Part 4

After my close call with the police from across the country, I was more careful for a while. I knew what would happen if I got caught again. But just like any addict, it is only a matter of time before you want to do it again. I started jerking off outside in wooded areas more often and avoiding more public areas. Then I got sent to another job across the country for a week. This time I was with three other guys and we had one car. I did manage to break away each night and go for a walk. I would walk over to a certain "super center" store, and look for downblouse shots. It's also funny some of the reactions you get when you walk right up to a woman in a store and look down her shirt at her tits. If no one else was around I'd tell her "nice boobs". Anyway, after a couple nights, the guys wanted to go find a strip club, so we went looking in a nearby city. We found a decent tittie bar and had some beers, groped some strippers, then headed back to our hotel. I got extremely horny during a lap dance from a hot stripper. She let me fondle her boobs and rub her pussy. I wanted to jerk off. I was also about half d***k, and when we got back, I wandered off. I went over to the store that's always open, and looked for flashing opportunities. Never a good idea when you've been drinking. I did get a few dbs and put my hand down my pants, rubbing my cock for a few women, but nothing great until very late in the night when two women came in and I caught up with them in the housewares section. Paying attention to where security cameras were located, I pretended to be looking at something on the rack and waited I looked around to see if anyone else was in that part of the store. It was clear so I walked back to the isle they were in. They were looking intently at painting supplies and didn't seem to notice me so I grabbed something off the shelf I could cover my dick with and pulled it out. I was so horny my dick was almost instantly hard. I took a quick glance back down the main isle to make sure it was still clear, then turned and walked back toward the women. I put the thing back on the rack and walked down the isle with my dick out.  I got almost half way to them when one of the women looked at me. She looked away quickly and started talking to her friend. I took a few more steps and then stopped about 15 feet away from them, started stroking, just waiting for them to look at me. They both turned and looked at the same time. Normally I would cum right there but I think the alcohol was affecting me. They turned and left. One of them looked back as they reached the end of the isle. I realized it was get the fuck out time and made a beeline for the exit. I made it out, but for some stupid reason, I stayed out in the parking lot, on foot, waiting for them to come out. They did come out, with a couple rather large males that were not happy with me showing my dick to their patrons. I took off on foot, but didn't have a chance. They caught me. I spent the next 6 days in jail, lost my job, and swore I'd never do it again. Yea right!!  
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