One Night in April: Part 2

It had always been a fantasy of mine to have sex in the shower. To have a hot chick caress my naked body while hot soapy water cascaded over us. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my Best Friends s****r would be that woman. It didn't even occur to me that she'd be staring up at me with her emerald eyes as she absolutely devoured my hard cock.

"Stop that tickles!" April giggled as I gently ran my fingers through her hair.

"I'm not doing anything." I said.
"It's your cock, it's poking my butt cheek."

I looked down at my lap and sure enough my erect dick was poking April's cheek as I shampooed her crimson locks.

"Are you telling me you didn't feel your dong rubbing against my ass?" April asked.

"To tell you the truth, after the out of this world Blow you gave me I have yet to regain feeling."
I grabbed a nearby bar of soap and began the lather her back. I ran my soapy hands over her shoulders and down her arms.

"I never noticed your did I never notice them?" I asked

"When I was younger I was very self conscious of my freckles, every time I saw myself naked I would cringe. So I never wore anything to revealing."

As I washed away the suds I leaned forward and kissed April's neck.

"I love your fact I'm gonna make it my mission to kiss every single one!" I said while nuzzling the nape of her neck.

"Did you ever think of me sexually...before today I mean?" she asked.

"Yes I remember it like it was yesterday...."

July 4th 2011

My mom was off "Working" with her boss and my dad was already hanging with his friends Jim, Jack and José. Brad could tell I needed a f****y to celebrate the day with and invited me to celebrate with yours. I remember you were giving me the cold shoulder the entire day. That night we walked to the Town Green to watch the fireworks. As we sat under the clear night sky watching the fireworks pop overhead I looked over at you, you were smiling and I noticed among all the bright lights that your eyes were byfar the brightest objects there. I wanted to stare at you forever but your Dad noticed me staring so I quickly mocked waved to someone behind him.

I looked into her eyes again unsure if the water welling up were tears or came from the shower.

"How about you April, when did you start thinking of me sexually?" I asked.

"I'm ashamed to say that I don't remember the exact date, it was sometime in 2009."

"09...really? Wow were really young!" I said.

It must've been summer because you and Brad had been playing basketball. You came in and tossed your shirt in our laundry room as you stood in the kitchen dabbing the sweat off your chest I found myself staring at you. I was almost angry when Brad loaned you a shirt. Later that night while I was lying in bed I started thinking of you pressing that sweaty body against mine, the feel of your muscular arms on my skin. That was the first time I ever masturbated and I was thinking of you. Not long after you started dating that skank, it may sound crazy but to me it felt as if I were being cheated on.

I didn't know what to think. I had for as long as I noticed women the secret desire to be with them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be on the receiving end.

" you've got me. And I'd be damned if I'm gonna let anything come between us." I said holding her close.

She reached over and slowly turned off the water. After we towelled each other off we got dressed. She then led me by the hand to her bedroom. We fell onto the bed together and fell asl**p in each others arms. I woke up sometime around two and noticed the moonlight washing across her face and I realised I was falling in love with April, a girl three years younger than me.

Lost in thought I only half heard the car door slam. I quickly slipped out of Bed as to not disturb April and made my way into the living room. I jumped into the sofa and layed in the prone position just as the door opened.

With a mock snort I "roused" from my slumber.

"Sorry to wake you b*o." Brad said coming in.

"You crash on the couch ok. Tomorrow we'll meet for eggsand details."

I put my head to pillow and started to drift off as Brad got ready for the night.

I woke to a hand rubbing mine.
"You left the bed?" April whispered.

"Brad came home, I didn't want him to find us."

"He's in bed now some come back." She said.

"He could come out." I whispered back.

"He never does, He's probably already sl**ping."

I was unsure of what to do, luckly April made my mind up for me, all she needed to do was lift her nightgown.

"Is this the way our entire relationship is gonna be?" I asked.

"You bet it is!" She said grabbing my hand.

"Well by all means lead the way!"

That was officially the start of the most exciting, scary and sad Summer of my life.

To be Cumtinued...
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