Gift For My Husband Part I

My husband and I have been swinging for about 5 years. I have always done my hubby and his closest friends. Two are his best friends and both are hung quite well. It was our 6th anniversary so I thought I would give him a fantasy we had talked about but never tried for one reason or another. I went on line and placed an ad on a swingers web site for a big titted lesbian who would allow a video camera to be rolling as we played. I put some really nasty pictures on the ad and in 5 hours I had 35 responses. I slowly but carefully went through them one by one looking at only the ones who included pictures. I narrowed it down to 5. Over the course of 3 weeks I met with 3 because the rest flaked out or were actually guy's trying to get in my pants. I met Barbara at Starbucks after she got off work and was I truly surprised. She was very tall and she was dressed very much like a secretary. we nervously spoke for an hour and she ended up being a corporate secretary for a senior partner of a very large Law firm with offices nationwide. She was smart as a whip and drop dead gorgeous. incredibile tit's that wanted to burst through her white silk blouse, her purple Victorias Secret push up bra made it quite clear she was in charge of that office. Her lips were thick and the red lip stick was matched by her shiny red fingernails. She wore a bluetooth in her ear and was adorned with very expensive jewelry no doubt gifts from "grateful" clients or her boss. Her hair was thick and brown and her eyes were a steel blue. After getting the small talk out of the way we got down to business. I told her I was married, very happily and we were swingers. Barbara licked the foam from her cappacino off her lips as I finally told her I wanted to do a XXX video for me and my husbands 6th Anniversery sine John was going to be in Memphis at a trade show on the exact date of our anniversary. Barbara looked around and carefully undid one of her blouse buttons allowing me look down into those massive boobs and bra. I was instantly wet. She asked exactly what I wanted to do, I stuttered and said I wanted her to eat my pussy and me hers and play with dildo's and I added "and whatever comes to our minds in 45min of film time". I couldnt believe I was doing this but I loved John and I knew this would be hotter than anything he had seen me do before. I have been gang banged by his best friends wilingly but this was good for me to branch out and fullfil a fantasy of both of ours.Barbara was so beatiful and somewhat intimidating with her corporate business like look, but I couldnt wait to see Johns face when he watched the video on the night of our anniversary which I would FEDEX to him at his Hotel. Barbara then agreed only under one condition, she wanted a copy of the video to show her girlfriend also, I agreed since my pic's and videos were on 3 different web sites currently. John flew out on a Monday and Barbara had agreed to come over to our house on that thursday after work. John had just bought a very expensive HD video camera and had showed me the fairly easy operation of it. John and I had "produced" many a video of me getting filled in every hole with his friends cocks and my hubby was a master of videography and editing. We made quite a lot of money from people who subscribed to our web site. Thursday came around after sending John off to his convention and letting him know I might be sending some business paperwork to him via FEDEX pertaining to our web site, he was quite clueless what I had in mind. At 6:00 PM sharp the door bell rang and with my heart pounding I slowly opened the door. Barbara stoicly stood there in a long rain coat with her hood up and a umbrella in hand since it was raining cats and dogs outside. "May I come in, its pouring out here."Well Duh " I said and she walked in and I watched her walk by me smelling her perfume and hearing her work pumps click on the marble floor. "Well, lets not waste precious time then, where do you want me?" just as she took off her raincoat and exposed her beatiful body and massive tits hidden below her formal attire. A almost see through white silk blouse and underneath another bra which lifted those incredible tits high and proud. I thought to myself she must give hard ons to every man who walks into her realm. She asked if she could freshen up and I walked her upstairs to the "studio" John and I had built after my son had left for college a year ago. There was neatly arranged sex toys in one corner and our S/M handcuffs and etc on the other side. I had a entire walk in closet of wigs and hot and sexy outfits which I wore while we filmed our hot sex sessions. "Well, well " Barbara said"arent you two well equipped". "I like that" she said as she walked into the full bathroom to brush her lovely full long brown hair. It was up in a bun and I quickly stopped her from letting it down, I thought the office secretary look would really get Jons attention. "What are