The Rainbow Gathering

This is the story of one of my fantasies, Being a hippie making love with all kind of women who are hippies. We all have a little hippie inside of us. Also, who wouldn't want to get down and dirty with a sexy girl who is a hippie. To me it sounds raw and natural. The setting I used is the Rainbow Gathering that happens every year in natural forest. Where all kinds of people from all walks of life stay for days in the woods just having fun and showing love to one another. There are videos on YouTube where there are beautiful women I can imagine whose philosophy is free love. Imagine having sex in the woods like a****ls. Feels like the 60's have come back.

The story starts off as I arrive Sequoia National Park. Which is in southern Sierra Nevada. Where this years annual Rainbow Gathering will take place. Seeing that these people are of good nature I know I will have an easy time here. As I set-up camp, get accustomed to where I'm at. Taking the humongous sequoia trees, the mountains, water, etc. Everything is new to my suburban mind. Feels like I landed on a bizarre planet. Everyone person I met told me they loved me. Which is common at the gatherings. I was beginning to feel accepted by complete strangers who do not know who I am or my history. Just a simple four letter word "love" that shows their compassion to one another. I never felt happier with other people like this. The women here were very different. Natural women who embraced alternative styles of dress and jewelry. I was turned on by their natural beautify. They would come up to me and tell me they love me. However, I hoping they weren't just saying that and wanted to express our love. During the day I ate exotic food, I drank water from people carrying containers with hoses; I just had a blast being a dirty hippie. Now, I understood why numerous teens and young adults embraced the counter culture in the 60's. Everything was simple and fun. No drama with anyone. No need to make profit or compete. You can have everything you want from food, to water, to friends, to having fun, you name it.

When it was starting to get darker I notice my feet hurt. Since I was wearing sandals I wasn't used to walking all day with shoes that are not the best to walk in for hours. Sitting down by my tent and commenting how sore my feet are I noticed to beautiful women walk over toward me. One with blond hair which was braided, a headband, and had numerous tattoos; the other one had dark brunette hair, a cute smile with dimples and a nice slim body. They asked knelled down and asked to see my feet. I was taken aback. They each took off my sandals and began to rub my feet. Feeling embarrassed I said s****rs, you don't have to do this. They chuckled as they commented about helping a b*****r who is in need of foot massage because his feet are sore. We all laughed as I thanked them and told them I loved them. Nervously I caught myself. The blond who reveled herself as Laura told me don't be embarrassed. That she and Jasmine both loved me. We chit-chatted as I felt it was a possibility for me to sweep them of their feet. I flirted with them as it became nighttime. Asking them if they believed in free-love, they asked me to clarify what I meant. I talked about how I read hippies were more accepting to sex and that was called free-love. They looked at one another with wide grins as I had an anxious look on my face. Jasmine then started to pull me in my tent as Laura followed us. John, Laura spoke in a whisper, you want to make love to us as in have sex. Nodding nervously I started to break in a wide grin. Both Jasmine and Laura started to make out. It was now or never. I joined in as I started to kiss both of them. We made out sloppy. Using my tongue to lick every inch of their dirty bodies. I didn't care. All I care was feeling pleasure from our love. We started to take off each others clothes as I noticed both Laura and Jasmine where naturally hairy. Without a beat I ate both their juicy pussies out as they sucked my dick. It was like I was taking ecstasy and spacing out. Nothing else matter, but just the three of us. It felt like were here because of destiny. Now, I was positioning myself above Jasmine. Her beautiful eyes met mine as I lowered myself to fuck her. My dick entering her pussy as she moaned in pleasure. Laura rubbing her pussy as her and Jasmine kissed. We all started making out again as I began to thrust myself inside Jasmine. It felt so good and natural. Like we were a****ls in the wild mating. With each thrust I went deeper inside her pussy. My dick stretching her tight pussy. We felt inseparable. Like us three would become one being. Rolling over as Jasmine was now on top. She moaning in pleasure as we were dripping with sweat. Laura gestured to Jasmine it was her turn and switched places with her. Laura hopped on as she put my dick inside her pussy. Now it was my turn to moan in pleasure. Yelling, OMG as my dick went inside Laura's pussy. Taking my hands on her ass I fucked her while she was on top of me. She started to scream in pleasure. My body smacking against hers as I fucked her. Both of us sweating. Jasmine kissed Laura as we all made out again. Rolling over I was on top in control as Laura submitted her body to me. I continued to thrust myself ever deeper as I felt I was ready to cum. Without thinking I continued to fuck her as I went deeper inside her. Suddenly I came inside her as we both moaned in response. Our bodies orgasm felt like we were getting high. Jasmine was rubbing and kissing Laura's head. I gestured for Jasmine to switch places with Laura. With cum dripping from my cock I entered Jasmines pussy again. Gripping her I used all my might to thrust myself deeper inside her pussy. I was going by instinct now. Jasmine, like Laura, was in hands now. Felling I was about to cum another load I continued to hump her. Again, I suddenly came inside her. We both moaned in pleasure as we all kissed. After sex we cuddled in my bed naked. I have never felt more loved in my life. We kept telling each other we loved one another.

The next morning we awoke together as we kissed and told each other good morning. It already felt normal compared to the life I left before the gathering. Truly I was never happier in my life.
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10 months ago
Good story. I have had only a few group experiences, both MFF and MMF and once at an orgy. I prefer MMF. No not because I like to interact with men but rather that I love to watch a man fucking a woman doggy while she sucks me. It is a memory that I cannot ever forget.

You are a good story teller. Post more.
2 years ago