Punjabi Princess

The sun begin to set as I arrived to the Sarai household. I reflected on my first time meeting Anwesha and her husband, Saran, at annual company party. Instantly I feel in love with Anwesha the first time I saw her. She was the perfect example of Punjabi beauty: Long black hair that was braided and pulled into a ponytail, oval amber eyes, A red and black Shalwar kameez, and she was wearing fancy jewelry that made me wish I married her instead of Saran.
Throughout the night both Anwesha and I playfully flirted with each other. I couldn't believe how much of a tease she was, but loved playing along with her. At first it looked like Saran was not a fan of another man flirting with his wife. However, he was a good sport and even seemed to be turned on by having other men flirting with his wife.
Now, both Saran and Anwesha were asking if I would be their sperm donor. At once I accepted the responsibility of helping them conceiving a baby. Sadly Saran was sterile, but it felt privileged to be able to help them tonight.

"Jonathan!" screams Anwesha as she jumps into my arms, and proceeds to hug and kiss me. "Thanks, sweetie! Tootsie Bear is here to stay the night." I joke as I playfully kiss her back. Seconds later Saran enters the room and we respectfully shake hands. I can still tell he is reluctant about me having sex with his wife tonight.

"Jonathan!" Anwesha screams as she jumps into my arms and kisses me. "Thanks for welcoming me into your home with open arms, sweetie. Now let's have some fun with Tootsie Bear!" I reply to her as we kiss again. That's when I noticed that Saran was observing us in the hallway. Quickly I put Anwesha down and greet Saran by shaking his hand.
"Thanks for coming to my home tonight, Jonathan. Both Anwesha and I are excited that you're her tonight. I would be in the living room watching television, while you two would have the master bedroom to yourselves." states Saran looking serious. "Hey, thanks for inviting me over tonight, and allowing me to help you conceive a baby. I would not let you down!" I replied to Saran as we respectfully hugged each other.

After we get through talking with each other; both Anwesha and I head to the master bedroom. She takes me by my hand as we're soon inside her bedroom. Looking down I noticed that her soles picked up the dust from the wooden floors. "Anwesha, are you ready for Tootsie Bear to worship your cute little tootsies?" I ask her while grinning ear to ear. Anwesha smiles back as she sits down onto her bed and gestures for me to bow down using her feet.
"Are you ready to worship the feet of your Queen, Tootsie Bear?" Anwesha asks me as she places her foot into my face. "It's an honor to be able to worship your cute little tootsies, my Queen." I reply to her as I kiss her feet. The smell of her foot odor entices me more and more as I proceed to sucking her toes and licking her soles. "How does it feel to be worshiping the feet of your, Queen?" asks Anwesha forcing her foot into my mouth while I was sucking her toes. "Ack! It's feels magical, my Majesty!" I replied to her while gagging loudly.

I soon finish worshiping her cute little tootsies. "That's a good boy. Now, get onto the bed with me!" demands Anwesha as I follow suit and hop onto the bed with her. The bed feels soft to the touch as we kiss again. I lay down and Anwesha crawls on top of me. "Let me show how a Punjab girl gives a blow job." she states to me as we kiss and she scales down to my crotch.
Anwesha massages my balls and rubs my cock. "Oh, baby! Your hands are magic." I comment to Anwesha who giggles happily. "That's not the best part, Tootsie Bear." she replies to me with a big grin on her face. "what do you mean, baby? Oh, ah!" I asks her and then exhale happily when she starts to suck my cock. I couldn't believe how pleasurable it was to her suck my cock. The way Anwesha used her tongue and mouth muscles while giving me a blow job.

Next, Anwesha sits up and places her feet onto my cock. "How would you like your Queen to give you a foot job, Tootsie Bear?" she asks me with a cute smile on her face. "It would be a honor to have you pleasure me with your feet, my Majesty." I reply back to her with a smile on my face.
"Ah! Oooohhh!" I exclaim with pleasure as Anwesha's toes grip my cock and she begins to give me a foot job. The sound of her feet and my balls smacking together was magical. "Mmm... I can believe how talented you are with your feet, Anwesha." I happily comment to her while she continues to give me her terrific foot job.

Later we proceed to making out and caressing our bodies together. "If it wasn't for my husband being sterile we wouldn't be having sex together." comments Anwesha as I notice that her eyes looked teary. I wipe her tears away and kiss her. "Thanks for making me one of the happiest men to ever live tonight. I was so happy to be chosen as your donor and I hope the baby will be perfect for both you and Saran." I reply to her as we kiss again.

