Mature Slut Wife Part II

Jon ran ahead and opened the door and we all strolled in, the door quietly closed and I went in to pee as Dennis and Jon attacked the mini-bar and made us a round, I thought I would break the ice so I sat next to Dennis on the king size bed and Jon went to shower, as he walked by me he winked. This I knew was the OK to start our "assistance" program. I went to the closet and started to undress putting a short little robe on and sat on the other bed and laid back still talking to Dennis who never took his eyes off me. I laid down and opened my robe to expose my pierced rock hard nipples. "So Dear, why dont you mosey on over here and sit next to me". "Well...I think" stuttered Dennis. Jon came out of the shower still dripping, his cock was semi erect and he said to Dennis"Dude, I would rub her back at least". Dennis moved closer to me , my heart was pounding so I opened the robe entirely and slid it down my shoulders. "Babe you have awesome tits" Jon said."Thank you" I said and Jon came over and spread my legs and started to eat my pussy. Dennis eyes were big as saucers as we watched hid best friends wife get her pussy eaten not a foot away. "oh baby....yeesss" I groaned while the bulge in his best friends pants grew by the second. I leaned over and started to stroke his cock restrained in his jeans. It felt wonderful. Jon stopped and I rolled over on my side and asked Dennis to stand up, nervously he did and I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid his tight jeans down to his knees. "Well hello there" I giggled as his manhood sprung forward to meet me.[It was thick and long, way longer than Jon's and probably again as thick. "MMmmmmmm" I said out loud as I ran my hands over the tip and Dennis started to breath heavy. Jon got the camera and that was my signal to go to town. Jon had thousands of pictures of all the cocks I had sucked, no face shots of the men, just my lips wrapped around a cock and them a picture or two and video usually of my taking the mans load down my throat and onto my little secretary glasses. "Oh Dennis, I have been waiting for this.May I suck your big cock in front of my hubby?". "Dennis never answered as my lips slide around his shaft and it dissappered down my throat. I started to pull of his jeans with my hands and Jon came up behind me and dangled his cock on my shoulders. I turned slighty to the side and started stroking Jons now rock hard cock. It was wonderful. I slid up and down at a low speed and making sure he was rock hard I crawled to the other bed and crawled up on to it showing off my ass and wet pussy to my hubbys best friend. I leaned down on the bed leaving my ass high in air and it didnt take but a nanosecond before both of my men were all over me. Dennis grapped my hips with his muscular tattood arms and slid that meat right into my warm willing pussy. "Thats it boy's , fill me up". His cock slammed into my cunt as his balls slapped my ass. Jon assisted my holding my waist and he slammed me down on Dennis's cock. I screamed with lust. "Oh thats it , fuck me good baby, come on , fuck that pussy hard and deep" I grabbed the headboard and as usual it was slighty loose and the headboard banged into the wall. "Yes....come on big boy....fuck my cunt, fuck it good, do it....yessss" I was getting my little cunt stretched good when Jon grabbed my arms and pulled me aside puling that mighty meat pole out , I felt it slap my ass check. Jon had another idea. He rolled on his back and I knew the drill, I got on top of him and his cock slid right in to my love hole. dennis was right behind me , I reached behind me and opened my ass cheekf for him. Jon's cock was slamming into but he stopped just for a second to give Dennis time to get that engulfed head of his cock into my very tight asshole. "Go baby, do my ass, fuck my ass with your cock honey, please" I grunted as his cock found my asshole, in a second his wet tip of his cock entered my ass, It was fucking awesome. Two big cocks filling both my holes, I grunted with joy as my men took care of the right way. The only thing better would be nice cock shooting a nice load down my throat. all of a sudden my cell phone rang on the floor, then Jon's.....
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3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Why dont you wait for the rest of the installments Dear..jeeez...
4 years ago
shame about te lack of an ending,