One Night in April

The school year was winding down and one day I had planned to spend the night watching TV when my Friend Brad phoned.

You see the whole year he had been persuing her and all the while she would shoot him down. Then out of the blue she agrees.

"That great Brad, but why call me?" I asked.

"My Folks are away on their second honeymoon and I was tasked with watching April tonight."

I could already tell where Brad was heading.

"No!" I said very sternly.

"Come on dude, it'll only be for a few hours." he said with what was almost assuredly a smile on his face.

"April hates me." I said

"Yeah why is that, she adored you when she was younger?"

"I have no clue, one day she's all Barbie Dolls, Pigtails and polkadot dresses but now she's all moody and teen angst."

"So does this mean you'll do it?" he asked.

"Yeah but you owe me!" I said.

"Sweet thanks b*o, there's $250 in the Tea Tin on my shelf take it all and the spare key's in the thing.

I walked down the street, aptly named Meadow Lane due to the nearby presence of a Meadow. As I passed the air smelled of Lilac and songbirds tweeted their evening songs.

I walked up the newly repaved Driveway to Brad's house and grabbed the spare key from underneath a Terracotta planter next the the secondary entrance adjacent to the Garage. I slipped inside and closed up behind me. Then making my way to Brad's room I secured the cash from the Tea tin and stuffed it into my billfold. Then plopping myself on the sofa I settled in for a night of TV and angry glances and sighs courtesy of April Hunter.

A van pulled up about twenty minutes later and April jumped out Followed immediately by her Soccer Bag. She trudged up the drive and came inside much like I had done.

"Bradley I'm home." she shouted tossing the bag into the Garage.
"Sorry k**, Brad's on a date it's just us." I said from the Couch.

"Oh great Brad gets to go out and I'm stuck with you August, I hope your girlfriend Megan doesn't want to come over." she said.

"Naw we broke up, it's just us k**." I said.

"Really?" April said with a fleeting smile.

"Why do you need a babysitter for anyway your older than the age I was when I was left alone." I asked.

"Tell me about it, I'm almost 16 and my parents still treat me like a baby. I'm gonna change!"

As April walked behind ne she pulled off her Soccer Jersey to reveal a tight black sportsbra. I tried not to look but was powerless to fight it. As soon as she was outta eyesight my attention turned back to the TV.

"So is Brad paying you for this gig Mr. Babysitter?" April asked.

"Yeah he said I could have the two fifty from his tea tin."

"The tin on the shelf? he keeps about four hundred rolled up in his tuba.

April walked in wearing a pink terrycloth robe and carrying a pile of clothes. "I`m gonna take a shower...ok Mr. Babysitter?" she asked.

"Fine by me, what do you feel like for Dinner?" I asked.

"How about Russo's, they deliver." April said tapping the menu on the fridge.

"OK I'll order now." I said hopping from my seat.

I danced over to the fridge and plucked the menu from under a magnet. As I began to study the parchment my eye was drawn to movenent. A reflection of a reflection on the bathroom mirror. There was April slipping off the robe and pulling the scrunchy off her ponytail. She stood at the mirror and almost admired her tight body. Her slender butt down to her muscular thighs and calves. She ran a finger across her sculpted abdominal muscles and gently rubbed her healthy set of breasts. She turned around, reached and turned on the water then stepped up and into the shower closing the curtain behind her.

I could feel my Hard on pressing against my pants just begging to be releaved. If I was at home I would've whipped it out and Jerked to Katie Morgan on Showtime. But since I was at Brad's, Baseball and the Golden Girls on Lifetime took care of that.

Twenry minutes later April exited wearing an oversized white T-shirt which seemed to cling to her still damp flesh.

"Oh Dear!" I softly muttered as she moved around and sat down next to me.

"Anything good on?" she asked

"Not really, it's about the time when Network shows go on Hiatus."

"That's good cause I didn't really wanna watch TV anyway." she said grabbing the remote.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I saw you looking at me in the mirror." she said with a smile.

"I don't know what you saw or thought you saw but I wasn't..."

"It's ok I wanted you to see, that's why I left the door slightly open." she said.

"But you hate me, you've hated me for over a year ever since..."

