Gift For my Husband Part III

God Almighty she was a slut alright. Well I have about 10 to 15 minutes of "air time" left so I need to make this really hot and nasty for my hubby. I bet he will stroke his cock to hours to this little gem. I wish I could see his face when the completed DVD arrives inside the Happy Anniversary card. Barb uncuffed me, my pussy was sore from being invaded by my black monster cock. Barb undid my hands first and as she undid my legs I immediately took over. I was going to show this uppity yet hot and nasty carpet licker a thing or two about fucking wether it was a real cock or a dildo. I was all over her in an instant. I thre her down and only due to the many times I had cuffed my hubby to the past I had her wrists cuffed instantly. "Come on , do my cunt you bitch" Barb said. I got the camera to zoom in on her exposed pussy. Her pussy was thick and hairy, trimmed just a bit but not much. Her ankles tightly in place and secured tightly I grabbed the Braun and it was payback time. "Oh shit" Barb said"Hey, not my cunt hair damn you!". I clicked up the trimmer and blew my pussy hairs still stuck on the blade into her face. she jerked her head to the side as it covered her face. What a great shot, my pubic hair resting on her thick red lips. "Honey " I said to the camera just as if my hubby was sitting right there. I am hoping you have enjoyed the action so far. I know I wish you were here . I want to watch now as I shave and then fuck my new friend just for you." I leaned over her with my nipple rings just millimeters from her face, teasing her. I ran the blunt end of the electric razor right on her clit area as I licked her neck and bit it firmly. "Ohhhhhh yes" she grunted. I got her juices flowing and then turned the razor over and slid down so the camera could get it all. I started to trim the sides quickly, she moaned louder with little "no,no's" coming from her mouth. I buzzed her pussy like a soldier in boot camp. It was all gone in a couple of minutes. This left me some time for the final finale. Clean as a whistle except for some I didnt give a crap about I spit into her pussy twice to get it wet. I got up and stood over her and began to piss onto her stomach which ran down her crotch. She whimpered and wanted more. I squatted above her auburn hair and drenched her in my warm piss. "Shave my pussy will you!". I now squatted over her shaven cunt and doused it in my urine. I stood up and laughed and grabbed the same black dildo which she used on me. "No....." Barb responded to the head entering her soaked hole. "Hold on Princess, here comes paradise". I said as it slid effortlessly into her dyke cunt. I slid in in and out just to get it all lubed up then started a barrage of pussy banging thrusts which snapped her head back on the table, she straightened her legs out and took every thrust like a pro. "Look Baby, this is for you Honey, Happy Anniversary, I love you ton's"Barb's tits shook under the assault of the black monster invading her cunt. I slammed it in until Barb's eyes rolled back in her head and she clenched her snow white teeth and I could feel her pussy grab the dildo like a clamp and she screamed so loud the dog ran into the room to see what wrong. "Do you like your pussy pissed on and then fucked Barb, do you like your pussy shaven so I can show the world your cunt getting fucked by me?, sure you do". Barb's head slammed onto the table as her cunt exploded in one constant long orgasm lasting a minute....she was drenched and soaked......I looked at her and she opened her eyes and gasped for air. "Oh sugar...thank you"...."My pleasure" I replied as I kissed her and licked the black cock fresh from her pussy. Click went the camera. "Can we watch it now" Barb said still cuffed to the table. "Absolutely". I undid her restraints and she held on to me tight, her boobs rubbing mine and our tongues intertwined.
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4 years ago
interesting & good
4 years ago
like the story keep em cumming