Bad Cop

One of my fantasies was to have sex with another man. preferably a hot black guy who was either a body builder type or could be my daddy. Someone who looked like Bobby Blake. Leanne my girlfriend talked with me about it. She commented she didn't care and thought it would be kinky for us to try it. We met a hot daddy through another website. Him and his partner were in a open relationship. On his profile he listed himself as a cop. Hot! I asked he would like to do something with me and my girlfriend. We arranged to meet after I got better from my illness (read previous story).

Leanne drove us to their house which was close by. We kicked back before his partner left. Him and his partner were in a interracial relationship like Leanne and myself. His partner was Puerto Rican heritage. I explained I was a white Latino and that Leanne was Chinese. His partner left for work and we headed inside.

Once inside we decided we'll have fun role playing. Since he was a cop we can have him arrest me and do what he wanted with me sexually. Leanne would participate, but she thought it would be fun to watch me. He put on his cop uniform and Leanne and I stripped naked. He took Leanne to the foot of the bed. She would be playing the judge, he would play the cop and I'll play the criminal. We squared off as he taunted for me to come forwarded. He took me down face first and handcuffed me. Spanking my ass hard till it was pink. He yelled in my ear "white boy! You have been caught by the black man and it's now time to serve your superior. Do as I say and I'll make it easy for you. Fuck up and well you'll see." He led me to Leanne at the foot of the bed. With his hand grabbing me by hair of my head he f***ed me to kiss her feet as I was laid face down in from of her. Leanne stated to speak "John you're here because this officer has caught you naked in his bedroom. How do you plead?" I said not guilty! He pushed his foot on my back and pulled me by hair. I screamed okay I'm guilty your honor. Please! Have mercy on me! "John, since you have admitted your guiltiness. You're order to serve him sexually at my feet." I can hear him rub his hands together as he said "alright! I have my very own bitch boy to fuck!" He positioned me on my knees facing his crotch. He unzipped his pants to show me his uncut big black cock. Grabbing me by my cheeks I knew he wanted me to suck his dick. I opened my mouth wide. His cock going into my mouth. I can taste the sweat off his dick. Sucking and using my mouth muscles I did my best to give him oral. Leanne was playing with herself watching us. It was hot seeing my girlfriend simply watch us. Monitoring us to see how we were doing. He begin to push his dick deeper in my mouth in order to make me gag. I could feel his dick going down my throat. I choked on his cock. He pulled out with slobber on my face. He slapped me with his dick and again f***ed me to eat his cock. I loved how he fucked my face. His huge dick that was thick and long going down my throat. I can hear him moaned as he fucked my face. He pulled out to have me suck his balls. Juicy black balls that were sweaty. Pushing me to the ground again. He positioned my ass in the air. Leanne had her eyes glued opened at me and him. He undressed. Using lotion to lube me up I can see him playing with my ass before he fucked me. He grabbed my ass with both hands and put his dick inside my ass. I instantly felt his big dick in my ass. As he went deeper inside my ass. It was great. He playfully smacked my ass when he was fucking my brains out. Leanne put her feet on my back. Her cold soles felt great too. She begin to have to me kiss her feet. She was playing with herself. It turned me on and I begin to eat her out while he fucked me in the ass. Now I know how Leanne felt. He started to grab my cock to play with me as he fucked my ass. Playing with my johnson and balls felt kinky. He leaned forward to kiss me. The taste of his lips and Leanne's pussy tasted great. Leanne asked "John! Are you having fun?" I nodded yes in reply. Daddy wanted me on the bed. He laid down next to Leanne and brought me up on the bed. He took of the handcuffs and laid down on his back. His cock was so huge I felt like a k** in the candy store. Using my hands I grabbed his cock to suck him off. Leanne positioned her feet against his cock. My baby knows how to spoil me. I would suck his cock and her toes at the same time. By this time we were all dripping with sweat. I crawled on top of him and begin to rub my cock against his cock. Felt so good and Leanne would kiss me like crazy. I asked if he wanted to cum on mine and Leanne's face? He said sure if I came on his cock. On my knees I masturbate my cum on his black cock as well Leanne's feet. Splashing white cum on his black dick Leanne's small feet. "Oh! God! That felt great!" I said. Leanne and I got on our knees for him to cum on our face. He blasted our faces with cum. Both Leanne and I caught the cum and kissed. We're a close couple. What can I say? We laid down together and just talked the remainder of our visit. It was a great time and Leanne and I will continue to visit my hot black daddy.
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