One Night in April: Part 3

The next few weeks were challenging to say the least. Keeping our affair a secret while expressing animosity in public was trying for both of us. It got so bad that when we finally did have moments to ourselves we'd cry in each others arms.

Things became especially challenging when Brad's Mother invited me to their Timeshare in the Hamptons for a Month.

We'd be on the shore soaking up sun and i'd see April in her bathing suit and want desperately to fuck her. We'd quietly slip away and make out among the dunes or have a quick, passionate fuck in the last stall of a public bathroom but then it was back to dirty looks and public sneers. Eventually it got so frustrating that we "made up". April came up with a lie saying we had a nice long chat about this or that and we buried the hatchet.

I lay awake at night aching for her. The soft touch of her skin on mine, the cute way she snores when she sl**ps. I was just about to lose it when my door slowly and silently opened.
"I can't sl**p." April whispered.

"Neither can I." I said pulling open my sheets

April tip-toed over and gracefully slid in. I lifted my arm and she placed her head on my shoulder, I then slipped my arm over her waist.

"I can't keep sneaking around like this!" she said looking up at me.

"It's just for a little while longer." I said kissing her forehead.

"This fall you'll be going off to College, you'll forget all about me!" she said turning her head away.

"You k**'re my girl and nothings ever gonna change that!" I said stroking her hair.

Her face lit up and she moved her petite hand to my crotch. She dipped her head below the covers and gently pulled my cock from my boxers. I began to get hard as she slid her tongue from base to tip tracing the outline of my bulging veins with it. She turned back towards my face and stealthily slipped out from beneath the sheets.

"You wanna?" she asked

"Can you be quiet?" I asked

"I'll try...but it'll be VERY hard."

I opened my Toilet tree bag and fished out a condom, she grabbed my swollen shaft, slipped the rubber on and guided it up and inside her snatch. She moaned slightly as I slid it in. I pushed it up all the way until my balls came to rest on the soft tender butt.

"Do the thing I love!" she whispered.

I held it in and made it jump back and forth. She wiggled and gasped and started kissing my chest. I started slowly bucking my hips back and forth as I slid my hands up her nighty to gently squeeze her ample breasts.

Feeling more comfortable she shot straight up out from beneath the covers and tossed her nighty to the floor. The sunlight bathed her nude form in a soft white light that caused her red hair to appear ablaze.

"FUCK!" she screamed as an orgasm rocked her petite frame.

She shrank back down to me and quickly tossed the sheets over her head. After a few silent minutes I lifted up the sheet and winked

"We're good." I said with a grin.

She slid up and placed her hands on my pecks. She then proceeded to bounce up and down in my lap twitching every so often as mini orgasms rocked her body. I grabbed her ass and held her as close as possible as I too came drawing giggles from her lips as my cock jumped with each load fired. April slid off and gently removed my condom. It tangled from her fingertips, the tip resevour full with my sperm.

"What are we gonna do with this?" she asked.

I grabbed a few tissues off the night stand and wrapped the condom up in them.

"I'll dump it at the beach later today." I said "You'd better head back." I added

"But I wanna stay!" she said.

"It's not safe someone could walk in."

April nodded and slid out of bed. She reached down to grab her nighty and stayed bent.

"Enjoying the view?" she asked wiggling her bare ass.

"You know it!" I said gently slapping it.

She tossed her nightgown on and silently slipped out my room scampering back to hers. I looked at the used condom wrapped in tissues and smirked.

"Soon I won't even need to use one of these."

To be Cumtinued
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