Mature Slut Wife Part I

Jon and I were in the local casino near Jon's best friends home located in the lake area of Northern California. Jons best friend Dennis was a great guy, I had known him as long as I known Jon, about 6 years. I knew Dennis's marraige was not going very well and being in that same predicermint a few years ago I totally sympathized with him. We were playing the slot's and having a nice relaxing evening minus Dennis's wife Jackie who decided she would stay home being in a shitty mood as she always was. Dennis and Jon and I went into the bar for a few drinks. The music was loud and we sat and talked about how bummed Dennis was and how he was thinking of getting a divorce. After 3 rounds I asked what the main issues were between he and Jackie.He told us that she was sexually dead in the water, he was lucky if they fucked every 6 months. Poor bastard I thought to myself, thats too bad because Dennis and Jon had been in the Navy together and known one another for over 30 years. Jon was livid and told Dennis to dump her.Dennis I could tell wasnt very happy inside, he was a fine specimin of a man, tall, muscular and why he was stuck with her I cant really say. Dennis finished off his Bacardi and Coke and went to pee. I said to Jon "I wish we could help him, I hate to see him so bummed out all the time". "Yep" said Jon, "he needs to get laid big time". Dennis came back and I asked him to dance to take his mind of his sucky home life. I was wearing jeans and a tank top and I held him close to me feeling his strong arms wrapped around me. Jon ordered another round and the dance ended and we strolled back to the table. Then I looked at Jon and he knew exactly what was on my mind. I excused myself and went to our room and changed into something more sexy. I choose my shortest black dress and I picked out some nice panty's and then threw them on the bed deciding to go commando as Jon said. I walked by the closet and then decided to really shake things up for the boys. I picked out my favorite wig I always brought in case Jon and I decided to do a voyuer photo shoot. I put the black short French cut wig on and brushed it out nicely. I looked completly different and I was looking forward to seeing the heads turn at the bar. Being 54 the wigs and sexy outfits Jon bought me made me feel 20 again. I had a hot tight body for a lady my age, we always got great comments and reviews of the viceos and pictures we posted on various adult web sites. I finished primping and adjusted the dress so it wouldnt rub on my new nipple piercing's. I could feel the small studs rubbing against the sheer black dress and althought my nipples were a bit sore it felt good. I left the room and walked down the hall to the elevator.I was feeling horny now and looking forward to the boy's reaction. As I pressed the down button the door opened and there was a young couple inside also going to the casino/bar floor. I stepped in and the young lad checked me out from head to toe, he smiled and I felt on top of the world and quite horny. The door opened and I strolled out making sure to shake my little ass for the young k**. I turned around briefly and smiled, the k** smiled back and his girlfriend had that look on her face, "Ah to be mature and experienced" I thought. I walked into the bar and Jon was at the bar getting more drinks. I sat down next to Dennis and his eyes were the size of golfballs. "Holy Shit" he said. "Is that you Kitty?". "Why yes of course you silly goose" I replied. Dennis's eyes scanned me from stem to stern, his mouth was open wide, he was speechless.....first time for everything. Jon came back and almost dropped the drinks on the floor. "Damn , you look so hot" Jon said. They both stared at me and said nothing, Dennis looked at Jon and Jon just smiled. "Lets take our drinks and head back to the room: I said to both of my boys. We got up and I could tell Dennis was nervous, Jon was fine, this was something a long time coming now that I thought about it. We got into the elevator and the door closed. I raised my short black dress and exposed my freshly trimmed pussy. All bare with the exception of a thin line of pubic hair going from the top of my pussy and ending 4 inches above my clit. Dennis almost fainted. "Do you like what you see?" I asked. "Damn...yes I do" he replied. The door opened and I lowered my skirt and grabbed Dennis's hand and walked with him to the room, Jon was behind us taking in the view of his wife with another man, his best friend.
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1 year ago
great true to life story
4 years ago
I like it from the ladies point of view
4 years ago
good lead up to part 2 & hopefully part 3 ??
4 years ago
Great story. So much better that the non-stop suck and fuck stories. We could feel the heat and now look forward to part 2!