you wearing tonight?" Barbaras voice inquistivly asked. "I thought I would wear this mini-skirt and my favorite sweater" as I pulled them from the closet and showed Barbara. "Very hot" she said. "Are you nervous?" Barbara asked calmly. "Not really" I replied, I was actually sweating bullets because Barbara was as hot a woman as I had ever seen. My tits are actually quite small but my nipples are very long and very sensative. I undressed and slid my new outfit on as Barbara looked over the assorted toy's and video camera already set up and fully charged. "OK " Barbara said with a business like tone"do you want me clothed or naked and what do you want me to do to you?". I almost fainted because it was action time. I knew John loved to tie me up and fuck me almost as much as letting his well hung friends tie me up and fuck my every orifice. I walked over to the camera and turned it on making sure the remote control was on the bedside which allowed us to move the camera angle and close in for tight shots such as cum shots. I told Barbara to sit at the desk with our P.C. to give an secretary theme to the video about to be made. Barbara finished applying her bright red lipstick and adjusted her blouse. she sat at the desk and I told her to bring up my website and watch some of our videos we had posted. Barbara typed the web site address in and up came a new video of my playing a soccer mom and bringing home the" coach" of the opposing team to let him fuck me in front of my husband. It got awesome reviews. Barb as she told me she wanted to be called stared onto the screen watching me getting fucked in the ass by the soccer "coach" who was actually Johns best friend Dennis. I was on my hands and knees in the back of our SUV holding my ass open as his massive cock fucked my tight little ass hole deep and hard. You could hear me moaning and grunting with every thrust of Dennis's thick cock. As she watched very intently I strolled over and came up behind her and slid my hands down her blouse and played with her massive restrained boobs. Barb moaned with pleasure as I kissed her perfumed neck and squeezed her large nipples through her red bra. "Oh Yes baby, that a good girl" she moaned.Barb turned her head to the side and I instantly shoved my tongue into her mouth, we passionatly kissed deeply and I felt my pussy quiver in anticipation. The nasty sounds of me getting a huge cock in my ass made Barbara very hot. Barb stood up and turned around facing me and I ripped her blouse open sending buttons everywhere. She then took charge and threw me on the bed. She stood above me and ordered me to play with my pussy which i did. I pulled my short plaid skirt up and slid two fingers into my sopping cunt. As Barb watched me finger my hole she undid her bra and threw it in my face. Her boobs were huge. Her nipples stiffened as I let her slide my soaked panties around my ankles. "Let me taste your little pussy now" Barb ordered, I slid my cunt juice soaked fingers into her mouth and squeezed her erect nipple with the free hand. "I want you to fuck my pussy now bitch" she said sending me into a frenzy. She grabbed the chair she was just sitting on and bent over. I undid her skirt snap and slowly unzipped it and it fell to the ground exposing her ass. It was wonderful and I came up behind her and shoved my tongue into her asshole. "Harder bitch, deeper, lick my asshole good and deep" Barbara moaned now with a very authoritarian voice. I shoved my tongue into her almost sealed asshole and it tasted so damn good. "Fuck my hole till I tell you to stop" she said. This was going to quite a incredible video I thought to myself. Barbs tits were swinging from side to side and up and with with incredible f***e. I tongue fucked her ass and then slid down to her freshly shaved pussy. "Oh God, thats it...fuck my pussy " I gave it all I could, I licked her warm hole from one end to the other, I nibbled on her clit and sucked on it hard.Barb was going to explode soon as she reached up and pulled on her own nipples hard. "Oh yes, I'm cumming" Barb grunted. I couldnt see her face but I knew those lips were open as she came on my face. She slammed into the chair pushing it into the desk and knocking over the monitor. Once I pulled away and she got her breath back she turned around and ordered me to get on my hands and knees. I saw her in the wall mirror take her hair down and she shook it sending me into a willing bitch sex slut for her. "You want to watch me in the mirror fuck your pussy dont you " Barb said."Oh please, may I " I asked in a subservant like tone. I had told her all about John and how he loved to hear me talk dirty when getting plowed from whoever was fucking me, it really turned him on and she knew it. "First I want you to play with your pussy and then let me shave your pussy bare.I thought "Oh fuck, this is awesome" END OF PART I
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gosh darn it stopped in the middle to frackin hot