grabbed her and pulled her close kissing her sweet rose red lips. Her eyes went wide in surprise and I knew I made a mistake.

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that. I not really much of a drinker."

She smiled, grabbed my hand and led me inside.

I closed the door behind me and followed her like a nobile puppy. She unzipped her jacket and tossed it aside, kicked off her shoes, slipped off her skirt and blouse then turned and jumped on her bed.

"Is this really happening?" I asked myself.

Her smile beckoned me to join her. So following her lead I stripped to my skivvies and joined her.

As we started going at it I found myself on my back staring up at her, I reached behind and unclasped her bra then she tossed it off. I ran my hands up her hips to her waist then finally to her nice firm breasts.

"Absolutely perfect!" I said with a smile.

She reached down and pulled off my boxers and was greeted by my fully erect cock bounding straight up to meet her.

"Ohh!, Eager are we?"

She lowered herself onto my waiting prick with a smile and began to move slowly back and forth savouring every stroke. She then really started to pick it up the pace, bounding f***efully up and down her body twitching with each stroke. My heart was pounding, I felt faint but I didn't care I was being fucked like never before. She began to moan very loudly and yelled at the top of her voice.

"Oh Fuck!"

She shrank down and began to go again slowly at first then picking up the pace. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her and she did the same. I our embrace we began kissing I moved from her shoulder to neck and finally lips. As we made out I could feel a tightening in my balls and knew I was going to cum. She saw the look on my face and knew what was coming. I was about to stop but she rode through it. I groaned wildly as I came, and with such f***e I could feel it in my back. She giggled with glee as my cock throbbed with gusto.

I collapsed to the bed and she rolled off. Totally spent I looked at her and smiled.

"You really are Wonder Woman!"
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