I nearly forgot a few great flashes while I was on my work trip. One in particular was a pretty decent looking woman that I said hi to as she approached. Then I asked her if she had ever watched a guy jerk off before. She calmly said no and got in her car. There were a few other good ones during the trip. I was pretty much jacking off in public when I was not at work. The last one was where I made another huge mistake. It was the last chance to get a good one. I was going to fly home the next morning and I knew that I couldn't be tracked down easily so I went to the mall. I was there a long time waiting for the right opportunity. I even passed up some good ones because the locations were not great. If they are too close to the store entrance, you can't see them coming early enough to get ready. The traffic from other people you don't want to see you is also more, the closer you are. Anyway it finally happened. Two lovely young ladies pulled in to a parking space that was in a great location. After they went in the mall, I backed into the space on the drivers side, lined up perfectly, and started stroking. It was a great spot. I didn't have to worry about someone else seeing me before I saw them. I would have plenty of time to cover up if I needed to. I took off my pants and rolled up the bottom of my shirt and slowly stroked my cock until they came out. The closer they got, the slower I moved, to keep them from knowing what I was doing too soon. The driver walked up to her door and looked over at me. I was completely nude from mid chest down and my cock was rock hard. She only looked for a moment then got in her car. I started cumming into my hand, as I could hear her telling her friend that I was jacking off right next to them. Without even thinking, I flipped my cum at her car window and it splattered all over right next to her face. As she started backing out she looked right at my cum and stopped. They both looked at me with disgust, and then backed out and left. I decided that was it for the trip and went back to the hotel for the night. About two weeks later I got a call at work from the police dept in that city. They had managed to track me down by the description of me and the vehicle. Of course I denied it and got them to back off, but I wasn't so lucky the next time. ..............
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