Some men use their cocks to punish

This dude sent me a link for a compilation of painful first anal experiences. They look real. Most likely they are not first anal but painful anal. I know about painful anal. It took me a quite awhile to learn how to take anal, I had to be f***e in the beginning. When your a bitch like me you want cock bad, so I endured the pain to please guys and learn how to take it. Even after learning how to open up and let a guy stretch my hole, I hooked up with guys who knew how to make it hurt and wanted to.

Some men use their cocks to punish when they fuck your ass. I should know, being a submissive bitch I often attract masculine men who want to have serious sex. I am like the girl or wife that sees pleasing the man as her sexual role. I get pleasure pleasing men and taking care of their sexual needs. Most of the men I go with sex is all about their cocks. They get satisfaction being in charge and if they aren't getting what they want they get rough. Billy is a good example.

I met Billy at a gay bar. He was really direct and aggressive, the way I like guys. Walked right over, started talking, didn't ask, just started feeling my ass. He put my hand between his legs so I knew what he had. He told me that if I left with him, that was it baby, I was going suck and fuck for him all night until he was finished with me. If I didn't like that then now was the time to say no.

He was very thick and very thick is hard to take to take in the ass. Turned out he didn't have any lube, he had been hard for about twenty minutes while I we kissed and I played with his cock. As far as Billy was concerned no lube, no problem, it didn't matter to Billy how tight I was or if it hurt. He had laid out the rules at the bar.

He got me in the doggie position, fingered my ass just a little but he didn't want to wait for me to relax and open up, he wanted his cock inside me then and there. Maybe no lube was no problem for him it was a big problem for me. It started hurting as soon as he started penetration. I was tight, not opening up and he was having trouble getting his cock in. I could tell he was pissed, he slapped my ass very hard, held me tight and f***ed his cock in. I cried out, he didn't give a shit, he just fucked me harder, telling me not to fight it.

When I started to cry he just laughed and called me a whiny faggot. I was sobbing when he finished. He held me and kissed me. He played with my cock and got me hard. He put my hand down there and told me to jack off for him, he wanted to watch. It was a great cum. I became his boyfriend.

I made sure we had lube, but it didn't matter if when wanted to punish me. If we were at a gay bar or party and he caught me looking at guy too long when he got me home the first thing he would do is slap me around, make me pull down my pants and fuck me with no lube. He f***ed his cock in as hard and fast as he could for maximum pain then he fucked me hard. After he had punished me, we would kiss and make up.

Some guys will use their cocks to punish you and as a means of training and control. I was Billy's bitch then his sissy for about a year. He would punish me for lots of things, looking at other guys, not having on panties that he liked, the color of my lipstick or not being sexy enough in front of his friends. We had a pretty heavy dominance and submission game going on with some bondage, discipline and humiliation. He would share me sometimes and if he didn't think I sucked the guys cock good enough he would punish me in front of him.
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3 years ago
oh Johnboi, your poor bottom :( i hope you have more to share with us x
3 years ago
I do need punishing once in a while to keep me in line. Afterwards we can kiss and makeup.
3 years ago
Seems like you need some punishing...
3 years ago
I want to punish you, you little bitch!