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Im new to this site and I may write a story or two when a got some time. but for now , I want to write about what I like in women who are into sex and proud of it and openly shows it."Absolutely a turn on for me!" In the old days when women were mocked and cut down for being interested in it, is not a turn on to me nor is it sexy. I found a new insight when I realized that gals who are horney and hot...is the real thing!Sex I beleave is a two way street and people should admit that women should have equal rights to enjoy it too!People who put down women who are into it..are just plain hypocrical! Like the story in the song "Harper Valley P.T.A.!"says By Jeanie C. Rialey!But for the guys...we must not miss use the privelge or miss handle or abuse women who are willingly giving and open to it!WE must love our precious gals cause thats the way it should be and it its rightious to do so!I love and respect all women who are cool! And I love it when a gal takes me to heights of pleasure in this new way of openess that I see happening alot these days. I love simply just being naked in front one or several cool women and can get very turned on just by that! I am into cfnm now and thats cool stuff! I am not sexualy active cause Im not aggressive and perhaps good looking enough but maybe with some luck, I may meet someone cool(women)I'm a straight heterosexual male, and mabe I can get some fun too. ...Joeymars1 on.. utube.
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4 years ago
That place over there is a hell hole! Barbaric and stuopid as they come!Yet they claim to be believers of god! To what god I don't know? Perhaps they need a kick in the rear when they are all down on knees kissing the floor! Sorry..but they are the most sorriest bunch of people I know of!
4 years ago
Just think of girls who's familys are radical islamic. Not only do they have to wear burkas. They also have their clits removed at puberty so they wont be tempted to seek pleasure and only used for breeding. The few who may escape to find some man who cares are hunted down by their family for "honor killing." That thought crossed my mind when I seen that the current miss usa was islamic.