Sexual Revolution: Mexico

This is my story of when my Chinese girlfriend Leanne, my good friend Juanita who is of Mexican heritage and myself had a threesome. I'm of mixed heritage Cuban, Mexican, Russian, Italian, etc; My families racial background is very complex. Race has never played a big part in my dating life. I can always find something attractive about a woman regardless of race or skin color. I met Leanne through friends at college and when we first met we instantly feel in love. She was my first girlfriend who was Asian. I only dated girls who were of Hispanic or White heritage, never a girl who was from an Asian background. So, it is a fun adventure for the both us. Leanne has black hair that she keeps short, brown eyes, fair light skin tone and a very cute smile.

Earlier in the Summer we took a trip to Mexico for a vacation. Both Leanne and I didn't speak Spanish, But since we were traveling with Juanita it didn't matter. I knew Juanita through friends I was cool with. Juanita had bushy brown hair, light brown eyes and had brown skin. She had a nice ass that I always thought was hot about her. We met up with friends and partied. Leanne and I are very shy and we set next together most of the night. We were very cuddling throughout the night. As we were sitting down we started talking about sex and we asked each other about our sex lives. I told her I have sex before. However, I was clean of any STD's. She embarrassingly commented that she was still a virgin. I told her that was interesting. She asked why? And I replied because it feels like you're pure. Which I explained that since no other guy touched her I can be her first man to have sex with. For some reason this turned her on and we decided to head back to the motel we were staying at nearby. Just in time Juanita asked if we were ready and she joined us to the motel.

As we got the motel Leanne and myself started making out. It got to the point where we were having sloppy kisses. Juanita started to tease us and we jokingly asked her to join. To our surprise she did join in and we all started to make out. We enter the hotel room we were sharing and we just started to take our clothes as we entered the door. As I took my shorts off Leanne stated to suck my dick and I made out with Juanita. This was Leanne's first time giving oral sex and she was really enjoying herself. I couldn't help but feel so hot. We all took our clothes off and we moved to the bed. Both Leanne and Juanita shared my dick and my balls. I loved how both girls would suck me off differently. Leanne who was inexperienced, but madly in love with me and horny, she didn't care in showing off and Juanita would use her mouth to massage my dick and balls. I positioned Leanne on the bed and I ate her out. I loved the taste of her pussy as she moaned loudly. Next, I worked on Juanita next. She did the same as Leanne which was very hot. Seeing both of them spread out on their backs I decided I wanted to fuck them with all that I got. Leanne knew I have a foot fetish and she would push her toes into my mouth. I loved how sweat from her body made it taste salty in a sweet way and Juanita did the same with her feet. I hopped on the bed and positioned myself in a missionary position with Leanne. As I was getting ready to put my dick inside her pussy I told her that I love her. Touch down! My dick was inside her pussy and I felt nothing but passion. As we fucked I can tell Leanne was feeling it and experiencing new feelings of pleasure that she wasn't ready for it to end. As we were fucking Juanita was rubbing her pussy and I would lean to her face and kiss her. We would use our tongues while I simultaneously sucked Leanne. I would lick the soles of Leanne's feet while I fucked her. Juanita was sitting on her knees on the bed. As I was looking at her ass I wanted to try anal for the first time. I would play with her ass and when I was ready I positioned myself in the doggy position. This was my first time experience anal sex. It felt primal and I loved smacking her ass till it was red. Every-time I smacked her ass she would scream, but in a sexual way that was a real turn on. Leanne liked what I was doing with Juanita. I bent down to Juanita and kissed her while I fucked her ass. I laid on the bed and had Juanita get on top on me in a missionary position. I felt like the biggest man as I would fuck Juanita. I sucked Leanne's feet while I was fucking Juanita. Both girls switched places. The passion was intense between us. At what seemed like an eternity I came inside Leanne and then Juanita. When I first came inside Leanne it felt passionate to feel my penis cumming inside her and seeing satisfied expressing of lust. With Juanita I loved how despite cumming in my girlfriend first I unloaded a huge load in her pussy. I loved how it felt taboo since Leanne was watching us. We started to calm down after that. As we settled down we would snuggle very tightly and simply kiss and say we love another. Nothing felt strange between us saying that we loved another.

As we awoke we joked about last night. We talked about how much fun we had last night and that we were much closer as a result. While we talked we would cuddle and I never felt so much love between another person; let alone my girlfriend and our close friend Juanita.

Ever since the trip we have been closer. I'm still with Leanne and we're stronger as a couple. Thankfully no unwanted "wink" news since the night together. We will always remember the passionate time we had together in Mexico.
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