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So my parents are divorced and my mom lives alone. She asked me to stay over with her from college for a little so I decided to stay with her until college is back in session. So she sl**ps most of the time with just her panties so I didn't worry too much. So suddenly my throat gets dry so I walk downstairs to get some water and I see the T.V is on in the living room and she's sl**ping on the couch. I walk over and look at her I see some of her legs and sheets covering parts of her pussy. But I looked again more clearer she had no panties on so I put down my water and slowly pull away the sheets and changed the t.v to a more brighter channel I then see her pussy very hairy and she's snoring so I go up to it and take a sniff at it I couldn't smell much so I slowly take my hands and split it open and now I can smell the fresh pussy. She then wakes up and looks at me kind of surprised and asked what I was doing and I said "nothing" she then said "give me some water" I handed her my water so she says "you know I haven't had sex in almost about 6 years" and I was like okay she said "take off your clothes" so I took off all my clothes and sat on the couch as soon as I sat down she jumped on my dick and started to ride it really hard she was moaning and rubbing her clit. After about 30 minutes of riding my dick she starts grabbing my cock and sucking it she gave me an hour long blow job. So we take a break and my erections going down she pulls baby oil and tells me to give it to her in the ass so I take the oil and rub some on my dick and her ass and it fitted just right and didn't like it too much so I told her to go back to riding it so she did and after a 2 hour long sex I finally got to cum inside her. Since then we have been having sex for about 2 months now almost everyday and I get to cum inside her everytime.... I also got the chance to fuck my aunt by the way.
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10 months ago
Mmmmmmmm yes!!
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3 years ago
Very nice.
3 years ago
Nice story.