Gift For My Husband Part III

My hubby's best friend cock reaming my litle ass hole good. Dennis was unloading all of his pent up frustration righ where he should be, in my tight little butt. I was so turned on by this I wanted this to a regular occurance. Jon would be elated if I did a video series of me getting reamed by his best friend.I pushed down meeting his every push with my own. The damn cell was bugging me so Jon in his usual style grabbed it off the side table and took the call as his cock was engulfed by my cunt. I let go of the headboard so quiet the hot nasty sounds of sex just a tad so he could at least here who was calling. Dennis knowing it was probably important slowed his thrusts so he was cock was still buried deep and we took a short break. "Hello, Jon here"he said to the caller mildly pissed. "Yes, I see, OK but I cant be there for at least 2 hours". It was our answering service for our business and we had got an emergency call. "I will call Tom and get him right over there" Jon replied and hung up."Shit, I have to send Tom over to the plant""I will make some calls and I might not have to go if Tom can handle it" I was still filled with meat in both my pussy and ass and I didnt want this to end. "Come on baby" I said, we have some time before you have to go" I pleaded. Dennis had picked up the pace but Jon's cock had softened a bit. "I have an idea, I will make some phone calls and you guys can hang out". Dennis mildly annoyed he was inturupted in mid stroke "Oh crap, OK". He withdrew his cock and I felt it pop out and slide down my ass check. Jon got up and threw his pants on over his cock still covered in my pussy juice. Dennis rolled me over and we laid intertwined as Jon rushed downstairs where reception was better."Sorry honey" I said to Dennis. We both understood the call of duty but I had plans in case Jon didnt have to leave. I was still very , very turned on and I pushed myself down and started to play with Dennis's cock. he rolled on his back and I spit on his cock and started to give him a nice handjob. His cock filled my hand and as I slid it up and down it glistened in the light."Come on honey, think of my tight litle pussy sliding up and down on your beautiful cock."Mmmmmm, thats it, show me all that built up love juice stored up in there."Dennis groaned as I picked up the pace and I had to use both my hands now."Come on honey, give it to me, give me your lovely sperm baby". I still had my little glasses on so I moved my face closer, Dennis looked down and saw his best friends wife stroking his manhood. "Oh God, I'm going to cum" I aimed his cock into my open and willing mouth and awaited his salty load of sperm. "Oh shit" I saw a stream of fresh warm thick cum shoot out of his cock and spray my glasses and face with a jet stream of cum, I directed his throbbing cock down a tad and the rest of his load covered my nipple rings and erect nipples. "Thats it honey, that a boy, go just let it out baby" I said as his load covered my entire chest and face. I started to bring his cock to my lips just as the jet stream diminished. I licked it out my lips and started to clean his cock off of remaining sperm. It tasted wonderful and thick. I could eat cum all day...and I have. "Oh my God" Dennis said."Shit, I havent cum in months""I know Dear, I know" as I sympathized with his shitty home life. His wife was a bitch, hands down the biggest bitch and I was bummed he was stuck with her, at least temporarily. The door opened and Jon came in looking relieved. "Wow dude" he said looking at my cum splattered face and tits. "Dude thats awesome, lets celebrate". "Baby you look so good covered in cum, your an awesome lady indeed" Dennis laid back and took in the sights of me right next to him wiping his cum off me as I licked my hands.
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4 years ago
very good hot lil'story now get them fuck the guy dennis's bitch wife