In my mind I went back through the months trying to remember the exact date April started to treat me with hostility.

Then it hit me...

"It was right about the time I started dating Meg!" I said aloud

"She wasn't right for you but you couldn't see it." April said.

"I see it now." I said with a snort.

"I am right for you though." she said placing her hand on my thigh.

"Whow what are you doing?" I asked.

"I though you wanted to?" she said.

"No, no, no, no !" I said shaking my head.

"One, you're my best friends s****r. And two you're 15!" I said.

"I'm almost 16!" she said

"Doesn't matter it's still..."

"It's not if nobody knows." she said

"Sorry k**, not interested!" I said.
"Fine then, how about we play a game? I'll do whatever I can to get (without direct contact) to give you an erection if you stay soft I'll stop, deal?"

I wanted this insanity to stop so I nodded my head.

She started of slow just rubbing her body through her nightshirt. Running her hands down her stomach and hips finally cupping herself ala Michael Jackson with both hands. She then started to rub herself through the thin cotton shirt while gently moaning.

After all that which no ordinary man could've withstood I came out the victor.

"Ha that all you got? Still soft!" I said triumphantly.

"Prove it!" April said.

I gently unzipped my pants and pulled out my flaccid member.

"See I told you!" I said with a smirk.

Faster than you could blink she moved around and strattled my legs near the knees.

"Hey you said no contact!" I said.

"No direct contact!" she said with a smile.

" your worst, In have willpower of stone!

"Fine Mr. Willpower, I'm not wearing any underwear!" she said lifting her nightgown slightly.
The sight of her bald pussy, that untouched Virgin snatch caused me to get hard instantly.

"Ohh that's more like it!" she sai with a smile.

"Oh fuck it!" I said pulling her close. I smiled as I kissed her.

She pulled off her nighty and tossed it on the floor then helped me pull my shirt off. I ran my hands over her tight and toned body and sighed, was this really the same girl whobonly a few short years ago was having Tea Parties and playing with Barbie dolls?

She gently wrapped her petite fingers around my stiff prick and started rubbing the head up and down on her pussy.

"I heard it hurts...does it?" she asked.

"At first yeah, but not for long." I said smiling

April lowered herself onto my hungry cock and stopped when she felt some pressure.

"Can you?" she asked.

I placed my hand on her hips and in one quick downward thrust tore through the hymen. April yelped in pain and shot back up, a red smear bordered my cock like a racing stripe.

"It's ok that's normal." I said.

April lowered herself back down slowly expecting more pain but found there wasn't as much?

"How does it feel now?" I asked

"I can't really put it into words. It's like I have warmth inside of me."

"Do you wanna start?" I asked

She nodded

She started moving slowly up and down then faster as she got used to it. It was her show as my head fell back on the coushin and my arms fell to my sides. The feel of that tight snatch wrapped around my stiff cock almost made me cum but I worked through it. April looked absolutely professional with her back bent bachwards and her hands on my knees. I pulled her close and started kissing her neck and shoulder which she really seemed to enjoy.

"Oh shit!" She said bounding up slightly.

"I think you just came." I said as she sunk back down.

We continued for about ten more minutes and then I had to cum as well. I pulled out and prepared to cum in my hand but April took control again, she grabbed my hog and tugged my nut out onto her tits.

"Oh wow!" she giggled as my cock flexed in her hand spurting semen on her soft and lightly tanned skin.

I sank back into the soft couch completly spent as she rubbed the cum into her skin.

As I say in my Bangover I heard the theme to Hawaii Five-0 it took me a few to realise that was Brad's personal ringtone.

"Hello." I said my voice cracking slightly.

"Hey b*o, how's things?" he asked.

"Fine just watching tv."

"We the date's going great, so do you mind putting April to bed?"

"Putting April to bed?" I said aloud "No problem." I said shooting her a wink.

"Cool b*o, thanks."

April looked at the huge globs of my spunk that dotted her chest.

"I'm gonna take another shower."
as she moved towards the Bathroom she turned.

"Care to join me Babysitter?" I shot to my feet and chased her inside. I knew the night had only just begun.

to be cumtinued...
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