Gift For My Husband Part II

Barbara's massive tit's looked amazing in the mirror, she had let her hair down and it had a auburn henna as she shook it from side to side as her boobs swayed. "Get on your back and spread that cunt wide for me, Im going to trim you up". In the reflection I saw Barb walk to the "dressing room" where I kept all my hair supplies and make-up and crap for our videos. She looked around and found Jon's new electric razor which was charging in it's stand. I rolled over on the bondage table and awaited my new sex master. Barbara swooped up the Braun razor and a few other items I couldnt see. My pussy twitched and I could feel it was sopping wet. "Lay the fuck down you breeder bitch". I laid flat and Barb spread my legs and cuffed me to the attachment points . She then cuffed my arms above my head. I have to tell I was very aroused yet a tad nervous. Barbara ran her red fingernails down to my nipple rings and pulled them which sent a wave of lust through my body. "You are quite hairy down there " she said looking at my patch of pussy hair running from the top of my cunt about 4 inches up."Thats got to go, I like my pussy smooth" Barb said licking her lips. I attempted to break free of my bondage and I started to get really turned on. "No, please, my husband loves my hair down there, please dont" I moaned. "Shut the Hell up breeder, youre mine now. She turned on the razor and placed it on my pubic bone. The vibrations were fantastik. It was like a vibrator yet almost industrial. "No, Jon will be pissed" I said . "Oh well" Barb said as she turned the Braun around and I felt the blades against my already trimmed pussy lips. It felt so erotic yet kind of scary, my pussy had never been completly shaved. She hit the button which popped up the sideburn trimmer and went to town. Slowly she started to shave any my patch. "Oh much better, you have pretty nice cunt for bitch". I was soaking in the scene as was the video camera of her leaning over me with her tits swaying to every stroke of the razor. In 3 minutes I was bare. My pussy gleamed as she wiped away the remains with a hand towel.I looked down and was shocked, it looked fabulous indeed. Barb put the razor down and without a second lost she had climbed over me and now her pussy was about an inch above my face. The view that Jon would be seeing was me strapped to S/M table shaved clean and a womans pussy about to be serviced, I am sure his cock would be at attention. Barbara turned around for the camera and she lowered herself onto my face. "You may now fuck my cunt Dear", before I could say anything her scented pussy engulfed my mouth,nose and I could hardly breath. I pushed my willing tongue into her pussy with long and deep strokes, I ran it up and licked her tasty asshole again. "Fuck my cunt, fuck it till I cum on that pretty face". I tried to escape this by thrashing on the restraints but it just made her more horny. She raised her hips just a tad so the camera could get a good view. She had brought the remote control and hit the zoom button as she said"Hey Mr. business man, take a look at wha your slutty breeder bitch does when you arent home. The camera zoomed into my tongue exploring her cunt and thrashing from side to side. Barbara then backed the lens out and grabbed a huge black dildo off the nearby "tool" rack and stuffed it into her mouth as much as she could. It was huge and we used it for special occasions. "Oh thats my little slutty wife, keep fucking my hole you cunt whore. I felt the tip of the monster black dildo touch the edge of my freshly shaved pussy. "Here it comes Honey" Barbara said with a authoritative tone as she rammed the first 2 inches into my open pussy. "Mmmmmmmm" I moaned in a muffled scream as my pussy was assaulted with a 18 inch black cock dildo. It slid easily up into my cunt and I enjoyed the violation, Barbara pussy was smothering my face as the gigantic cock fucked my willing wet hole. Her voice got louder as she thrust her cunt into my face and slammed the cock into me . I moaned and gasped for air as the camera rolled, we were 30 minutes into this unbelievable production and I was ready to make an entire video series with this new treasure I had found."Oh dear, yes thats it, I am going to cum my lovely.." Barbara now screamed. The black cock was slamming into me and I was going to explode. Barbara's tits bounced and slapped into her face. her pussy exploded into a fountain of pussy juice mixed with my saliva. I felt waves of a huge orgasm rock my whole body as the cuffs cut into my ankles and wrists. Barbara's pussy juice shot down my throat and I gasped for breath as my cunt quivered and shook with wave after wave of orgasmic delight. Barbara thrust the 18 inch cock deep and slowly slid it out showing the camera the size of this device that had penetrated my hole just for my Hubby. Barbara dropped the cock next to my spread legs and turned around to show the incredible ass covered by her long auburn hair. Barb backed the lens out as she slid down to my pussy and slapped it. I wasn't ready for that and I screamed."Now my Dear , I need to get that black toy of yours inside my hole, you are going to fuck me as you describe it your little Hubby.
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