It doesn't take long for us to proceed to sexual intercourse after that. "Ah!" We both exhale softly as my penis penetrates deep into her vagina and then I begin to hump her. Anwesha kisses me and allows her long black hair to fall into my face. "Pfft! Hair ball!" I joke as we kiss again. The sweat from our bodies lubricated our skin and made the grinding process much more smoother...

Downstairs Saran overheard the loud screams and moans of pleasure emitted from his wife and friend. Jonathan was still busy breeding his wife, and from the sound it she was enjoying every minute of it. He couldn't help but feel turned on by this. Not only was Jonathan pleasuring his wife better than he ever could; Jonathan would breed Anwesha with his seed and father their c***d. Saran begin to play with himself as he continued to listen to the loud moans and screams of his wife.

By now I'm on top of Anwesha and fully in control. She holds onto me tightly while I fuck her like a crazed b**st in heat. "Ah, ah, ah!" Anwesha moans loudly while she holds onto me tightly and raises her head toward my shoulder. "Don't stop, Tootsie Bear! You're fucking amazing and I can't wait to cum with you." I can hear whispering to me while we continued to have sex.
It doesn't take long for me to feel that I'm ready to cum, but unfortunately I feel exhausted. Like a solider I proceed till I cum inside Anwesha and impregnate her. "Ah, ah, ah! Oh, oh, oh!" We both moan very loudly though all the thrusting.
Soon both Anwesha and I cum at the same time. We both screamed loudly together; as I felt my penis pumping multiple thick loads of cums into her pussy. I couldn't believe the feelings of intense pleasure during our orgasm. It felt like both souls merged for a brief instance. It was humbling, yet it is so intense that it's rejuvenating.

We kiss again and I lay down next to Anwesha after we finishing having sex together. For awhile we simply just hold each other without talking. "Thanks for everything tonight, Jonathan. I love you!" Anwesha says to me breaking the silence that filled the room after our loud moans of pleasure. I noticed that her eyes filled with tears again as she confessed her feelings toward me. Thinking for a few seconds I replied that "I did love her and hoped that she was up for another round with Tootsie Bear!" We both laugh heartily and then kiss again.

Weeks Later:
Thankfully it didn't take too long for the great news of Anwesha pregnancy. It was a great night celebrating with everyone who cheered loudly and congratulated the very happy couple. Saran hugged me with tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe that soon enough their baby would be born, and it was all because of me. I replied that "they're welcome and I was excited too for the great news."
But the person who I wanted to talk to was Anwesha. We hugged and kissed each other as she cried into my shoulder. "I can't believe I'm going to become a mommy soon, Jonathan. Thank you so much. I love you!" She said as she kissed me again. I begin to get very teary as I knew what I did was very special for two of my best friends. "It was a great honor to be able to make your dreams come true, Anwesha. And if I can add my 2cents would you be interested in using the name Priya if the baby is a girl?" I asks her while I had tears in my eyes and smiling. She replied that the name was perfect and we continued to hug each other.

Delivery Day:
Amazingly Anwesha manages to give birth to triplets. I had a look of shock on my face as I saw that I helped fathered two boys and one girl. Both Anwesha and Saran happily fulfilled my request and named their newborn daughter Priya. They named their newborn boys Talvir and Bhavanbir.
I couldn't help noticing that Priya looked a lot like her mother, but inherited a lot of my characteristic; While both Bhavanbir and Talvir inherited the whole package. Anwesha joked that it looked like Tootsie Bear fathered three cute little bear cubs with her. We both laughed heartily as baby Priya wanted everyone to lavish attention on her. It was simply great to be there playing and interacting with the babies. Knowing that I helped make this magic moment become a reality.
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11 months ago

I had two thoughts while reading this. The first was how you must have enjoyed creating this story. I just spent 6 hours straignt in a cafe on beach in Mexico, writing script and putting together my next video, Massage Parlor III. II is already uploaded. I thought of how you, like me, much prefer to create something sexy than to just wack off watching somebody else's work.

The second thought was a memory that I will share with you and other readers of this blog. I, like Jonathan in the story, once tried to make a married pregnant. Big difference was that I did not succeed but fortunately for her, someone else did since her husband could not bear children.

Good work.